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Pizza Conversation

Pizza Conversation

Date: Jun 29 2001

Themes: Food, How To


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

* This is a special lesson *
Hi Friends!
We are going to try something new on Fridays. Instead of a TV lesson, we are going to offer a series of lessons on practical and fun elements of living in English speaking countries.
Our first lesson is on how to order a pizza delivery on the phone. It may seem sort of silly to those of you that have done this many times, but I know that when I lived in France it was one of the most difficult things I ever had to do.
Here is a list of instructions on how to order a pizza delivery on the phone:
1. Dial the number of the pizza place. Make sure that you know before you call that the pizza place has a delivery service.
2. When the person answers the phone at the pizza place, tell him or her that you would like to order a pizza.
3. The person on the phone will ask you for your name and the phone number and address of the place where you want the pizza delivered. Be sure to have this information ready for them.
4. Let the person on the phone know if there are any special directions you need to give the delivery person.
5. Now the person on the phone should ask you what kind of pizza you want. Before you make your order, you should know about any specials the pizza place may be offering, so that you can get a good deal.
6. Place your order.
7. The person on the phone will tell you the total amount due when the delivery person arrives, and how long you will have to wait until your pizza arrives.
8. Say thank you and goodbye!
I hope these directions help you the next time you want to order a pizza in the United States. When the pizza delivery person arrives with the pizza, it is common to give him or her a tip, usually two or three dollars is fine!
Now you can listen to me do it!!!


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.




Pizza Place: Thank you for choosing Domino’s. This is Billy, how may I help you?

Tanis:  Hi! I’d like to order a pizza please.

Pizza Place: Okay. And can I get your phone number please?

Tanis:  Sure. It’s 503-827-8021.

Pizza Place: And your name?

Tanis:  Tanis.

Pizza Place: And your address?

Tanis:  It’s 1120 NW 14th Street, and we’re in the basement.

Pizza Place: And is there a certain apartment number or something like that?

Tanis:  No. It’s an office. We’re just downstairs. When you come in just go down the stairs. It’s, it’s really easy.

Pizza Place: What can I get for ya?

Tanis:  Um, I think that we’d like just one large pizza. Um half pineapple and cheese, and then half pepparoni. Can you guys do that?

Pizza Place: Sure can! Anything else I can do for you?

Tanis:  Yeah. Do you have any specials right now?

Pizza Place: Um, unfortunately none with just a single pizza. Right now our specials are
the two medium, two topping pizzas, um, for $14.95… and the two large, two topping pizzas
for $17.95.

Tanis:  Oh you know what? Let’s do the two mediums. Okay?

Pizza Place: Okay. So do you want one like, pineapple and one pepparoni?

Tanis:  You got it! Are you guys busy today?

Pizza Place: Uh, we will be. I got a very large order coming up so…

Tanis:  (Laughs) Oh my gosh! Well good luck!

Pizza:  There we go. $14.95, and we’ll see you in about thirty-five minutes.

Tanis:  Thanks a lot!

Pizza Place: Thanks for choosing Domino’s.

Tanis:  Alright. Bye.



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Hopefully after this lesson you will all be in pizza up to your eyeballs when visiting the United States! With the help of the directions above, and the ability to hear me making my pizza order, you should have no problem ordering a pizza of your own.
Keep in mind that it is not necessary to chit chat with the person on the phone the way that I do. You can tell that the man on the phone at the pizza place really didn’t want to talk to me about how busy he was, or anything other than the order I was placing. This doesn’t hurt my feelings, I know that he knows I was just trying to be nice while we were on the phone together.
I will look forward to hearing about anybody’s pizza ordering adventures on the message boards! Don’t eat too much pizza this weekend, and I’ll see you all back here next week!
Your friend,



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I like Pizza especially along with hot chicken wings and coke as an order. Usually ,on weekend I’d treat myself a specilty like Pizza. It help me relax and peacifully kill the time thought weekend. The topping I like on Pizza are pieapple, oninos, mushroom,pepperoni,sausage, chedar, blue cheese and sea food toping with garlic, hot pepper and Basil as garnish . I have good time with Pizza on weekend and I am grateful for that.

02:46 PM Jul 27 2013 |



interesting dialogue for communication

07:06 PM Feb 20 2010 |



:D nice lesson…

06:51 AM Sep 14 2009 |



very nice and thanks a lot.

06:28 PM Jul 06 2009 |



this is nice I love pizza :D

10:07 AM Jun 26 2009 |

Ahmed Elsir


Realy very nice, thanks

09:27 PM Jun 23 2009 |




I recommend the Mexican: jalapeños, ground beef, sausage, tomato, onion and beans

05:05 PM Jun 22 2009 |



Russian Federation

Thanks a lot, it is really very easy. Yesterday we ordered another kind of pizza. Well, you just choose what kind of toppings do you want like italian sausage and becon with olives, they make the dough and souse and mix all these with llots of cheese, and vualya -you take it and bake at you own place. It was the best pizza I had ever tried before!!!

10:20 PM Jun 19 2009 |


Russian Federation

very simple it seems but very useful it is

01:50 PM Jun 13 2009 |



Thanks lot!!!

my students asked me about this the other week…maybe I can use this to teach them next week :)

04:35 AM Jun 05 2009 |




ty tanis u did a gr8 job…i usually do the same steps while ordering the pizza…hope to get something new…next tym..

08:55 AM Jun 02 2009 |



LaughingGood lesson,thanks.

05:40 AM May 22 2009 |

Fath Tualeka


thank you so much

12:27 AM May 08 2009 |




thank you


02:14 PM Apr 16 2009 |




10:37 AM Mar 30 2009 |

mido vip


great realy thanx ypu for that

12:25 AM Mar 30 2009 |

Benjamin Elizondo


Now i know how to order a pizza by myself.

11:01 PM Mar 13 2009 |




i prefair to do my own pizza within 50 mn

08:37 PM Feb 22 2009 |



Yeah! I felt the same way when I wanted to order a pizza in Ireland for the first time. Service talked very fast, in some regional sort of English. I didn’t know my adress by heart, couse I’ve just moved in:-))

12:50 AM Jan 30 2009 |

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