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The Crazies

The Crazies

Date: May 19 2010

Themes: Alternative

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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Sometimes people act brain dead, like when they stare into space, grunt, or walk around mindlessly. But it’s important not to mistake these people for zombies, who really are brain dead and who might try to kill you. In the new movie The Crazies, ordinary people in a small American town get turned into killer zombies after being exposed to a strange toxin. Find out why Jason and Ella think this movie stands out from all the other zombie flicks out there.


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Jason:  So this morning my neighbor came out to get his paper.

Ella:  Yeah?

Jason:  And he was just standing there for like 30 seconds. And for a minute I thought that I had entered The Crazies.

Ella:  The Crazies?

Jason:  Yeah. Have you seen that movie?

Ella:  No, but it looks awesome.

Jason:  Yeah. It’s like a zombie movie, basically.

Ella:  Oh really?

Jason:  But it’s this disease that people are getting in this small town, and they just kind of…at first they just kind of stand there, like brain dead, and then they get really aggressive and start killing people and stuff.

Ella:  So how is this different from other zombie movies?

Jason:  It’s not.

Ella:  OK. That’s fine too, that’s fine too.

Jason:  I mean it is, I mean it’s a little different ‘cause it’s like an outbreak of a toxin that’s causing people…

Ella:  Sounds like 28 Days.

Jason:  It’s very much like 28 Days.

Ella:  But American.

Jason:  Yeah. But American.


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Jason just saw the movie The Crazies. He likes zombie flicks and thinks The Crazies is a good one, even though it isn’t very different from other zombie movies.

In fact, The Crazies sounds a lot like another movie called 28 Days Later. Both movies are about an outbreak of a disease that turns everyone into killer zombies. The main difference between the two is that 28 Days takes place in England, and The Crazies takes place in a small American town.

Did you see The Crazies or 28 Days Later? Do you like movies with a lot of blood and violence like zombie flicks?



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Hehe yeah Ilike that…I really like horror movies and that stuffs :P I unknown this flick but I'm interested to see this one :)

I guess this flick is similar to that movies "Down of the Dead" hehe this one is great hehehe

08:01 PM Jun 25 2010 |




yes dude, i like so much this kind of movie, i've seen a lot flicks about zombie, and Rec is te best ever, there's blood, flesh, and looks like that i'm watch a news on the tv, it's awesome…

10:42 PM May 25 2010 |




not really. im not into zombie and terror movies. these flicks dont make any sense at for me. so i better off.

11:33 PM May 24 2010 |



United Kingdom

well I don't like horror films at all but there's one that caught my attention, 'I'm legend', that one was cool I liked it cuz its zombies weren't brain dead, they were actually intelligent and could put off normal humans.But personally I think the zombies' theme is really overused.

04:16 AM May 20 2010 |




this movie  seems cool ,


09:34 PM May 19 2010 |

mr hopeless


i like to watch the films which reflects the real problems which maybe human face during his life and get solutions for that problems.

08:00 PM May 19 2010 |



Like shawshank I prefer movies that shows real facts, not the fictional ones.

07:08 PM May 19 2010 |



well it looks cool…...........

06:50 PM May 19 2010 |



No i haven´t seen the movies yet. Actually i dont like those kind of movies to watch.

04:10 PM May 19 2010 |



oh yeah I am  a big fan of zombie movie I actually have seen both of them I think It is different from other zombie flicks I mean like land of the dead, diary of the dead or bla  blaa of the dead – -! this film is more than  kill zombie then run away to home lock the door and waiting the dead from zombie I mean the director put an good idea on it. In this film you'll never see somthing like a zombie eat people and rip thier body in pieces or something very disgusting

so check the movie out !!!Laughing enjoy


09:30 AM May 19 2010 |




This lesson is a little bit short ,i like this kindda lessons,cus they are easier to learn.

but for the horrible flicks i do not want to see, the movies like those make me feel disgust for a lot of zombies and much flood.

 i usually to watch a comedy flick to enjoy myself.

08:19 AM May 19 2010 |




   I  haven't seen the crazies yet. But I am gonna see it soon.i really like zombie flicks. especially  china  zomebie  flicks. the ancient zombies have been in coffin for thousand years and  suddely came out   kell people and  drink their  blood.it was  really heck of out you when you see moive at  night

04:59 AM May 19 2010 |



I haven't seen any of the movies though I like such flicks.

01:31 AM May 19 2010 |

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