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Spoken English Course Day 27

Spoken English Course Day 27

Date: Mar 23 2011

Topic: Idioms and Slang

Author: andylu2


Hi guys,

How's it going?  I just watched a movie with Owen Wilson.  I forget the name of the movie but I think he's hilarious in anything, even in romantic comedies. 

Romantic comedies are often called "chick flicks"

"Chick" is a slang term for girls, usually of dating age, and "flick" is a slang term for movie.  So a "chick flick" is a set phrase that refers to the type of movies that girls normally like more than guys. 

Anyway, I thought you might want to know that term in case you want to tell your girlfriend, "Honey, can I pick the movie today?  I really don't want to see another chick flick".

Actually, some chick flicks are kind of funny though.  Haha.

Anyway, if you want to learn more, check out my free spoken English course and the free PDF ebooks on there.

Also, here is the first day of my English Speaking course that I write everyday on here.


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murad ali

murad ali


so funny phrase teacher  i like it 

07:53 AM Mar 26 2011 |



haha that wasn't funny at all:P ,very usefull though:D

yeah i remember i've heard that once from a friend and i was like "what?!" and then he explaned to me what he meant,so this is not a new phrase for me anymore,but thank you anyway!

06:21 PM Mar 24 2011 |




i've heard this phrase in college once, in the movie class.

 Yes, it's a kind of movie, sometimes romantic or emotional..

Thanks, andy 

05:41 AM Mar 24 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

nice topic 

this is the first time I hear about  this phrase

I'll add it to my voc. list


thanks a lot. 

09:32 PM Mar 23 2011 |

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