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Modal Verbs

Date: Jul 13 2011

Themes: Hobbies

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Wouldn’t it be great if you could transform a bunch of old scraps into a cute new outfit? Or create a beautiful and personalized scrapbook for your best friend’s birthday of all the special memories you share? If you’re thinking “I can do that. It’s easy!” then you must be crafty.

Crafty people are good at things like sewing, knitting, and scrapbooking. They’re creative and good with their hands. They’re always thinking of unique and personal ways to decorate their houses or make cute clothes and accessories for themselves and their friends. Unfortunately, not everyone is good at crafts. Hear Jason try to teach Ella about being crafty.



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Jason:  Would you like to come to my craft night?

Ella:  Absolutely not. I hate crafts.

Jason:  But how can you hate crafts?

Ella:  It just seems so tedious, and it seems like a lot of work before you get to the final product.

Jason:  Oh, but it’s so rewarding, I mean, to have just taken a bunch of pieces of paper and photos and made a great scrapbook.

Ella:  I don’t know, I just don’t have the patience to do the crafts. Like I’m a very quick results kind of person, and you just have to be really into detail and stuff when you’re doing knitting or sewing or scrapbooking.

Jason:  There’s so many different crafts though. You’re describing a lot of crafts that are really making something from scratch, and you can also just sort of modify something. Like you could, you know, make your own picture frame by painting and gluing things to an existing picture frame. Or the same goes for like a mug or something like that.

Ella:  I mean, I have ideas for modifications, but I would just rather pay someone else to do it for me.

Jason:  Yeah. I guess no one could ever glue googly eyes to a mug the same way I can, so that’s why I love crafts.


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Jason is having a special night at his house just for doing crafts like sewing, scrapbooking, and decorating. He invites Ella, but she isn’t crafty at all. She thinks crafts are boring and take too much work.

Jason says not all crafts take a lot of work. They don’t have to involve creating something from scratch. Some just involve modifying something you already have. You could decorate a picture frame, a mug, a t-shirt, a set of plates…the list goes on and on!

Nonetheless, Ella is not interesting in becoming more crafty. She would rather just pay for someone else to do something crafty for her.

Do you enjoy crafts or decorating? Is there one craft, like knitting or sewing, that you’d like to learn how to do?



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Russian Federation

I have to do a lot of craft because of my work. And I really enjoy it. Of course it takes a lot of time and efforts, but it is worth it. I also spend a lot of time doing crafts with my daughter. It is great to do something together, we have much fun. And I want her to be a crafty person.

06:21 PM Jul 30 2011 |




I remember when I was in day care and we had to these crafts pretty often since the lady who looked after us thought it was funny and atleast she could talk in the phone when we were occupied. Me and rest of the kids hated it, making some silly cards or whatnot from paper and cardboard. Rather tedious, we would have preferred to just play with the toys and left to our own devices.

One of the kids who was there was a bit odd. He had a weird habit of throwing up sometimes. He wasn’t sick or anything but that was what he did. Me and him especially hated doing the crafts and I told him that he should throw up on the crafts while were gathered around the table making them. He agreed with this five year olds master plan and did his part of the deal. While we gluing the silly shiny things on the paper and cutting some cardboard, he leaned forward and threw up on the table and the daycare lady came rushing in as the children ran in disgust and amusement with the exeption of the weird kid who remained seated. As a result no more crafts! Never! We were all happy and everybody was grateful for the weird kid who threw up for once in the right place at the right time.

02:11 PM Jul 19 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

craft depend on skills the one has, or at least the desire to create something iteresting or funny .

i feel girls tend to do grafts more tan guys

i guess .

02:11 PM Jul 18 2011 |



I think crafts are good in general but not any one can do it because it need to some one love it , has a hobby and should be patient.

12:47 PM Jul 16 2011 |

Lorna Zeus


ouffffffff :/

06:28 PM Jul 15 2011 |



Serbia and Montenegro

My grandma knits, so I have learnt how to knit myself. But as far as other crafts, I don’t know any, and I think that I’m clumsy for that work.

06:15 PM Jul 15 2011 |




i love crafts i made many bags and t-shirts it wanderfull things to do .

05:09 PM Jul 15 2011 |




I like crafts.I like making many different crafts by myself.I think the process is the most  important and has much fun.Each process is training and study.

04:35 AM Jul 15 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yes of course!!! i do craft a lot!!! i work on bags and sewing bags for selling!!!!! to some bookstores which have these things or to my friends….......

i love sewing bags!! i became professional in this way!!! u can order it!!! i`ll post to u!! hheehheeheee :DDDD looollll…........

08:54 PM Jul 14 2011 |




As for me, embroidery is very relaxing. I had wedding recently. It was traditional Ukrainian wedding. Me and my mother have made 90ty small embroidered towels which were attached under each guest’s butonier. Much time was spent on that, but everyone was happy to have such souvenir after wedding.

08:31 PM Jul 14 2011 |




Yes!! I think I like crafts because I like to see and to buy them. So beautiful.

11:23 PM Jul 13 2011 |




many people dont like to crafts, some person are more creative making crafts such as there are another people dont like to do that because is a little bored, it depends of the people personality , for example there are people who like to cook or read etc.Cool

09:28 PM Jul 13 2011 |




Though I’m a very quick results kind of person I enjoy crafts. Doing crafts is relaxing and awarding, and if u r good at them u can be an owner of unique things and clothes. They say things made with your own hands transfer the warmth of ur heart to other people. I can knit and I even sew but I would like to learn how to make u know baskets and stuff like that from branches (I don’t know the name of this craft Do U? )Wink

08:29 PM Jul 13 2011 |



I love it!! I always like to try the new crafts. So I knitted 3 socks last winter, but none of them are a pair.

03:43 PM Jul 13 2011 |



i always lookingfore these dialoge dear friend



02:52 PM Jul 13 2011 |



United Arab Emirates

 i feel that it is so beautiful  when you make something  by your hand .

01:58 PM Jul 13 2011 |




I like Origami (paper folding)

12:47 PM Jul 13 2011 |

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