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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One

Learn English contractions and abbreviations

Date: Dec 15 2010

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

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When the first Harry Potter movie came out ten years ago, it was a perfect kid’s movie. But over the years the movies, like the books, have become more and more grown up. The newest film in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is so dark and scary the little ones might want to stay at home, or at least cover their eyes.

This is the first part of a two-part finale for the series. In the film, Harry has to find and destroy mysterious dark objects known as Horcruxes, which give Lord Voldemort his power. The only problem is that Harry has no idea what the Horcruxes are, where to find them, or how to destroy them. Find out if Devan and Dale plan to go Horcrux-hunting with Harry.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  I’m so excited for the final installment of the Harry Potter series.

Dale:  I have to ask you, why is it so special to a lot of people? Some people, like myself, just don’t quite get it.

Devan:  But it’s magical and amazing! They go to wizard school, what’s not to like about that? Haven’t you ever wanted to go to wizard school?

Dale:  I’m not sure. I saw the lines and it’s just been a big movie, and it’s pretty impressive, but I’ve watched maybe 30 minutes or 40 minutes and I’m just not taken by it. It blows my mind.

Devan:  Well, what’s interesting about it to me is that, watching the movies and reading the books, you kind of grow up with the series. Like, I’m 24 now and I saw the first movie when I was 14. And over the past 10 years, the characters are growing up, and I’m growing up. And the movies are getting more and more bleak and more and more dark as you reach the finale. It’s not really like a kid’s movie anymore, you know? At this point in time it’s directed more at adults. It’s not like all magic and happiness. It’s this quest to finally destroy Voldemort, so it’s kind of…you just get really sucked in, and when you grew up with the series you can’t let go of it until you’ve reached the finale.

Dale:  So did you wait in line to see the movie?

Devan:  Oh, I’m going to tomorrow. I’m gonna get there like four hours early.


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Devan can’t wait to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. But Dale doesn’t understand the obsession with Harry Potter. He can’t believe how popular the movies are and he’s blown away when he sees people lining up to see them.

For Devan, Harry Potter’s popularity makes perfect sense. The movies as well as the books are fun and magical. She also feels like she and the films have grown up together. The first Harry Potter movie came out nearly a decade ago. Since then, all the actors have matured from children to young adults. The movies have become more mature, too. The latest movie has some scary parts and really isn’t meant for little kids.

Have you grown up with Harry Potter? Why do you think these books and movies are so popular?



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Алина Татиева


Yeees! I grown up with Harry Potter… When I read the first book I was 9. And when I was 11 I wait letter from Hogwarts)))

I big fan of Harry Potter*

10:20 AM Aug 11 2011 |




I really like Harry Poter movies even though I haven’t read the books,but I know the books are more detailed than movies…I didn’t watch the lastest movies but I will ;)

The story is full of fantasy and action,this is a mix that I really appreciate :)

04:35 PM Jul 23 2011 |



I've watched the movie and I love it so much.It's much better than the Half-blood Prince! But there's one thing,I really don't like to see the sence that Harry kissed Jenny in the kichen…That's disgusting…

But ,,,I like Hermione!

03:11 AM Dec 29 2010 |




Cause the story has a well written plot and the movies were finely directed…not like the twilight trash if you know what I mean…

02:28 PM Dec 20 2010 |




i have't watch that till now

01:57 PM Dec 19 2010 |



I just watched it few days ago. I like the series of Harry Potter and I followed every installment of it within ten years. But It surprised me the growing up of Harry and his friends so fast. The latest Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was too dark and blerk. I think it didn't belong kids anymore because my Carina and Adrin could not bear the scary scenes of it.

02:51 AM Dec 18 2010 |



I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter, but I love this lesson pretty much.  I went to see this new film last month.  Again, darkness everywhere in the film didn't make me feel comfortable.  I still love the sunshine, brightness and smile on people's face when I was out of the cinema.

01:38 AM Dec 16 2010 |

xiaodong Xia


I think,the series film is very good,I don't wait to see them in films later.

01:00 AM Dec 16 2010 |




I guess, magical and dark things are very commun among young people, I haven't read the books yet,  but I love Harry Potter movies, in my opinion they are wonderful and I've grown up with them. When I saw the first one I was 7… Now I'm 17. it has been a nice experience!!!

Being in Howards would be Amazing!! :D 

07:11 PM Dec 15 2010 |



Czech Republic

I think, this film is very precious… More then previous parts and thrilling from start to end… There were a few clichés (like dying on HP arms, jealousy of touching …), but the film line was so clear… If you know a little bit infomations about HP, you must understand… I´m not sure, what age of viewers is expected… When I was at a cinema, there were children (12 and more) and adults, parents and older people (30 – 40)... so realy don´t know :D

06:28 PM Dec 15 2010 |




I think magic was interesting to most of us, is interesting and will be. :)

04:39 PM Dec 15 2010 |



I've kinda grown up with Harry Potter. I was just a kid when I've watched the first movie, and I have to say: I've gotten really sucked in to this magical universe! I used to collect everything related to Harry Potter, like posters, pictures, movies, news. And I had a friend who was as addicted as me, so we were always swapping HP stuff at school.

But then… I dunno, since the fourth movie, I'm not into it as I used to, but I still sympathize with the serie. And I'm not sure if the movie is getting that bleak and serious, I mean… most of Harry Potter fans are kids, so it could be risky turning the movie into something more serious.

And the success of the serie is due to this magical universe, just as Devan said. And I also bet the everybody here once has already dreamed of having magic powers or something like that 

02:06 PM Dec 15 2010 |


Viet Nam

when i was a little, i'm kind of allergic to all novel, books full of text, and i didn't know how can they be into these things. I have a friend and she was really crazy for Harry Potter, and she persuade me to read this series. When i started reading, i could not stop, there was a lot of magic, miracle things that entice me. Now, after reading Harry Potter, I'm keen on reading. 

11:43 AM Dec 15 2010 |



United States

It started almost 10years ago. It's too long. And I forgot the story of previous series.

11:41 AM Dec 15 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


I'm, a big Harry Potter's FAN!

05:57 AM Dec 15 2010 |


Viet Nam

Sure, I do think Harry Potter books and movies very popular in my country. Even I have not watch it full series. But I hear people told about it, written about it a lot.

02:47 AM Dec 15 2010 |

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