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Date Night

Date Night

Date: May 26 2010

Themes: Romance

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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When you are with the same person day in and day out, it is easy to fall into a rut. Married couples develop routines together that can be comfortable and cozy, but also dull and boring. With kids, a house, work and bills to worry about, it becomes even harder to keep the romance from dying.

Some couples try to set aside special time to go out together and do the kind of fun, romantic things that helped them fall in love in the first place. That’s the idea behind Date Night, a new romantic comedy starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell. But in the movie, the couple’s attempt to spice up their relationship takes a dangerous, and hilarious, turn. Find out if Devan and Jeff plan to spice up their night with Date Night.


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Devan:  Do you think that Tina Fey is foxy, Jeff?

Jeff:  Oh yeah. Totally. What about you?

Devan:  Oh yeah, I think she’s awesome, and I really want to go see that new movie Date Night that she’s in with Steve Carell. Have you heard about this?

Jeff:  Me too. What a duo.

Devan:  Yeah. We could have a date night to go see Date Night. I think that movie just looks funny because it’s about a married couple that’s in a rut and they wanna…

Jeff:  Need a spark in their relationship.

Devan:  Yeah, they want to spice things up ‘cause they’ve kinda got into a rut, you know, like how a lot of marriages are when things get dull. But then it ends up turning into this huge dangerous fiasco because they like get involved in a case of mistaken identity with these burglars or something. But yeah, it just looks really funny. But it also kind of brings up that whole point of what do you do to keep a romance alive? Like how do married couples…how do they keep the spark going after 20, 30, 40 years? I mean I know your parents have been married for a really long time. What’s their secret?

Jeff:  Well, I notice they’re fairly independent, and maybe that makes them enjoy the time they do spend together.

Devan:  So you think that their time together is better because they spend a lot of time apart?

Jeff:  Yeah.

Devan:  That makes sense.

Jeff:  I don’t know if I really want to get into the other details about how they spruce their relationship up. Thanks for asking though.


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Devan and Jeff both think that Tina Fey and Steve Carell are hilarious, so they’re excited to go see their new movie, Date Night. The movie is about a couple that tries to spice up their boring marriage by going out on a special date. But a case of mistaken identity turns their date night into a fiasco.

Devan wonders what couples that have been together for many years can do to keep the romance alive in their relationship. Jeff thinks it helps if both people in the couple are independent. If they enjoy spending time apart, then the time they spend together will be even more special.

What else can couples do to keep the spark going in their relationship? What do you think are the keys to a happy marriage? Have you ever fallen into a rut in your relationship?



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United States

I have no idea what to do on a date I never been on one. Can u you believe it?

04:50 PM Sep 24 2016 |



United States

Just watched this movie the other night, it was really funny!

07:59 PM Dec 07 2010 |



South Korea

i agree with Jeff. sometimes couple needs their own time n being independent. i wanted to be with my boyfriend anytime everyday but it seems like make him feel like im watching him lol or looks like im bothering him cuz sometimes i just sit next to him doing nothing haha letting him be alone is better than being with him doing nothing i guess cuz finally he will remember me, miss me and call me!

01:00 PM Nov 12 2010 |



i think doing new things are good way not to fall into a rut!=)

12:00 PM Jul 30 2010 |

1 person likes this




Hummm I guess the couple toguether makes their happy relatonship not just one person! So for the couple lives well they must be partners,sincere and loyal in everything! I guess this is one of ways to have a happy and lastng marriage…
I really like to stay at home,enjoy lazy and watch tv with my girlfriend…But I really like to hang out with her,going out to dinner,going out to dance,traveling…
Certainly doing always the same things in a relationship is a risk to fall in rut ;)

08:20 PM Jul 06 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


I broke up with my girlfriend 3 years age.Since then, I haven't got any girlfriend. I don't believe love of a lifetime could ever happen to me.I mean,two people live together for a whole life,how could that be possible?

I don't know what is love.And I don't even know if there is love or not.

05:42 PM Jun 01 2010 |



I think that the couple must always try to go to new places, do new things and even meet new couples. Beacuse living in a group the things become more funny!

03:29 PM Jun 01 2010 |


Costa Rica

that sounds like  a  good movie and  it will soon be  in  the nearest  pirate cds spot  in my country  i gotta see it .

03:51 PM May 31 2010 |



To live a happy married life you need to choose a real person who will share you life and help for bringing up your kids,but remember when you find that partner you should respect him/her and try  to understand his/her feelings in every moment. 

Many thanks Allah, I found that partner and I do so.

02:33 PM May 31 2010 |



I think the couples should go to the movie called date night as a date night:)

05:11 PM May 30 2010 |




It's not easy to keep the romance alive because the longer we spend time together, the less we get the spark. But having date night is good idea I guess and we should try to get the spark once in a while.

Couples spend a long time together can understand each other deeply and it's wonderful thing. On the other hand, many people think the most fun time is the start point we're seeing.

12:59 PM May 29 2010 |




" Devan:  Yeah. We could have a date night to go see Date Night. I th…... funny because it’s about a married couple that’s in a rut and they wanna…" What happened…so fast If I wouldn't read I wouldn't understand.

But was nice.Some times is necesary do something different to break the routine.Cool 

04:35 PM May 28 2010 |


Russian Federation

Spending a lot of time apart actually helps closer relations and sprucing the couples' relationship up. Besides, they both should have as mutual likes as different.

08:42 AM May 27 2010 |


Viet Nam

Day in and day out, if couples don't know how to spruce the relationship up in routines of married life, especially for couples married so many years, It's easy for them to fall into a rut. After getting married, the couple has to face many things: children, stress at work, earning money, have responsibilities to many things… how can the romance during love period alive ? and the fiasco will come to the house sooner or later. Therefore,  the couple themselves have to create a spark, such as: give weekend to be together, go out for drinking and eating, remember special days to give presents each other, sometimes need to have arguments 'cause after these situations, the couple usually get better feeling, and love each other more….these are just experience of unmarried person…hihihi, but it's from my living expertise !!!


07:35 AM May 27 2010 |




it`s much better when couples make a new spark instad of keeping it

people change all the time so it`s important to notice this changes and try to take it 

other words to be attentive to other people not only to yourself

07:12 AM May 27 2010 |



South Korea

I totally agree with Devan's opinion. If you live a happy life for yourselves, you can be in a harmony with your lover.Cool

01:22 AM May 27 2010 |




comunication and respect the privacy of each other , the best weapon to have a relationship forever.


09:26 PM May 26 2010 |

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Puerto Rico

WoW They speak too fast and I don't understand almost everything. But I hope that help me to learn more English. Smile About "Date Night": If you want to have a good relationship with somebody, you only need love in your life.because if you have love in your life, you will have the greatest weapon to avoid falling into a routine.

(Sorry about the spelling mistakes, I'm trying to learn english little by little)


08:49 PM May 26 2010 |




Just have open-minded with each other and always share things from both lifes! Live and love always! 

07:02 PM May 26 2010 |

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