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Mellow Out - NBA star Carmelo Anthony

Mellow Out - NBA star Carmelo Anthony English, baby! Video Lesson
轻松愉快 - NBA 球星卡梅隆·安东尼

Date: Nov 26 2010

Themes: Celebrity, Sports

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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Shortly after arriving in the NBA, it was clear that Carmelo Anthony would be one of the best players of his generation. He’s been an All-Star three times and led his team to the playoffs each of the last six years.

Carmelo Anthony is a basketball superstar, and despite his big fame and big numbers, he’s generally a pretty calm and collected guy. People call him “Melo” which is both his first name shortened and a play on the word “mellow,” which means relaxed. Watch our interview with Melo to learn about his upcoming film, and how he likes to mellow out.

在进入 NBA 不久,卡梅隆·安东尼就无可置疑地成为同辈中的最佳球员之一。他已三次成为全明星球员,并连续六年带领球队打入 NBA 季后赛阶段。

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Jason:  Welcome to English, baby! I’m Jason, here with Carmelo Anthony. This summer, you made a movie called Amazing. Can you tell me about that?

Carmelo:  I can’t really give you all the details, but we shot it in Beijing and Shanghai. So I was in China for about a week and a half doing that. It was great. Me and Dwight Howard have two roles in there, two pretty important roles, big roles. It was fun, it was my first time acting in a movie. You know, I do a lot of commercials, and I come up with my own ideas for my commercials, but acting in a movie is tough. I respect that profession.

Jason:  Your nickname is “Melo,” you know, and a lot of people in China are learning English. So I was wondering if you could help them understand what does the phrase “mellow out” mean?

Carmelo:  I know in China it means “sweet melon” or something like that, my name means “sweet melon.” But I don’t like that name. But…you know, over here, man…

Jason:  It just means “relax” and stuff, right?

Carmelo:  Yeah, I mean, not so much just lazy, just relaxed, but, you know, just always calm. You know, stand composed. You know, just free! Free minded. I’m a pretty laid-back type of guy, I like to have fun. I think that name is perfect for me.

Jason:  But you’re a real busy guy, I mean you made a movie, you’re a father, you’re having a scavenger hunt on Twitter today, you know? What do you do to mellow out whenever you get free time? How do you relax?

Carmelo:  I watch movies a lot, man. I watch TV, mostly, like, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and, you know, A&E, TV shows like that. For the most part when I’m in the house, I play with my family, watch…I watch a lot of movies though.

Jason:  Looking forward to seeing yours when it comes out, man!

Carmelo:  Yeah, me too!

Jason:  Can I get you to give me a high five and say “English, baby!”

Carmelo:  English, baby!


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Over the summer, Carmelo Anthony filmed a movie called Amazing in China. It comes out next year, and while he can’t say much about it, he says that he and Dwight Howard have major roles in the film and that it was a lot of fun, as well as a lot of work, to make.

Carmelo says that in China, his nickname is Tian Gua (甜瓜), which means “sweet melon.” He says he likes his English nickname better, Melo. It’s both short for his name and describes his personality. To “mellow out” is slang for relax or be calm and laid-back. Melo is very mellow, which helps him focus on the court and makes him a great player.

As a basketball superstar, a father and now a movie star, Carmelo is a busy man. He likes to mellow out by watching TV and movies with his family. How do you mellow out? Are you a mellow person?

To learn more about Melo, visit his website or the Ebaby! blog.



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I can say I'm a really "mellow guy" hehe I really like to have fun and mellow out always when I can ;)

I usually like to watch tv,play my PS3,go to the cinema and stay glued in my girlfriend :D

11:23 AM Mar 24 2011 |



Foot in mouthSurprised

05:44 AM Jan 07 2011 |



I'm a intern in a company, English is very important for my current job, so i want to improve my English rapidly. I'm also a fan of NBA, I like Sweet Melon and many other players. The movie Amazing should be a amazing movie, I can't wait to watch it. I think it's perfect if more movies could be shot by these NBA superstars like Sweet Melon.

02:55 AM Jan 06 2011 |



Bosnia and Herzegovina

My fella, Melo thak you for this podcast and I wish you all the best in new 2011.Hope you'll make the Playoffs.


09:19 PM Jan 04 2011 |




Just do it

08:06 AM Jan 02 2011 |



United Kingdom

12:51 PM Dec 17 2010 |



In fact, my english is poor, i want to improve my english by jioning the englishbaby, who can help me?Smile

05:24 AM Dec 15 2010 |



I like NBA, I know Anthony, and I like Kevin Garnett better.

I hope I can see Kevin on englishbaby.


05:21 AM Dec 15 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

idont like this lesson

01:35 PM Dec 12 2010 |



The player with yellow shirt that appears on video (1:16 to 1:18) is a brazilian basketball player called "nenê" and He looks like mellow out with his team partners.

11:10 AM Dec 09 2010 |


American Samoa



12:45 PM Dec 04 2010 |


American Samoa



12:42 PM Dec 04 2010 |




I'm not a mellow person! I like to be busy and active….usually when I am relaxed, it means that I 'm sick! 

02:44 PM Dec 03 2010 |

ali samieian

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi my best friends


08:40 AM Nov 30 2010 |


johnSuper Member!

United States

Carmelo is one of the best players in the NBA. What a cool guy.

07:30 PM Nov 29 2010 |



I watch lots of movies too. They help me to relax.

I like Carmelo a lot. He is about my age, but he is much much more success than I am.

Definitely I will watch his movie 'Amazing', which is made in China. That remind my of another movie 'The Karate Kid', which is also made in China. I already watched it, it's realy good. China is so famous these years, that's make me very proud.

01:20 PM Nov 29 2010 |

Gucci Yeung


Wow, it is just amazing to see Carmelo Anthony here and teach us a phrase ;) His nickname in China, Sweet Melon, sounds warm and kind when people first hear. It came out because of his sweet smile, lovely babyface and polite behaviors which attracted lots of fans, especially female fans. Obviously Melo has a good attitude towards life, but I do think, when you are in the West Conference, you are really hard to mellow out ;-D Good luck.

05:05 PM Nov 28 2010 |

quick to pardon


lion I think that name is perfect for me.

thank you very much English baby 

04:53 PM Nov 28 2010 |




03:14 PM Nov 28 2010 |




thank engısh baby ı am a profesıoanl basketball player and  ı love hım he wıll be legend ı thınk maybe  a day ı can meet hım when  ı play ın usa

10:56 AM Nov 27 2010 |

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