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Tips to Improve English Speaking

Tips to Improve English Speaking

Date: Sep 04 2010

Topic: Speaking

Author: andylu2


Speaking is the hardest part of learning a second language.  It's funny because it's the easiest part of learning a native language.  I always think of how babies learn languages.  They listen, they make cute mistakes, people laugh, they keep trying, they finally speak fluently.  It's true that adults have some disadvantages, but they make a lot of excuses too.  It's time we take some advice from the babies. 

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1.  Overcoming shyness.

I know a lot of people who could speak fairly well if they tried, but they say they either too shy or afraid of making a mistake.  This is something babies never care about.  It's easy for me to day, "don't be shy or care about what other people think" but you really need to do that if you want to make any progress.  Remember, native English speakers are used to hearing non native English speakers talk.  We hear the mistakes all the time and it seems common and normal to us.  We won't laugh at you and don't think the mistakes are funny.  Just try.  The only thing that looks stupid is if you really don't try.  The more you try, the better you'll be.  You will also "desensitize" yourself to this uncomfortable feeling the more you practice speaking.

2.   Use a new phrase everyday. 

It is so easy to get comfortable and in a "comfort zone" when we learn new things.  If your English is getting to the point where it is "not bad" you might stop improving.  This is a dangerous time.  You will reach a point where you don't really need to get any better to communicate.  Maybe you made progress years before but lately your level is the same.  Now is the time to keep challenging yourself to use new words and phrases in your daily speech.  Do this even if it is unnecessary.  Challenging yourself to use these new words and phrases is the only way to push past your current level or "sticking point".  No matter how good your English is, it can always be better.

If you like this lesson please let me know.  I'll write more.

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Palestinian Territory, Occupied

thanks for these tips especially i suffer alot from this propblem

04:53 AM Jun 09 2012 |

Summer Night

Viet Nam

thanks for ur tips

04:46 AM Jun 09 2012 |



Russian Federation

It’s useful advices! very very good

03:26 AM Jun 09 2012 |

Irina Smitt


Thank you) Very useful lesson. I really like it:)

07:04 PM Jun 08 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

great.. soooo thx for this lesson.. u encourage me for learning more new words couse i think lately my level is the same … :)

06:22 PM Jun 07 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

that was goooooooo…..d.

01:25 PM Sep 06 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

i like this lesson

thank u

09:35 AM Sep 06 2010 |

Dirty Rhyme

United States

Yes, I really like it!

If it's your first own lessong – great starting!

If not – keep it up!

I agree with that you wrote in a lesson… And that's very helpful fot many people

As I understood, you're native Englsih speaker, so that's good and you gotta write more lessons ;)

07:42 AM Sep 05 2010 |

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