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Have Second Thoughts
Have Second Thoughts English, baby! Video Lesson

First Conditional

Date: Aug 30 2011

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: First Conditional


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Making decisions feels good. You don’t have to wonder what to do anymore because the decision is made. Right?

Sometimes, making a decision only causes more stress. If that’s the case, you’re probably having second thoughts. When you have second thoughts, you consider changing your mind about something.

Jason recently decided to propose to his girlfriend Devan. But Devan is also his boss. Could she possibly do something so unpleasant at work that it would cause Jason to have second thoughts about asking her to marry him? Let’s find out.


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Jason:  Excuse me.

Marni:  Sorry, you can’t go in there. This is the women’s restroom now.

Jason:  Um, we’ve always had a co-ed restroom here and this is the only one on our floor. So, you know, where am I supposed to go?

Marni:  I don’t know, but the sign says so right here, it’s the women’s restroom. See?

Jason:  I’m gonna talk to Devan about this. Hey, so, what’s with this women-only restroom thing?

Devan:  Oh, um, well, we think that you guys are messier than us women. So, we decided to keep the bathrooms separate.

Jason:  Yeah, that sounds good, except that there’s only one bathroom on our entire floor so every guy is gonna have to go downstairs to go to the bathroom. Does that seem fair?

Devan:  Yeah, I’m sorry, sweetie. But Marni and I have broken the glass ceiling, so that means we’re in charge. Now could you hand me that nail polish?

Jason:  What are you doing here?

Devan:  Oh, we’re setting up an office manicure station because that way we can save the company money instead of having all of our meetings over at the nail place.

Jason:  This is ridiculous.

Mason:  This is ridiculous, man. I can’t believe we have to come all the way down here.

Jason:  I know. I’m fed up with Devan and the way the other women around the office are leaving us out. It’s starting to make me have second thoughts about…well, you know.

Mason:  Wait, about the proposal? You’re having second thoughts about proposing to Devan?

Jason:  If this is how she treats her employees, what kind of spouse is she going to be, man? I’m not sure that popping the question’s the right thing to do.

Mason:  No, you have to pop the question, man! I already have the perfect proposal plan for you, OK? It involves chicken.

Jason:  I don’t know. I’m seriously having second thoughts. What are you doing?

Devan:  I’m just having second thoughts about this whole office nail salon thing.

Jason:  Really?

Devan:  Yeah, I think that maybe we got a little carried away with the whole breaking the glass ceiling thing. But we don’t want to leave you guys out. Will you forgive me?

Jason:  Of course. Thank you.


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Jason is at the office and needs to go to the restroom. But when he gets there, he discovers that it’s now only for women! It used to be for both sexes.

When he asks his boss and girlfriend Devan about the restroom, she says the women of the office decided to have separate restrooms. But that means that the guys will have to go downstairs. As they’re talking, Devan starts polishing her nails. She explains there will now be an office manicure station.

Mason is also waiting for the restroom when Jason gets there. Jason tells him thathe is so frustrated with Devan, that he is having second thoughts about asking her to marry him. Mason encourages him to go through with the proposal.

After finally going to the restroom, Jason discovers that Devan is putting away her nail polish. She had second thoughts about the office manicure station.

When was the last time you had second thoughts about a decision you made?



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Right now. I make it a rule that I leave a comment every day in this section. But I was not very imaginative today and wondered about not doing it just for today. Then, I had a second thought and started to type with random thoughts, having ended up making this nonsense. 

04:01 AM Mar 22 2014 |




i often hav second thoughts no doubt and i think its natural.

whenever we make any decision we try to think more and more so it is possible the first you like may do not like the second time.

07:56 AM Dec 28 2011 |




i ofen have second thoughts ,but ithink it is good for  us . it can make us  more intellect to make a better  decide.

06:25 AM Sep 26 2011 |



its ok to give up ,when you fell you are on the wrong track ,its good to have a second thoughts

08:20 AM Sep 24 2011 |




i  have  second  thoughts  on  people  ,  when  i  see  them  treat  me  in  different  way  that  they  used  to  . but  i  think  it  is  good  habit in most  of  time  .

10:19 PM Sep 04 2011 |




Unfortunately  I often have second thoughts.

06:57 AM Sep 03 2011 |




I don’t remeber actually. Even if i think I made a wrong decision I try to forget it as soon as possible cause what’s the point in hasitating about your decision? There is absolutely no point I guess. Everybody can a make a mistake, it’s life, it’s how we learn something. Cheers!

06:58 AM Sep 02 2011 |


Hong Kong

i often have second thoughts. is this normal? 

yes, this is normal: everyone have the right to choose.

06:54 PM Sep 01 2011 |



The say”look before you leap” when you facing some choices,yes,but unfortunately,I also meet such problme,always have second thoughts,eventually,waste time and energy,recentlly,i have a good idear want share to you guys,when we face some choices,the method is that first should be preparing one paper and one pen,then analysis all things and fill the advantages and disadvantages separately in the paper,afterwards,comparing with those advantages and disadvantages,and make the ultimate decision by then,through such method we get a ultimate choice which we have never regret.how do you think this method is working,tell me directly.

07:39 AM Aug 31 2011 |




Unfortunately I frequently have second thoughts about little decision I have made. My mind is so quick to change depending on my feelings at any point in time. For example, I may decide I want go somewhere but before I get myself ready to leave. I am already thinking about not going.


For this reason, I now try not to make big decisions too quickly. These important decisions should be based on sound reasoning and serious prolonged thought and not on impulsive and emotional whims. This has too often been how I have made decisions in the past. I think by so doing I will begin to make better more sound decisions and I will not have to second guess myself nearly as much.


06:25 AM Aug 31 2011 |




hhhh unfotunatly  tht’s my biggest problem when it comes to talk to a girl i always have second thoughts weird thing

03:20 PM Aug 30 2011 |




i always make sencond thoughts on some trivial things

02:07 PM Aug 30 2011 |




That more thoughts before you act can make you understand the problems fully.But sometimes we need give our answer as soon as possible.So we should practise so much that we can handle the trouble well and quickly.

Mostly,we should learn something from both successes and failures.

01:34 PM Aug 30 2011 |




Many a time, it’s good to have a second thought. In China, there’s an old saying,”三思而后行”, which means think carefully before u act.

11:30 AM Aug 30 2011 |




I change my mind quiet often. In some cases I am  undecisive. I always want to consider all pros and cons. Sometimes I’ve got second thoughts because I don’t want to make prejudgements and then have problems with it.

11:29 AM Aug 30 2011 |




The often that I have second thoughts about a decision with my jobs. Because when I mistake with decision that’s mean I will be get a big trouble with it so I will be to carefully with reconsider for make sure the right thing to do.

10:13 AM Aug 30 2011 |

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United States

I think have second thoughts is changing your mind like what is said above. I have a second thought about rather going to camp or not.

03:18 AM Aug 30 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

If have second thoughts means try to find a solution to a problem…Yeah I always get in trouble with many things then I have second thoughts to solve it by trying some ways until I eventually manage .

02:03 AM Aug 30 2011 |

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