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Spoken English Course Day 9

Spoken English Course Day 9

Date: Mar 04 2011

Topic: Speaking

Author: andylu2


Hey guys,

Today I wanted to teach a word that is super important to understand properly.  I thought of it today when I was in the car and I made a little note to myself on my cell phone just so I could remember to teach it to you.

The word is "Ultimatum"

If you give someone an "ultimatum" it means that you are giving them a very serious choice that they must make between two things.  It is not just a regular choice.  It is a demand.  I'll give you a couple real life examples so you know exactly what I mean.

Here is a girl giving her boyfriend an ultimatum. 

Girl:  If you don't stop talking to your ex-girlfriend on the phone I will break up with you.  

Here is an employee (Steve) giving his boss an ultimatum. 

You either give me a 30% raise or I will go and work for another company.

As you can see, these are very serious "either this or that" kind of things.  I hope that example makes sense.

I've been feeling great from everyone's support with the "likes" and comments.  It makes me keep writing these lessons.  Check out my first Spoken English lesson

I also highly recommend this Spoken English Course

It will definitely help you improve your native Speaking and listening level faster than any other method.

Take care and see you here again tomorrow.


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very useful word to express under a special situation.


09:58 AM Mar 07 2011 |



Viet Nam

Yeah. As per my understanding, ultimatum is the only choice from 2 or more choices. Somehow it's equivalent to our answer in the game " Who is the millionaire" in " Slumdog millionaire".


Nice day everybody .

04:45 AM Mar 07 2011 |

jossef 002010


Hey andy

   You know..what i like about u is seriousness and desire..u think about us every day to teach us something new..we really appreciate that..we won't thank u enough whatever we do..!! thx alot

12:57 AM Mar 07 2011 |

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alpha girl

alpha girl

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Great, Thank u so much.

03:41 AM Mar 06 2011 |




same word in french! 

02:58 PM Mar 05 2011 |

white jasmin

Saudi Arabia


thanks for your patience to teaching us and keep on itCool

02:56 PM Mar 05 2011 |



South Korea

This is a really great word to know and I've always wanted to know how to express this idea in English.  Thanks.<!-Session data->

08:27 AM Mar 05 2011 |


Viet Nam

thanks for your kindness to help us improve our spoken english. The lesson is great!

07:06 AM Mar 05 2011 |

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