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Zero Conditional

Date: Jun 17 2011

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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There is just something thrilling about getting a good deal. When you get a great bargain, it can feel like you’re getting away with something sneaky, even though you’re still the one spending money. Finding clever ways to save money is especially important for big families or people who are on a tight budget.

But getting a great deal isn’t easy. Some people devote a huge amount of time to bargain hunting and clipping coupons, while others find that the money they might save isn’t worth the amount of time they’d have to spend searching for the best bargains. Hear Jason and Amy’s tips for getting a good deal.


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Amy:  Have you ever seen the show Extreme Couponing?

Jason:  No.

Amy:  It’s kind of awesome. It’s all about people who clip so many coupons and are so serious about couponing that they go to the store and get thousands of dollars’ worth of groceries and only spend like $10.

Jason:  What? I didn’t know that was possible!

Amy:  Yes!

Jason:  Coupons always seem so useless to me.

Amy:  I know. You get them, I mean…I get in them in the mail all the time and I throw them away. But if you’re a real bargain hunter, you can save so much money with coupons.

Jason:  It just seems like more trouble than it’s worth, you know? Like, saving 20 cents, is this really worth watching the paper every day?

Amy:  Do you do any kind of internet coupons like Groupon, or anything like that?

Jason:  I just started. I haven’t done one yet. But Groupon at least comes to me. All I have to do is look at the subject line and see if it’s something I want. It’s not like this overwhelming page in the newspaper filled with like 100 products that I have to sift through to save a quarter.


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Amy tells Jason about a TV show about people who devote their lives to bargain hunting. By clipping coupons and searching for great deals, they save thousands of dollars at the grocery store.

Jason thinks that getting a good deal often isn’t worth the time it takes to find it. He doesn’t like clipping coupons and thinks it is a waste of time. Amy usually throws coupons away, too, but she thinks it’s possible to save a lot of money with them if you’re a good bargain hunter.

Internet coupons like Groupon email you a new deal every day. You don’t have to take the deal if it’s not something you’re interested in, but you also don’t have to waste time searching through pages and pages of coupons for an item you need. Jason thinks internet coupons are a better way to find a bargain.

How do you get bargains? Have you ever clipped coupons or used an internet coupon like Groupon?



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hahaha I’m with you, mind challenging :) , just like fishing in the river :D

09:54 AM Mar 25 2012 |

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Usually they give coupon for special thing, so we couldn’t anyhow use it, it needs patient to look through it each one, but maybe my dear Buttafly is true, large cup of coffee and sunday paper will work with it :D, woa….... free cake :D

09:18 AM Mar 25 2012 |

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i never use coupons

05:48 AM Jul 15 2011 |



coupons to me really is useless. you won’t remember when you needs them.

04:08 PM Jun 30 2011 |




I’ve used internet coupons like Groupon, Lets bonus and Groupalia.

01:09 AM Jun 23 2011 |



ya thats great thing we  should aware about all those type things that could be helpfull for your budget recenly  had purchased 10 coupons from dealsandyou worth of 8000 only 800 rs.by using this coupons we had purchaed shooes.

01:29 PM Jun 21 2011 |




God, this Groupon websites are soooo popular in China now. I believe there are over 5000 sites doing the coupon business…

I also bought some from Groupon site, but now it’s getting too many of them and takes more and more time, so I quit.

03:46 AM Jun 20 2011 |




I’m bargains hunter but not shopperholic.

I dont spend a lot of money.

Before making a purchase, ask myself what I need this stuff.


When I go to the shopping, I sometimes use a coupon for 5 or 10 % off.

I’m a health seller(0_0)

12:02 AM Jun 20 2011 |




I didn´t know there have internet coupon to save a lot of money! It´s good than you´re clipping coupons by newspaper and spend money to buy newspaper every day.

05:48 PM Jun 19 2011 |




03:23 PM Jun 19 2011 |



i wont to learning english

09:00 AM Jun 19 2011 |



I am not kind of reading coupons, usually i don’t think it worth my time and attention so much. If i really want to buy something, i will make budget and try to cover the product.

But resently, some group- buy website appears, which provide super low price for many things, including food,clothes and so on, you know, which might be quite attractive. If i need it, i will have a try.

As for the bargin process, i am not so into it.When i am shopping in the store, and see sth desirable, but if the seller offers too high the price, i will give my price, usually they will keep on pushing me to raise the number, but most of the time i will just go, as i don’s like baigining.


08:34 AM Jun 19 2011 |



Syrian Arab Republic

I get coupons many times… but i always throw it. maybe i don’t belive i’ll win or get any thing by it .

08:16 PM Jun 18 2011 |




I discovered Groupon some months ago and I’ve already bought a couple of coupons in this way.

It gave me the chance to do things that normally I could not afford and without wasting time. That’s a great deal!

05:42 PM Jun 18 2011 |

tanyach1Super Member!


I’m not bargain hunter and I don’t clip coupons, but this lesson made me think that I have to be be more serious about coupons. I’m not so rich to waste money if I can to save it a little bit.Tanks to ebaby.

09:04 AM Jun 18 2011 |


Saudi Arabia

when i was unmopled  , i get more Bargains .

almost i won . when still coustomer with me five munits i give him 5% discount

tank you


04:26 PM Jun 17 2011 |




amn’t good enough in bargin because I don’t like to waste my time when there isn’t a huge defference brtween the price in general …...

12:54 PM Jun 17 2011 |

Omar alsaqqaf


Bargains something significant in my country I really consider it like one of our customs …even though I abhor it because it takes a lot of time as it mentioned in the lesson ..really I can’t tolerate with it ..I get bored easily ..then I force myself to buy the item whatever money it takes

12:49 PM Jun 17 2011 |



i dont have enough patience to bargain or gather lots of coupons to buy sth ….. 

11:35 AM Jun 17 2011 |




When I get bargains ,I will comparing prices,quantity to each products for calculate to it’s worth.

10:27 AM Jun 17 2011 |

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