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Learn the Zero Conditional

Date: Aug 17 2011

Themes: Music

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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In those long, long ago days before MTV, a singer’s voice was what would make or break her. But now there’s more to becoming a famous singer than just how well you can sing. You also have to be sexy, stylish, beautiful…and it doesn’t hurt to have a crazy past or a scandalous personal life, too.

The British soul singer Adele is like an artist from an earlier time. She may be sultry and beautiful, but it’s her voice that millions of fans are most attracted to. Hear Marni and Amy talk about this pop star with soul.



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Marni:  I was just listening to the new Adele album, are you a fan of hers at all, or do you know who she is?

Amy:  I know who she is. I don’t know, I find her kind of A-dull.

Marni:  Oh, so clever. Why do you find her dull? I think that’s interesting, ‘cause I think she’s got a really sultry, powerful voice. I’m excited about her.

Amy:  I don’t know, I mean, when I think of someone who’s doing kind of that soul era sound, to me, it has to come from a more sort of raw, emotional place. And she just seems a little too in control to be a real, a true soul singer.

Marni:  That’s kind of interesting. You know, I think she wrote a lot of songs about her ex-boyfriend. Clearly that was a relationship that really broke her heart. I think if you have that element in place, if your heart was really taken out and trampled on, you sort of have the makings of good heartfelt songs.

Amy:  It definitely makes her, you know, one of us. We all have that kind of experience, so it makes her music pretty accessible. But you don’t find it cliche at all, the heartbreak song?

Marni:  Oh, a good heartbreak song is timeless. I really think she’s got a good voice, I think there’s something to her.


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Marni really likes Adele’s new album, 21. But Amy thinks Adele’s music is too boring. She prefers soul music that is more raw and emotional. Even though Adele is a soul singer, Amy doesn’t think she really has enough soul.

Marni says that Adele’s songs are emotional. A lot of them were inspired by her painful break up with her ex-boyfriend. But Amy thinks that songs about heartbreak are a little cliche.

Many songs are inspired by heartbreak. What experiences do you find most inspiring? Have you ever had your heart broken?



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 I liked her.

02:48 PM Aug 17 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t know her and I don’t care who’s she….Tongue out

01:29 PM Aug 17 2011 |



I’ve never heard about her !!!

01:09 PM Aug 17 2011 |




she’s not be that good Have you heard of the singer Adele? How would you compare her to Amy Winehouse?

good but not as good :) amy winehouse has something unique. adele has a similar style to other female artists, ie duffy, leona lewis..

01:00 PM Aug 17 2011 |




i just love her songs :)

12:27 PM Aug 17 2011 |




the only song consider audible for her is (rolling in the deep), other than that is not much,
anyway if you saw the video, tell me guys ???? is that ninja dancing in cocaine chamber?

10:30 AM Aug 17 2011 |




great saying Kokoboko. 

05:28 AM Aug 17 2011 |

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