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Nosey with Simple Future Tense

Nosey with Simple Future Tense English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Feb 22 2011

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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Everyone likes to have a little privacy. So no one likes it when someone needlessly asks them for personal information. That’s called being nosey.

If someone asks you to tell them private details about yourself that they don’t really need to know, that person is being nosey. Strangers can be nosey, but your friends can also be nosey. Even if you are in a couple, there are some things you don’t share with your partner. So your boyfriend or girlfriend can be nosey too.

Jeff recently asked Jason about his relationship with Devan. Jason said that everything is good between him and his girlfriend, but the conversation got him thinking. Now, he’s acting a little nosey.

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Jason:  Hey!

Devan:  Hey, honey.

Jason:  I think I’m gonna take off. Do you want a ride?

Devan:  Uh, no. I think I’m gonna finish up some stuff around here, and then I think I’m gonna go out for some drinks with some friends.

Jason:  Oh, really? Going out, huh? Just staying out till who knows when. When, uh, when do you think you will be home?

Devan:  I don’t know. Later sometime. We’ll just see how the night goes. We might be having a lot of fun.

Jason:  Yeah.

Devan:  Don’t wait up for me.

Jason:  Spontaneity. Who do you think is going to be there?

Devan:  Oh, I don’t know. Just…you know. I’m not really sure.

Jason:  Do you think Dale will be there?

Devan:  Maybe. Why?

Jason:  Oh, I was just curious what you guys are up to, you know, just…

Devan:  Why are you being so nosey?

Jason:  Am I being nosey? I don’t know if I’m being nosey right now.

Devan:  Yes, you are. You’re totally prying into my business trying to figure out what it is that I’m doing unnecessarily.

Jason:  No. I’m just curious. I just want to make a plan. You know, just curious when and where my girlfriend is gonna be. That’s all. It’s kind of what couples do, right? It’s not nosey. I’m heading home and I’m going to make a TV dinner and watch Star Trek, so you know exactly where I’ll be and who I will be with.

Devan:  And that’s great and all, but I didn’t ask and I don’t really care. So…

Jason:  Well cool, well just you have fun, OK?

Devan:  What are you doing?


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Jason tells Devan that is going home and asks if she wants a ride. She says she’s going to work for a little while longer and then go out with some friends.

Since Jason recently imagined Dale making out with Devan, he starts to get jealous and asks if Dale will be there and when she will be home. She accuses him of being nosey.

Jason denies being nosey, but as he leaves, he pulls on Devan’s hair. Maybe he just wants to make sure it’s not going to fall out again?

Do you know anyone who is nosey?



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manik athawale


i think my neighbour or surounding people are nosey. because when i want go out side they tray to asked me where are you going and when come back they every time to time watch us

05:10 PM Feb 10 2012 |

manik athawale


i think my neighbour or surounding people are nosey. because when i want go out side they tray to asked me where are you going and when come back they every time to time watch us

05:10 PM Feb 10 2012 |

manik athawale


i think nosey is devans old friend may be
i don’t know?

05:00 PM Feb 10 2012 |




I think a lot of people who are nosey.when i am being relax in the class and my freinds would get all of circle to talk about another nosey.i am not nosey,even i hated there pepole.because i think another people secret is himsel or herself,we don't have entitle to figure out personal privacy,

02:19 AM Mar 17 2011 |




my fiance is verry nosey, he always ask him where i go , and with who i ll go hang out. We alays have a blow up  about  his attitude cause someontime he start being over nosey , he pry into my bussniess things and try to figure out  al the detail about my private life . Honestly it start being too much to bear his attitude , it really piss me off

01:36 PM Mar 04 2011 |

Rachel study


I should admit that I'm a little nosey.Though generally I don't ask my husband where he will go or when he'll be back, I can't help thinking and suspecting.

02:04 AM Feb 23 2011 |




I particularly dislike nosey people, coz they're always trying to find out some new detail of your life, and sometimes these details are pretty embarassing. My uncle is such an annoying nosey person. He's always asking me where I'm going and who I'm supposed to be with, and when I'll come back home. I must say that sometimes I'd like to punch him a lot right on the face, haha. I guess it's because he's very concerned about me and my brother and all, and keeps on doing these questions… But I definetely don't like this kinda of people.

09:39 PM Feb 22 2011 |

Tila Tequila

United States

I don't like nosy people ! 

07:22 PM Feb 22 2011 |

Vina Novalina


Hmmm i dont like when someone to be nosey about my own business .Some people should probably mind their own business and not blow things out of proportion but yeah sometimes i think its back to own situation, if me in good mood maybe , yeahh it's okay but when i am not in mood, talking with my hand and move away!!!! lol :P

07:10 PM Feb 22 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

 Well,I know alot of nosy people ,including my sister and my friend !

Some people ask you questions that I think shoudn't be asked,like ,how many your salary is ,how is your realtionship with your mother ,when you are going to marry and things like that which make you so mad at them .

But to be honest ,sometimes I think that being nosy is not  bad behaviour .For example in the case of  ,he is Jason being inquisitive because he is getting gealous .He loves Devan and beacuse of that he is prying to know where she is going to and with whom.

If I were in his place ,I would surely do the same .And I wouldn't be happy if my my groom-to-be, or my partner  accused me of being nosy !.I will get mad at him.  

06:56 PM Feb 22 2011 |

Snow Princess

United Arab Emirates

A funny video actually.I deal with such noisy ppl almost every day they keep asking me questions that are not necessiarly shlould be asked ; they ask you about ur personal life,how much ur salary is stuff like that..I don't reaaly love this kind of ppl..they just poke their nose in everything.And I think that this guy in the video is being noisy it's because he is in love with the girl and maybe in away feels jealous cause he's gonna spend the night alone..but even so his way in expressing that is really NOISY!!

05:34 PM Feb 22 2011 |



hahaha this is guy is very funny …..hmmmm anyone who's nosey ??? meeee =d im very nosey ….....

03:08 PM Feb 22 2011 |



I liked the subject 'Nosey' .. because these days we can deal with a lot of nosey ppl .

this discussion between jason and devan reminded me of a friend of mine .. who was such a very nosey friend .. he used to ask me bout everything personal .. even though we dont know each other for a long time .. he used to ask  about my family .. about me and my other friends .. and I have to say that's really SUCKS!!


07:19 AM Feb 22 2011 |


Viet Nam

Being nosy is actually not good. But many people when they fall in love each other they are being nosy.

They try to know about each other and became more pry that they dont know. Until they fell not privacy any more…Cry

07:09 AM Feb 22 2011 |




A lot, actually that bothers me, but I don't think Jason was nosey here.

At least you should let your bf/gf know where you are. Well in case you catch in an accident, he'll know where to find you, lol~

07:06 AM Feb 22 2011 |

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