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Spice Things Up
Spice Things Up English, baby! Video Lesson

Modal Verbs

Date: May 03 2011

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Devan and Jason have been dating for a while. Recently, they realized that they are in a rut. They do the same things day after day. They decided to try some new experiences and spice things up.

Spice gives food strong, unusual tastes. So when you spice things up, you do something interesting. It’s nice to have a new experience, so spicing things up is usually fun. But sometimes, spicing things up can lead to surprises. See what happens to Jason and Devan on their adventure.

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Jason:  This is gonna be awesome. We’re gonna go out on the town and spice things up.

Devan:  Yeah.

Jason:  What do you want to do?

Devan:  Well, I was thinking we should spice things up by doing some dancing, maybe?

Jason:  Yes, we never go dancing. That would definitely be spicing things up.

Devan:  Maybe we could get some spicy food to spice things up?

Jason:  Yes. We always eat such boring food.

Devan:  Yeah.

Jason:  We should totally spice things up with some good food tonight.

Devan:  I agree.

Jason:  Let’s hit the club.

Devan:  Let’s do it.

Jason:  This is spicing it up. We’re out on the town dancing. This is awesome.

Devan:  Um, have you noticed that there’s no women here?

Jason:  Oh, it’s cool. It’s cool. We just gotta get things started here. Yeah!

Devan:  So, what is…What is this? What are you…What are you doing? Ow! Ouch! You’re stepping on my feet.

Jason:  Oh no, how are your feet?

Devan:  They hurt really bad because you stomped all over them while we were dancing.

Jason:  I’m sorry.

Devan:  And who goes dancing at 5:30 in the afternoon anyway?

Jason:  I don’t know. We don’t do these things. I mean, I don’t know…We’re trying to spice it up, but I don’t even know when you go dancing, apparently.

Devan:  You go dancing after you eat. So, next time, let’s reverse the order, if we ever do this again.

Jason:  At least we got some good spicy food, right?

Devan:  That’s true. That food was delicious. So, I guess this wasn’t a complete and utter failure, right?

Jason:  Actually…Here, take this.

Devan:  What? J…J…Are you…Oh, that’s not pretty. Oh, that’s not pretty. Are you OK, honey?

Jason:  Yeah, I’ll be OK.

Devan:  Are you alright?

Jason:  Yes.

Devan:  Did that food not sit well with you?

Jason:  No, it didn’t. It tasted good. But, boy, I don’t know. I don’t know if spicing it up is for us, you know what I mean?

Devan:  I completely agree. I don’t think that we’re a spicy couple. I think we’re a boring couple and you know what? I’m OK with that.

Jason:  Can we go home and be boring, please?

Devan:  Yes. Let’s go.

Jason:  OK. One sec.

Devan:  Oh no. Oh no.


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Devan and Jason agree to go dancing and go out to dinner. Since they never do those things, they will be good ways to spice things up.

When they get to the dance club, Devan notices that there aren’t other people dancing. Jason also steps on her feet while dancing, so they go to a restaurant.

On the way out of the restaurant, Devan complains that her feet hurt from the dancing. They agree the food was good though. But suddenly, Jason gets sick. The couple agrees that spicing things up didn’t go very well. They decide it’s better just to be boring.

Do you like to spice things up? Can you think of something new you tried recently?



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Talia Do

Talia Do

Viet Nam

While you might be content with your current life, it has never been a bad idea to spice things up a little bit and to create good memories.

I do like to spice things up because it makes me find life more beautiful. I like to go around the city and visit beautiful spots. The newest experience I have recently tried is to capture jumping moments. Then by adding wings, it makes me look like a Tinker Bell. ^^

05:14 AM May 03 2011 |

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