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Learn Comparatives and Superlatives

Date: Sep 26 2011

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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Some people get injured doing risky things like skateboarding or rock climbing, or playing aggressive sports like football or basketball. But clumsy people get injured doing everyday things like walking down the street. They also have a knack for tripping, spilling, and breaking things. You should definitely think twice before you let a clumsy person wash your dishes.

A clumsy person is more likely to trip, spill things, or knock things over. But why are some people clumsier than others? Hear Jason and Amy talk about this problem that they both share.



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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  Looks like you’re limping there.

Amy:  Yeah, I tripped over my own feet this morning.

Jason:  Oh man. You weren’t doing anything difficult, just…

Amy:  Just walking.

Jason:  Wow.

Amy:  I guess I’m pretty clumsy.

Jason:  Yeah, I guess I am too, really. I mean, I usually have some small injury from something that you really shouldn’t be getting injured from.

Amy:  I bet I’m clumsier than you.

Jason:  Yeah? What’s the clumsiest thing you’ve ever done?

Amy:  Well, it’s not one big thing. It’s just a lot of little things.

Jason:  Oh yeah, they add up.

Amy:  Like every wine glass I’ve ever owned I’ve broken.

Jason:  Man, my girlfriend got these fancy wine glasses, and I was like, I just knew I was gonna break one of them.

Amy:  How long did it take?

Jason:  Like a couple weeks.

Amy:  We just got some new plates, and I broke one within two days.

Jason:  Wow. I did endure a major knee injury from a very small jump. I wasn’t skiing or skateboarding or doing anything hard. I just jumped two feet in the air, and I had to go to the hospital and have surgery. It was horrible.

Amy:  OK. Maybe you win.

Jason:  I’m trying so hard after that to be a little more graceful.

Amy:  How do you stop being clumsy though? Is it just about paying attention?

Jason:  I think it has to do with hurrying for me. If I just slow down, I’m less likely to run into an open drawer, or stub my toe on a door. Easier said than done.


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Amy is limping because she tripped…over her own feet. She is so clumsy that sometimes even walking down the street can be dangerous for her.

Jason says that he is clumsy too. He often injures himself doing things that aren’t very risky. He once got a major injury from taking a very small jump. Both he and Amy also have problems with breaking things.

Jason says he would be less clumsy if he just slowed down. He thinks that rushing too much causes accidents.

Are you clumsy? What could a clumsy person do to become more graceful?



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So clumsiness is when you do something fast. Can we say that Ben Afleck yesterday was clumsy giving his speech on Academy Awards, since he was super fast talking and the last word was lost somewhere in the air.

10:38 PM Feb 25 2013 |




There’s no place where your clumsiness is under a microscope being watched by the millions spectators – is the Academy Award. It’s supposed to be impeccable, glorious, flawless sensation. And it figures, the best from the best are invited to the party. Well, what couldn’t be said about yesterdays Oscars 2013 awards. One actress, who really made me puzzled , was Kristen Steward, not much with her limping on the stage ( injuries happen) but by her attitude. As though presenting Oscar Awards is an every day matter for her. Weird.

But, the clumsy coming out on stage of Jennifer Lawrence to get an award for the best actress, didn’t spoil her glory. Especially when it was supported by the sympathetic standing ovation. Wow, those floor-length gowns and slippery stairs, and nervousness can really get you in trouble. There should be a special training for that or just to pick the shorter dress. But still, she’s my fav. actress (Hunger Games)

And I’m clumsy with my spelling :(

 Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

03:45 PM Feb 25 2013 |



I think none really clumsy,just not serious and careful,i found that some one really good at work but really clumsy in them life,such as cook and chores and so on,but like that how to judge this guy it’s really clumsy or not ,really can not judged ,i think someone just not care something ,like chores in home or in life,but really doing them work definitely pretty well,so that’s way i just said noone really foolish,just not serious on some aspects,as for me ,i m good at my work and i can remember everthings about my work,but some chores about my life ,i always forgot it ,i don’t want to remember something about my life,cause my wife care that,because i think it’s really tough and hardly to master each aspect in your life.just choice some aspect you intereste it.

02:35 PM Nov 28 2011 |

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South Korea

I’m super clumsy LOL

12:13 PM Oct 03 2011 |

1 person likes this





07:29 PM Oct 02 2011 |




It is nice to hear from ex pols nothing wrong happened to them….as they hide their happiness in details…..

11:57 AM Oct 02 2011 |




That doesnt mean to hide yourself in details sa7? some ebaby pols missing your value and exclusive comments…..

11:48 AM Oct 02 2011 |




The real reasons are always hidding in details it could be that is why? Enjoy today, Tom. if you dont wanna say what it was Yesterday?

11:44 AM Oct 02 2011 |




I considered a clumsy person coz all the time , i like to do things in a hurry that’s why i get injured.

06:26 PM Oct 01 2011 |



Svalbard and Jan Mayen

I seem to get clumsier the more tired I am. When I start hurting myself every few seconds, I know it’s time to go to bed.

12:13 AM Oct 01 2011 |

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well… I am not really clumsy but things happen and so true that if you slow down and rushing too much realluy causes accident like always with me. I walk fast and we don’t have good roads so I have killed all my beautiful sandals , shoes , boots ..uhh, I am not happy for that ofcourse but its fun sometimes and slowing down is really the solution.

those whom are clumsy are also impatient and waiting is the hardest for them.

08:04 PM Sep 29 2011 |




I just carfully to do something. That’s help me less of accident.

06:15 AM Sep 29 2011 |




Actualy I am graceful ,but somedays I am clumsy like I knock over things,tripp break things and usually I wonder why I am so clumsy today ?? I bet it’s due to lack of concentration and being in a hurry or without any reasons :}}

06:30 PM Sep 28 2011 |




No, I am not a clumsy person. I don’t know what would help a clumsy person to become less clumsy. But they might try to pay attention to what they are doing. This way I guess it would help a little.

11:23 PM Sep 26 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

well done

10:14 PM Sep 26 2011 |



i can be clumsy sometimes ;) like breaking crockery but i agree with james we shouldn’ rush too much just slow down things would be better 

05:28 PM Sep 26 2011 |




I think am not a clumsy person Cool

05:15 PM Sep 26 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

for me i am not clumsy because i just like all thing to express about tenderness and soft and kind but i could never to do as this actions my knack to play tennis my favorite bassketball i was watching many from program on tv thers persons were very crazy where they were do that.s skills every thing in our lives depend on the desire and if you like it or if you dont like it but we can to understand all this movements because we are old but for children this is not useful because there were a lot from younger,s try to do it and my advice to all we should to take a full measures and a good means for keep on our body.s i like to live with a nice atmosphere with a calm and slow without any dengerous or fear

02:59 PM Sep 26 2011 |




I am kind a clamsy at the kitchen I oftem breake dishes and get my finger cut while chopping vegetable

12:55 PM Sep 26 2011 |



I agree with you.

12:22 PM Sep 26 2011 |

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