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Be Able To

Date: Sep 13 2011

Themes: Weather

Grammar: Be Able To


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If it’s windy, a day that looks perfectly sunny and pleasant when you’re sitting in your house can be a different story once you go outside. Strong wind often makes it feel colder. It can also mess up your hair, or make you lose your hat!

On the other hand, a cool breeze can feel great, especially on a hot day. And it can be refreshing to feel the wind on your face when you’re at the sea. Find out if Jason and Amy like windy days.



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Amy:  So I just got back from the beach. I spent like a week at the beach, and didn’t actually spend that much time on the beach.

Jason:  Why?

Amy:  Well, it was so windy. I mean, it was sunny and pretty warm, but it was so windy that it was just impossible to be outside. I mean, I just… I hate the wind.

Jason:  You were there for a week?

Amy:  Mm-hmm.

Jason:  You could’ve learned windsurfing in that time.

Amy:  Not worth it to me. I don’t like anything about the wind.

Jason:  Really? I mean, I don’t know, like, kites are fun.

Amy:  Yeah, there were a lot of kites. And then there were people flying the kites who looked miserable.

Jason:  They did? Wow. It must’ve been very strong wind. ‘Cause sometimes wind is great, I mean, if you’re some place really hot and humid, the wind is kind of like a fan.

Amy:  A cool breeze.

Jason:  Yeah.

Amy:  It’s true. I guess a breeze can be nice. But strong wind, it messes up your hair. You know, you have to kind of squint all the time. I’d almost rather that it just be stormy and really crazy.

Jason:  So you would’ve rather had it be stormy than windy out at the beach? ‘Cause it seems like if it was stormy you wouldn’t have been able to go outside for even a couple of minutes.

Amy:  That’s true. I guess I’m just kind of bitter about the weather.


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Amy recently spent a week at the beach. However, she didn’t spend much time outside because it was very windy. Even though it was sunny and warm, it was unpleasant to be out in the strong wind.

Jason says you can do fun things when it is windy, like go windsurfing or fly a kite. But Amy hates the wind. She says it messes up your hair and makes it uncomfortable to be outdoors.

Even though she hates the wind, Amy agrees that a cool breeze can be nice, especially if it’s very hot out. On a hot day, a nice breeze can help cool you down.

Is it often windy where you live? How do you feel about the wind?



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yes, i live in the windy city, like the name implies, there is a lot of windy days in this area. I dont mind the wind a bit because i think it is fun when it is windy. 

03:29 AM Sep 13 2011 |

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