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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Date: Jul 16 2010

Themes: Fashion, Health

Grammar: Past Perfect Tense


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Recently an American actress, Heidi Pratt, made headlines by having ten plastic surgery operations at once, which radically changed her appearance. Most operations aren’t quite that extreme. Still, it is common for stars in the US to have plastic surgery in order to improve their looks and make themselves more marketable. Find out if Jeff and Amy think the hunt for perfection has gone too far.


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Amy:  Have you seen the before and after photos of Heidi Pratt?

Jeff:  I’ve only seen the after photos, so that’s how I know her.

Amy:  Yeah. It’s pretty startling. She really does look like a different person.

Jeff:  Yeah, she looks like she’d had some work done.

Amy:  I guess it’s not…it wouldn’t be that striking if you hadn’t had some idea of what she looked like before. But even if you hadn’t had any familiarity with her before, if you see her now, she looks like a fake person. She doesn’t look real, you know?

Jeff:  I know she’s not that old, she wouldn’t even be old enough to have crow’s feet or feel the need for botox.

Amy:  Yeah, and she was already like in ridiculously good shape. It’s not like she needed liposuction or something. But I don’t know, it seems like in Hollywood especially, it’s just really common to go under the knife, like just go in and get a little nip and tuck.

Jeff:  It’s gotten pretty ridiculous. I like the old viewpoint of what beauty is. It’s a little more natural, I think.


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Amy can’t believe how different Heidi Pratt looks after her 10 surgeries. Jeff had never seen the actress before she got her surgeries. Still, he agrees that she looks like someone who has had a lot of plastic surgery.

Jeff is surprised that such a young actress would get plastic surgery. It is more common for older people to have surgery to hide the signs of aging, like wrinkles and crow’s feet. Amy thinks that a lot of actresses are obsessed with looking perfect. Jeff prefers a more natural kind of beauty to the kind women get from going under the knife.

Is plastic surgery common in your country? Do you think Hollywood actresses are obsessed with looking perfect?



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somebody may be keen on this kind of plastic surgery, which can make them more charming. but for the commons, i do not think we need to live with plastic surgery. it's not healthy.

06:03 AM Jul 16 2010 |




yes, Plastic surgery is not common in our country.But someone goes under the knife.

05:30 AM Jul 16 2010 |




yeah…now this is for celebrity not for common people…the person who thinks that they are marketable only they are do that!!!

04:42 AM Jul 16 2010 |




nature is beauty.but i can understand all wanna be more beautiful and perfect.however ,we can choose some mild ways rather than go under the knife.for examples,we can learn more knowledge to improve ourselves inside,and we can also use some natural ways to make our appearances more perfect

02:59 AM Jul 16 2010 |




I agree with anan zhang's opinion. i think nature and healty is the most beautiful things

02:30 AM Jul 16 2010 |



I wonder why they stutter so much while talking… and how often they say "you know" and "I mean" 

01:26 AM Jul 16 2010 |

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