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How to Improve Vocabulary

How to Improve Vocabulary

Date: Jul 24 2010

Topic: Vocabulary

Author: andylu2


Improving vocabulary is one of the most important things for many of my students and most of them are taught the wrong ways to do it. I'm going to give you some tips that should really help expand your vocabulary:

1. Forget about looking at the dictionary.

So many words in the dictionary are rarely used by native speakers. It is essentially a waste of time and a waste of brain power to be randomly looking for words that way.

2. Learn how to use a word in a few different sentences before moving on to the next word.

Don't try to just memorize the definition. Even though you may be able to memorize a new word for a short period of time, you will almost definitely forget the meaning after a while if you don't use it. If you can think of some examples of how the word is used, you are much more likely to remember it and actually use it.

3. Write as often as you read.

It is much easier to read than it is to write. When you try to write, you will find that your writing seems so childish. This is totally normal and just means you need more practice doing it. Don't feel bad and stop writing just because you are ashamed of it.

4. Keep a notebook of the new vocabulary words you are learning.

When you see a good word on TV, in a book, or anywhere, write it down and make sure you think of some example sentences for how to use it. This will make it a part of your memory. Some words are more important than others. It is very possible for one person to speak better English with a vocabulary of only 2000 words than someone else with a vocabulary of 5000 words. It is all about how you use the words and which words you know. Don't worry about a silly number. Just make sure you know how to use the words you learn.

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faruk karakuş


these ways are great .I use  these ways


09:10 AM Mar 12 2011 |



hey Veva i agree,the dictionary has always been my best friend since i discovered i am fall in love with english:)

You're right,drawings help to remember the words,but my best way for it is watching movies with english subtittles,no polish (in my case) during watching the movies,it let me hear and see every single word.

i also used to read articles in engish a lot,but i have read my first book like you have and understanding everything (oh let's say..almost everything;) ) felt really cool!

Gucci Yeung..i used to have the same feeling;)

09:22 PM Mar 10 2011 |



oh yeah,these are the lessons i should attend to regulary,i've tried pretty many ways to imporve my vocabulary,some of them really worked,but not for long lol



09:10 PM Mar 10 2011 |



 Great lesson thanks alot ! Learner really follow these instructions and get good vocabulary . God bless you.


08:05 AM Jul 28 2010 |




thank you very much, it is true that I feel bad because my writing seems childish and I spend a lot of time when I want to write something and also I need dictionary – it is my best friend : ), I'm trying to write down some words with examples and if it is possible I'm drawing some pictures associated with word. I think that it help me  a lot. I had a problem read some book in English, it was so hard, but I tried again and again, and I read Twilight 434 pages and I understood  :D I'm so happy!!! My goal is to read as often as it is possible!

07:29 AM Jul 28 2010 |

Gucci Yeung


Thanks a lot for the advices. How to memorize new words has been a question that confused me for long. In my school teachers focus on grammars more than vocabulary, so I’m always very weak in this part. When we finish learning basic words, I feel like that my brain is full, cant remember new words anymore (does anyone have the same feeling?). I really want to improve it.

12:20 PM Jul 26 2010 |

Helen Yergesheva


thanks a lot!!!its really good advice!!!!

09:05 AM Jul 26 2010 |




Thanks a lot. I'll practice more writing and reading.

03:52 AM Jul 25 2010 |





thank  you  so  much  for  nice  advices  , it's  really  great  and  i am  sure  if  we  follow the  rules  we  will learn  number  of  vocabulary  in  small  period  i  will  start  to  do  that  ,  thanks

09:12 PM Jul 24 2010 |

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