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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Date: Jul 16 2010

Themes: Fashion, Health

Grammar: Past Perfect Tense


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Recently an American actress, Heidi Pratt, made headlines by having ten plastic surgery operations at once, which radically changed her appearance. Most operations aren’t quite that extreme. Still, it is common for stars in the US to have plastic surgery in order to improve their looks and make themselves more marketable. Find out if Jeff and Amy think the hunt for perfection has gone too far.


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Amy:  Have you seen the before and after photos of Heidi Pratt?

Jeff:  I’ve only seen the after photos, so that’s how I know her.

Amy:  Yeah. It’s pretty startling. She really does look like a different person.

Jeff:  Yeah, she looks like she’d had some work done.

Amy:  I guess it’s not…it wouldn’t be that striking if you hadn’t had some idea of what she looked like before. But even if you hadn’t had any familiarity with her before, if you see her now, she looks like a fake person. She doesn’t look real, you know?

Jeff:  I know she’s not that old, she wouldn’t even be old enough to have crow’s feet or feel the need for botox.

Amy:  Yeah, and she was already like in ridiculously good shape. It’s not like she needed liposuction or something. But I don’t know, it seems like in Hollywood especially, it’s just really common to go under the knife, like just go in and get a little nip and tuck.

Jeff:  It’s gotten pretty ridiculous. I like the old viewpoint of what beauty is. It’s a little more natural, I think.


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Amy can’t believe how different Heidi Pratt looks after her 10 surgeries. Jeff had never seen the actress before she got her surgeries. Still, he agrees that she looks like someone who has had a lot of plastic surgery.

Jeff is surprised that such a young actress would get plastic surgery. It is more common for older people to have surgery to hide the signs of aging, like wrinkles and crow’s feet. Amy thinks that a lot of actresses are obsessed with looking perfect. Jeff prefers a more natural kind of beauty to the kind women get from going under the knife.

Is plastic surgery common in your country? Do you think Hollywood actresses are obsessed with looking perfect?



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i need plastic surgery lol

04:13 AM Jul 17 2010 |

charming princess

Saudi Arabia

I am not against people who decide to go under a plastic surgery , but , for sure, I am not going to take such a decision ! Sometimes we see beautiful superstars who went under some plastic surgeries and then decided to do the same in order to be like them ! I am totally against this. First off, some actresses are beautiful , naturally, so not everyone who go under a plastic surgery will be beautiful. Let's face it, if you are not good-looking BEFORE the surgery will not be super beautiful AFTER  doing it. I know this harsh, but true :). Second, we do not have the money to afford a plastic surgery in the best clinic out there. As a result , we will do it at a reasonable price, a price that is OK for our budget. Maybe an inexperienced doctor will harm us and make us look even uglier than before ! Third, I think we do not want to have the same appearance. Just the same faces , lips, eyes …etc. haha we will be kind of aliens coming from another planet ! we need to be different. A black and white, thin and fat, short and tall ! this what makes life even better !

11:01 PM Jul 16 2010 |


United States

well im originally from pakistan but now live in the states. It is not an an uncommon or unheard of 'thing' in Pakistan but yes people do get it done. In conversations with a few of my friends and cousins from back home; it has garnered a lot of interest, speculation and demand recently.

Now plastic surgery not mean to correct a fault (say for a cleft lip or burnt skin) has a new-found fan following. Hollywood celebrities, I would say has been 'forced' into it because of the 'idiotic and insensible' perception of what beauty is. We want and like to see celebrities a certain way, so if there's baby bump or fat (let's go under the knife); if there's celulite (let's get lipo); if there are visible lines around the eye or lips (let's get that 'nipped).

remember how people used to say 'beauty lies in the eye of the beholder' or the saying, 'age is but a number'... well people seem to have forgotten what they really mean.  

09:55 PM Jul 16 2010 |




Plastic surgery is very common in Argentina. A lot of people, not only the ones who are relationated with tv, have plastic surgery. It went so far, at the point that plastic surgeries were raffled in a disco, and girls (and her boyfriends) were desperate to get one. Then that it was discovered, it was forbidden. 

But well, here is very common and easy to have a plastic surgery. I think we have to accept ourselves as we are. We are not just a girl with huge boobs, with a perfect face and withouth wrinkles. Time goes on for everyone.

09:25 PM Jul 16 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

what I know, there are a lot of women  not actresses and not famous, dream to getting plastic surgery for  lips,  face,  eye and  body's parts. especially, she want to Adjust her nose. why?
I don't know!!!!

08:14 PM Jul 16 2010 |




Coolplastic surgery is interesting topic

what people are trying to soften the imperfections, look younger, stronger, healthier. Seeking aesthetic perfection. What is sought is the adjustment to the image you want to pass. It's like a wish. You can only act on the desire by making another desire emerge. In a society, the point is worth all the beauty and looks to be great, like beauty either, we pay a high a price as high as the size of the dream.

07:14 PM Jul 16 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

Nice topic not only stars are obsessed with plastic surgeries but also all women all over the world waana to undergo some kind of surgeries. For me I agree with some types of surgeries especially those which have no side effects and don't cause a complete makeover it doesn't matter if you look for beauty in its reasonable concept what matters really is taking the risk without puttin into cosiderations how healthy is what I'm gonna to do??!  WE all gotta to understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder LOL if you are satisfied about your shape nothing gonna make you making change in your appearance :) but recently most ppl who have made plastic surgery they seem fake and filthy  gosh Cry coz it's quite difficult to find an excellent plastic surgeon most surgeons those days r lookin for money and ready to do crazy things without givin suitable advice for the patients won't you agree with me ppl :) 


05:28 PM Jul 16 2010 |




plastic surgery is common now adays here in mexico , men and women go under the knife as long as they can effort it bcs the kind surgery are expensive. but i agree with jeff i rather a more natural kind of beauty to the to the kind women get from going under the knife bcs they have other taste.


03:59 PM Jul 16 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


Plastic surgery is kinda popular,but not very popular in my country,which is China. And I konw that it's very popular in South Korea. Lots of superstars of South Korea had some work done.Actually,not only the superstars, but also the ordianry people got some word done.

I don't think it's worng.Everybody wants to be prettier.As long as it's healthy and looks natural,then it's Ok.

02:23 PM Jul 16 2010 |




Yeah, I can't help it that I am so beautiful and that everyone wants to look like me.  I mean true, it's not my face that one sees when they see that I am so cute, but rather, it is a reflection of my heart.  

No, but really, I think that until people realize that it isn't what is on the outside that makes one beautiful, but what is contained in one's heart, we will continue to be a people of plastics – a plastic people.

You know, maybe that is what had happened to other planets.  The people had all once been "normal" looking and then came the plastic surgeon with his knife and "beauty magazines" and the people all soon ended up looking like what we see in movies such as "Terminator." 

Hmm, it kinda gets one to thinking how we all will be looking like as a people in the next 100 years or so.  Will kids from other planets be entertained as they sit in front of the telly watching their "beautiful" people fight the gross looking aliens from the planet earth? 

01:15 PM Jul 16 2010 |




Łoo, I wanna be a plastic surgeon. :DD haha! ;pp Oh Gosh, H.Pratt was a beautiful women but now… :| I really don't understand most of her decisions. But honestly.. sometimes plastic surgery is a good idea. Of course – everything in moderation. ;))

01:04 PM Jul 16 2010 |


Viet Nam

Plastic surgery really works when done with a sense of embellishing what a person already has. Otherwise, overdoing of it might result in a weird appearance. Looking Michael Jackson, I can't help visioning the image of a zombie.

10:58 AM Jul 16 2010 |

The sweet

The sweet

Russian Federation

Plastic surgery becomes popular in Russia.  On one of the TV program  it is regularly shown all the procedure of the plastic surgery.  It is like advertisement, they say: “Common, come to us we make you very beautiful”.   Every time I see it I can’t stop thinking about how do they do it and don’t be scared.  All this bandages, scars, pain after surgery, sutures make me feel sick. Indeed people who go under the knife are obsessed.

10:57 AM Jul 16 2010 |


Viet Nam

if i have a lot of money ,I will do something for making me more handsome naturally…. maybe, a plastic surgery is a good idea ^^

10:30 AM Jul 16 2010 |




i think it is a way taking ones beauty especially.i really think that is not for healthy…it is not a good choice

09:49 AM Jul 16 2010 |




It's becoming common for people to spend large amounts of money on plastic surgery.nowdays,many stars start to have plastic surgery,and they continue to turn to Hollywood to raise their standard of beauty..

08:20 AM Jul 16 2010 |



In my country – Taiwan, the plastic surgery is not common. but i can understand why some people want to do plastic surgery. Who don't want to become beatiful.

But i think we can try some nature ways to keep the good look. The plastic surgery is the last choice. if needed, i will try it though.

08:18 AM Jul 16 2010 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Having a nose job is very common in my country among both young men and women.

I think not only Hollywood actresses but also most actresses worldwide are obsessed with looking perfect cuz they desire to make headlines !

07:20 AM Jul 16 2010 |




The actress Heidi Pratt is young and I think she does not need to go under the knife for ten operations at once at this age. Such treatment is good for older people when they get aging or crow’s feet problem.As I have seen her PICs on the net before and after the surgery, the liposuction treatment was not needed. 

Since she is an actress so she can better judge about her current position in the industry and she can better judge herself for looks and appearance to be marketable.  

The plastic surgery is not common in our country; I think this treatment is not for life time that’s why average people would not prefer this. As far as the showbiz people are concerned we have not heard much about these treatments that who did what. They might be having some kind of treatments to make themselves in good shape and good looks. 

I think it is important for Hollywood actresses to go under the knife and have relevant treatment. This will make them to be in good shape and look attractive so they can market themselves easily and make a lot of money out of it. 

I would rather say that the appearance is just the one element; they must have other qualities as well, so that she can be role model for their fans.

06:09 AM Jul 16 2010 |



South Korea

yeah, I totally agree, most of women are obsessed with beauty. 

They want to look like more young and beautiful, In my country, plastic surgery is common among women. I too prefer more natural beauty to the women got plastic surgery. It's getting difficult to recognize who is gotten nip and tuck, who is not.

but, in positive way, they would get more self confidence through it. if they need it. 

06:05 AM Jul 16 2010 |

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