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Are You Bored or Boring?

Are You Bored or Boring?

Date: Apr 09 2011

Topic: Grammar

Author: kokoboko






Does it make a difference if I say "you are bored" and "you are boring"?  You bet!  And you may get yourself in trouble if you mix these two sentences up! 

Confused? Yes, it can be confusing sometimes!


participle II that ends with -ed talks about one's own feelings, whereas adjective that ends with -ing talks about a person, a thing or a situation that causes one's feelings.

For example:

  • The movie was boring (so I felt bored).

  • This book is so interesting (so I am interested in the book).

  • My boyfriend has a very annoying habit (so I am annoyed).

  • English usage can be confusing (so a lot of students are confused).

  • My husband's job promotion was surprising (so we were very surprised).

  • The baseball game between the Giants and the Tigers was exciting (so the fans were excited).

Now try to choose :

1.  His speech was so bored/boring that in no time everyone fell asleep.

2.  I was surprised/surprising to see Mr. Koizumi at the party.

3.  We were all confusing/confused because the instructions given were unclear.

4.  On Christmas Eve, many children are so exciting/excited that they stay up all night.

5.  This exercise is interested/interesting.

6.  My neighbors are very annoyed/annoying because they always play loud music.





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