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Why MP3 English Lessons Work

Why MP3 English Lessons Work

Date: Nov 08 2010

Topic: Listening

Author: andylu2


Most English learning methods seriously don't work.  It's important to understand why they don't work and what does.  The right learning strategy will make a huge difference in your life.  Here are some things to think about.

1.  People aren't as organized as they want to be.  It's so easy to make a plan and then find that a week later you aren't following the plan.  MP3 lessons can be taken anywhere with you.  You can study while you are waiting for something or just going for a walk.  It's amazing how much free time we have.  With Ipods, we don't have to waste any of that time.

2.  In the old days, people listened to English on tapes.  They were boring and stupid.  It's also impossible to take tapes anywhere.  You can download hundreds of hours of MP3's on an Ipod and take them anywhere.  The sound quality and the content is much better than years ago too.  I heard some tapes made only 10 years ago.  I can say that I'm not surprised that people learned English so slowly if that's what they were listening to.

3.  MP3 English lessons are interesting.  If you think about it, most people making MP3's are living in the modern world.  That means their thinking is likely to be up to date.  If they are "smart" enough to even make these, then they are also probably smart enough to make something of decent quality.  This isn't always true, but it's certainly something to pay attention to.  Most English book writers are old and make garbage.  It's time for the new age of learning to take place.  Anyone who thinks learning needs to be boring is simply using the wrong stuff.

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monaleza manosh


ooh thanx Andy…good article..goog job

and i wanna follow it

04:02 PM Jan 13 2011 |




Learn English with English, baby!

Practice for TOEFL with English, baby!

01:08 PM Jan 02 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

thank you andy 

08:10 PM Dec 28 2010 |

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