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Open 24 hrs
Open 24 hrs

Modal Verbs

Date: Apr 22 2011

Themes: Travel

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Sometimes, you just need a burger and fries at three in the morning. Or a cup of coffee. Or a bottle of cough medicine. When you run out of something important or get a craving in the middle of the night, you need a place that’s open 24 hours.

Most cities in the US have at least a few places that are open 24 hours. Some grocery stores and restaurants stay open 24 hours. Big cities like New York have even more 24-hour places. In fact, New York is sometimes called the 24-hour city, because you can get almost anything you want there at any time of day.

Find out what’s open 24 hours in Devan and Jeff’s city.


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Jeff:  Hey, Devan.

Devan:  Yeah?

Jeff:  Got a question for you.

Devan:  What’s that?

Jeff:  Do you know of any 24-hour kinda joints around town here? Like, places that are open all night?

Devan:  There’s really not that many, considering we live in a city and you’d think there would be. Like, New York and LA have a ton, they’ve got bars that are open all night, but I’ve noticed that sometimes in smaller cities or smaller places, the places that are open 24 hours are kinda bizarre, like my hometown had a 24-hour Walmart, or here, we have a 24-hour waffle restaurant.

Jeff:  Yeah, it seems like places that…a lot of places will start out 24 hours and then kind of whittle their hours down.

Devan:  I was just having a conversation with one of my friends about how our society seems to cater to morning people or like day people, whereas I’m kind of a night owl, and my peak awake time is three in the morning. And I would love to go run errands or go to the coffee shop or go see a movie at three, four am, ‘cause that’s when I’m most awake. But our society doesn’t really seem to be set up for people that are night people, you know?

Jeff:  Yeah, that’s true. I’m a similar type of person.


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Jeff is looking for someplace that’s open 24 hours. But he and Devan agree that there aren’t many 24-hour joints in their city. While most US cities have a few 24-hour places, none have as many as New York.

Devan likes it when places are open 24 hours because she is a night owl. She has more energy in the middle of the night than she does during the day. She wishes more places were open late so she could get more done when she feels most awake.

Is anything open 24 hours where you live? Are you a morning person or a night owl?



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05:20 AM Apr 09 2012 |



Hello everyone,

Of course in Mexico City there are many 24-h joints but the insecurity is always on the mind of mexican people. With some prudence many like eat popular tacos at night also with a soda (refresco), and with hot spiced sauce (salsa verde o roja) very very nice.


10:00 PM Apr 27 2011 |

Talia Do

Talia Do

Viet Nam

Hi everyone,
I am Vietnamese but now I am living in Singapore. There are several 24 hours joints near my place such as an NTUC Fairprice (a common brand super market in Singapore) and a McDonald's shop. It is very convenient to have such kind of late open services 'cause I can find almost everything I need at anytime of the day.
For my hometown, Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam, there are not so many 24 hours joints. However night owls can still survive here since a lot of services carter to them after midnight. You can still find good foods around the town and drinks at bars and clubs, which are not opened over night but quite late.
By the way, I am a kind of a night owl. Because I often find myself more concentrated and work more effectively at night. But I also feel tired and exhausted the next day. I found out that the costs of staying up late are far outweigh any benefits that might be gained. So I have laid out a plan to change this habit in order to have a more healthy life.

02:06 PM Apr 26 2011 |




there are 24 hrs open places in my city .. i used to like that may be bcuz i used to be a night owl just before i work .. but now am much more like a morning person

11:15 AM Apr 25 2011 |




Unfortunetely my city is lack of 24-hour places. Sometimes I stay at home or spend my free time near my house due to this inappropriate situation…... but as I see now local government is trying to resolve this by allowing businessman to open such places.   

01:23 PM Apr 24 2011 |

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I think you can enjoy  with something else like learn english with englis baby

08:59 AM Apr 24 2011 |

Vina Novalina


I dunno, i am kind of  a morning person or a night owl, cuz sometimes it depend on my mood. I love morning but sometimes i cant get up early, i dont like staying to late at night but i cant sleep too early, so sometimes i try to kill my night time with watching movie, browsing something on inet, reading or listening to music with my earphone and cuz of it i lost my morning day hehhe….

08:44 AM Apr 24 2011 |


Viet Nam

NY is a non sleep city… cool ! we can dance all night long.. haha


08:36 AM Apr 24 2011 |

anahid goddess

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Tehran , my hometown have a few places thats  open 24 hours. Im night wol so I almost had to spend night wiht book or movie , internet ,painting.

07:54 AM Apr 24 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think you can enjoy things better at nights.Reading, watching a film , etc can be more pleasant at late nights. 

06:59 AM Apr 24 2011 |

javier armando


I guess the only place in my hometown  which is actually open 24 hours is the Hospital because of during night there are sometimes emergency cases such as someone who has a temperature of babies feeling not ok or in the worst case people hurt by car accidentes who are battling between dead or live.

During weekends Im a kinda night owl because I love staying up late hearing music on my bed. ¨:P

03:20 AM Apr 24 2011 |




This is useful (; thanks

11:06 PM Apr 23 2011 |



Thailand have a lots of 7-11.

It's very convenient but it spends lots of electricity too. 

05:03 AM Apr 23 2011 |



In Taiwan, there are a lot of 24-hour convenience stores like 7-11 and Family Mart.

But, you know, it is too many to feel terrible. You could find dozens of similar stores along the same street.

04:49 AM Apr 23 2011 |



Only drug stores are open 24 hours in my city. And I wouldn't appreciate 24-hour joints because I am a morning person. I usually go to bed too early at night.

12:10 AM Apr 23 2011 |

Vinni Lima

Vinni Lima


in my hometown there aren't 24 hr places, all the places usually to close at 10 pm or at 12. thats awful, because not just me, but many people like to stay awake at night and when it happens we dont have anything to do, we can't eat something different.

12:01 AM Apr 23 2011 |




 I am a morning guy , I prefer not to go out at night , the cities in Buenos Aires as in many parts of the world are not safe, specially  at night. many times I woke up  at three in the night, then i watch TV until I can catch on the sleep again.

11:56 PM Apr 22 2011 |




The place I live is quite a famous city, but I think there are not 24-hour joints! Anyway, I couldn't appreciate them at all, coz I'm a morning person and fall asleep so early at night!!! ;)

08:53 PM Apr 22 2011 |

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