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Macy Gray

Macy Gray

Date: Oct 04 2010

Themes: Music

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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When a singer sells out, she sacrifices her art for the sake of money and fame. So The Sellout might seem like a weird name to give an album. But that’s exactly what Macy Gray has decided to call her latest release.

Macy Gray’s songs don’t sound like they were written by someone who sold out. Her raspy voice and classic soul sound make her music unique. But some critics think her music is overproduced. Hear what Dale and Beren think.


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Dale:  Macy Gray. Are you very familiar with her?

Beren:  I know her big hit song, “I Try.” But that was like 10 years ago, it came out.

Dale:  Yeah, I think the way that she took over, I think it was around the 1999, 2000 time, she was very popular because she became mainstream with the type of sound and music with her raspy voice, very jazzy, very soulful. They didn’t have anything like that back then. Now she’s coming out with something new?

Beren:  I guess, yeah, she has a new album, or it’s been out. She won another Grammy for her new album The Sellout, which is interesting that it’s called The Sellout. I had no idea she was so underground and not mainstream, because to me selling out is like, you know, giving in to…

Dale:  The mainstream.

Beren:  The mainstream, yeah. Or…

Dale:  If you’re that popular and that good, eventually you’re gonna lean in that direction, and that changes your career. So I’m assuming, you know, she probably just got overproduced, and everybody now knows who she is, and I guess that title of her album makes sense to her.

Beren:  Maybe it’s a little inside joke.


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In the past, people have accused Macy Gray of selling out, or making music that wasn’t true to her artistic sensibility because she wanted to appeal to the mainstream. But her new album is supposed to be a return to her classic soul roots. So Beren thinks the title of her album, The Sellout, is a joke.

Dale thinks it’s not surprising that Macy Gray became popular with the mainstream. When someone has a lot of talent, it makes sense that a lot of people buy her albums and want to listen to her music. But some people have said that Macy Gray’s album is overproduced. She may be talented, but she hasn’t found the right way to use her talents.

Do you think it’s wrong for an artist to sell out? Do you prefer mainstream or underground music?



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Humm it depends…I guess if the singer isn't much known this is a jump to the fame and money But this singer can't forget their roots or let the success go to their head!

I prefer both styles of musics I think cool :)

10:30 PM Oct 30 2010 |




07:26 AM Oct 12 2010 |




I actually don't care if its mainstream or underground music as long as it's good for me, it please me, relax or whatever. I think that fact that particular song or even artist is constantly on the air doesn't make him or his music worse. If music is good it should be available for everyone. On the other hand there is a lot of popular  crappy 'artists' like Gaga who are making trash bin out of mainstream… 

09:30 AM Oct 09 2010 |




she sings cool !!!

11:04 PM Oct 06 2010 |



Russian Federation

I don't like pop or sell-out music. 

07:50 PM Oct 06 2010 |




Underground? mainstream? it depends of the context, it´s like if you must to eat… special day? cook or go to a nice place… common day? go to Mcdonald´s or Taco Bell

10:21 PM Oct 05 2010 |

Snazz De

Snazz De

United Kingdom

I think some underground artists has got real talent.

07:48 PM Oct 05 2010 |



United Kingdom

Personally I prefer underground music, I listen to lots of mainstream tunes though. But I think that when an artist or a song get overrated and it's like everyone likes/listen to that song/artist, it loses its essence and somehow becomes boring, no matter how much you liked it in the past. Sometimes the best songs/artists are the ones people don't pay attention to, and you have to learn how to find them. Sorry if I get out of the topic so much but I just wanted to point that out lol

05:13 AM Oct 05 2010 |



There is a lot words of I don't know. Before I must learn thats and I didn't understand anythings listening :)

I think full my mind today. I will try again tomorrow .. 

08:27 PM Oct 04 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


07:14 PM Oct 04 2010 |




It depends on the mood, I mean, sometimes people wants to hear something special, but when you are on party, the mainstream it´s the right stuff

06:13 PM Oct 04 2010 |




She was mainstream in past with her jazzy and soulful songs.For a long time she was underground and not the mainstream.Now is coming back to her profession with new style…..   :P

02:47 PM Oct 04 2010 |



Saudi Arabia


07:03 AM Oct 04 2010 |




dont know anything about her yet… except for MG s a singer…

02:04 AM Oct 04 2010 |

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