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Whipped English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: May 04 2010

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Adjectives


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You know that friend of yours who has to ask his girlfriend before he can hang out with you? You know, the one who stopped eating sweets because his lady told him to? Yeah, that guy is whipped.

If you’re whipped, your significant other controls you and you do everything he or she says. Women can be whipped too, but it’s usually used to talk about guys whose lives are dominated by their girlfriends. Devan is Jason’s boss and girlfriend. Does she rule the relationship like she rules the office? Find out if Jason is whipped or not when Mason asks him to go out for a drink after work.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Mason:  Hey bud! Quitting time!

Jason:  Yeah, dude, I’m all done! Just waiting for Devan to finish up.

Mason:  Yeah, we should go get a beer or something!

Jason:  I don’t know, I mean, I’m supposed to, you know, watch reruns of “The Office” and eat spaghetti…

Mason:  You know what I’m saying? You are whipped, my friend!

Jason:  What is this?

Mason:  Whipped?

Jason:  Like Rawhide?

Mason:  Like, yes, you are a domesticated animal, my friend. Your will has been taken away from you and it is now in the cold hands of Devan!

Jason:  No, it’s cool. Man, I like doing everything that she wants to do and nothing that I want to do.

Mason:  Again I say…

Devan:  What? He isn’t whipped! Jason tell him you’re not whipped.

Jason:  I did, sweetie, but I was just explaining that, you know, I can’t go out drinking tonight because we have plans to watch reruns of TV like every night.

Devan:  You know what, I don’t care. You can go out with Mason. That’s fine. I’m totally cool with that. Totally cool.

Jason:  Okay? Yeah!

Mason:  Well, that worked out fantastic! We we’re going to go to the Pickled Plum!

Devan:  What? Doesn’t your ex-girlfriend work there?

Jason:  Yeah!

Devan:  You can’t go there. You can go anywhere else, not there.

Jason:  How about we just go to Sizzler instead?

Devan:  I like that plan. That sounds good.

Mason:  I mean, sure, dude, if that’s what you want…

Jason:  Cool, cool.

Devan:  I like that plan. Much better. Be back by midnight.

Jason:  Oh, I will.


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When Mason asks Jason to get a drink after work, Jason says he has to go home and watch reruns of TV with his girlfriend, Devan. Mason accuses him of being whipped by making the sound of a whip cracking, like in a Western movie.

Devan overhears the conversation and insists that Jason isn’t whipped. She says he should go out with Mason. But when she learns they’re going to the bar where Jason’s ex works, she says he can’t go there. Jason chooses a much less cool place to hang out. Mason thinks this proves him right and that Jason is indeed whipped.

Do you think Jason is whipped? Are you or is someone you know whipped?



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jason is really whipped by devan, but be whipped is not so bad if you like the way, but in this case he doesn´t. that´s a troublesome

02:54 PM Oct 21 2011 |

raulsbSuper Member!


Yes i think Jason is whipped at all, and i am too.

My best

10:42 PM Sep 21 2011 |

raulsbSuper Member!


Totally agree with Kukuka , that always hapens to the weakest  person in a relationship.


My best

10:30 PM Sep 21 2011 |

raulsbSuper Member!


Wow , i did not notice that i am totally whipped by my wife , i need to start change that since now .


My best

10:25 PM Sep 21 2011 |




Hahahaha Of cause! Jason is whipped.

04:08 PM Jul 10 2011 |



when you love someone very much you choose to be whipped by them because you  are afraid of loosing them; you always want to please them and do what makes them happy  

12:46 AM Jul 10 2011 |



he is totally whipped :(

12:36 AM Jul 10 2011 |



United States

Devan is messed up. When you love someone you don't try to dominate him or her. Love is trust each other.

04:35 AM Aug 24 2010 |



stupid boys

11:32 AM Jul 22 2010 |




totally   whipped   by  here  ,  he is  every  poor  guy  ..............


08:13 PM Jun 08 2010 |




Being a "whipped" into a relationship is "normal"...All the time people want to put rules into relationship…But I always say,if you want to put rules into a relationship you know,be prepared to follow these same rules! Putting rules into a relationship is too complicated because if rules used for one person it means the rules are for to another person too…So don't wanna to make your partner to be a whipped ;)  

09:18 PM Jun 04 2010 |




totally whiped ,whipped


oh whipped ,Poor, poor Jason,very poor


thanks for lession


with regard

04:56 AM May 18 2010 |



South Korea

No wonder he is being whipped! and Jason doesnt know he is whipped. even he looks happy with whipping. i can understand Jason. if we have a crush on Mr or Ms Right, i am sure that we all would be whipped.

08:20 AM May 17 2010 |




poor man ,haha~~

he is whipped..It's very common around my circumstance..

expecially boys are always whipped by their girlfriends.

actually,it's not good for the ralationship between them,but ..

one of them can't heip doing that..Smile is that love ? 

01:48 PM May 15 2010 |

Mapleleaf Man


It's pretty obvious that the admins don't pay attention to what you say here, otherwise there would not be three spam posts in a row. I reported 'jeniferkam' a week ago but he/she can still post this crap here. Ebaby still has that 'captcha' window too which prevents easy communication between members. The aim of the captcha is to prevent spam but it obviously does nothing but hinder real members of Ebaby from communicating with each other. Ebaby is a great site but it really needs some admin input. The biggest problem is spam, in my opinion. 

11:27 AM May 13 2010 |



yes he totally whiped . yeah friend of mine was wihpped


04:30 AM May 13 2010 |




no doubt he's whipped by her

04:11 PM May 07 2010 |




Well, Jason is obviously whipped, there is no doubt about it, I guess. I know many people being whipped by their significant others.

You know, in relationships he who cares most is always whipped…it's so unfair, but it's true.

11:30 AM May 07 2010 |



Jason blame himself by Mason. He is really king of queens.

08:50 PM May 06 2010 |

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