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Our Song

Our Song

Date: Apr 26 2010

Themes: Music, Romance

Grammar: Second Conditional


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Is there a certain song that always makes you and your partner say “awww” and turn up the volume when it comes on? Is there a song you love to slow dance to, or one that makes you giggle, or one whose lyrics seem so perfectly to describe your relationship? If so, that might just be your song.

A lot of couples have a song they think of as “theirs.” It speaks to them and defines their relationship in some way. Even if they break up, they’ll always think of their time together when they hear that song—whether they want to remember their relationship or not.

Find out which songs define Ella and Amy’s relationships.


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Amy:  So, my cousin is getting married, and she’s trying to figure out what song she wants to play when she walks down the aisle.

Ella:  They don’t have a song already? I mean, there’s a song for each relationship, I mean one would think.

Amy:  Yeah, I mean, I guess there’s supposed to be. But it made me think about, you know, do I have a song? Like, what song would I pick if I were getting married to my boyfriend? And we don’t really have a song.

Ella:  Really?

Amy:  No.

Ella:  Every boyfriend I’ve ever had, we’ve always had a song.

Amy:  Really?

Ella:  So, you know…

Amy:  How does it become “your song”?

Ella:  You know, I don’t really remember. It’s just like, whoa, we both kinda like the artist, and then it’s like, whoa, we both kinda like this song, oh, I guess this is our song. And it’s like…with my last relationship, it was any John Legend song. And before that it was any punk rock song. I mean, there were specific ones but there was always kind of like a theme to the relationship.

Amy:  Huh. So, was that a pretty intense relationship when your song was like a punk song? I mean, isn’t “your song” usually sort of like romantic…

Ella:  One would think so. But you know, you’re seventeen, you want to rebel. It’s like, yeah, punk songs, this brings us closer. I’m pretty sure it was like an All-American Rejects song or something like that, so we felt pretty bad ass.

Amy:  Yeah. That’s cool. I should get a song.


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Amy’s cousin is getting married, and she wants to pick out a personal song to play while she walks down the aisle. Ella is surprised that Amy’s cousin and her fiance don’t already have a special song that defines their relationship.

Amy doesn’t know what her song with her boyfriend would be, either. Ella, on the other hand, has had a special song for every relationship she has been in. Usually a song becomes “their song” when both Ella and the guy she is with realize that they both love the same artist. Typically a couple’s special song is a slow, romantic song, but Ella had one relationship whose special songs were all punk songs.

Have you and a partner ever had a special song? How did it become “your song”?



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This lesson reminded me "Our Song" ;')

04:44 AM Apr 25 2011 |

1 person likes this



Well, I have to find a partner first…. then "WE" can chose "our song"! :-)

07:12 AM Apr 16 2011 |


qq_babySuper Member!


I need to find a partner before we can have "our song"!

10:58 PM Apr 15 2011 |




I remember each one song which marked my life! It's something like relive each moment when I listen to. I don't have just one song in special…. to each person I have one… It's amazing how the music can move me to other places!!! 

11:38 PM Oct 06 2010 |




"Bartender – T-pain" is our song baby, I've never forgotten you.

10:10 PM Jun 14 2010 |




Yeah I have ever had many song that make me remember some people…And for each one I had a music…And till now when I listen to some musics I remember that person with care just it and nothing more :)

For a song being "yours" I guess the couple should be in a special place and in a special moment and when it play "that" song that marcs that determined moment ;)

02:18 PM May 29 2010 |


United Kingdom

I have good song for my girl and me, we like romantic and hug together I got great gift from website www.our-song.com and put words in there forum

09:35 AM May 19 2010 |



My boyfriend always send me massages of some romantic song lyrics, and I try to search the songs and have a listen, so every time I heard the songs, they recall me of him..

02:27 AM May 04 2010 |

1 person likes this



If our song came on, we would dance is correct.

02:24 AM May 04 2010 |



everytime you are with your partner , all the environment (specifically frequency of music) becomes your song

04:52 PM May 01 2010 |

Nanda Ribeiro



I always remember him when I hear 'Everything – Michael Bublé'... Wether I want to, or not. It became our song 'cause we really like Michael and his songs. Well, I really wish I could forget it, but I cannot. lol


today, I don't hear that song anymore. But when I do, I remember him. It's sad sometimes.


09:16 PM Apr 28 2010 |



There is always a specail song or melody in the heart of any person that is truely in love. The reason why i said is because love itself speaks words of melodies.

10:04 AM Apr 27 2010 |



There is always a specail song or melody in the heart of any person that is truely in love. The reason why i said is because love itself speaks words of melodies.

10:04 AM Apr 27 2010 |




my first love can be always remmbered when i heard the light music Bandari; it's so beautiful but also make me a liitle bit sad

03:49 AM Apr 27 2010 |




La cucaracha, la cucaracha

Ya no puede caminar

Porque no tiene, porque le falta

Marihuana pa´fumar.

11:21 PM Apr 26 2010 |



I don't have any song that speaks about me and my partner, honestly.

08:46 PM Apr 26 2010 |




a song?? it can be funny but I when I had a girlfriend – We broke up – our relationship theme was that music called ''your song" by john Lenon. Even today, when I hear that one I got miself inside my heart deeply. I don't miss her, but I can't deny memories. I think anyone can avoid it too.

It's not a bad thing to have a song that represents something. This happens with me a lot of times, like my mother and father, my sisters, my first love, etc.

It's a awesome thing on the most of times. So, a tip: enjoy your song.

05:27 PM Apr 26 2010 |



yeah "our song" I once had a certain song that remind me when I was in love with my grilfriend but we are break up and the song is still in my head when I thinking of her 

but it's ok the song always make me happy all the time even if a little bit of sad .

04:30 PM Apr 26 2010 |


Viet Nam

i understand so muchwhat  this lesson talk about,...

12:53 PM Apr 26 2010 |




it's a good idea to have a song for each other. especial for lovers.

when they hear the romantic love song, it can strengten their relationship

and cherish what they have done for each other.

so, everybody, let's find a special song for your sweet heart or lovely parents!!

12:13 PM Apr 26 2010 |

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