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Throw Together
Throw Together English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of 'throw together'

Date: Jul 07 2015

Themes: Food, How To, Party, Soap Opera

Grammar: Comparing Quantity


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Life can get pretty busy. With school, work, friends, and family, it’s difficult to believe that we find ways to do anything else. Being busy means that sometimes we do things in a hurry. It’s not always possible to cook a special meal, for example. Sometimes you just have to throw something together and eat.

But just because you’re throwing something together doesn’t mean it has to be a bad experience. It can be fun to wake up and say, “I’m going to invite my friends over for a potluck tonight!” Why not? A lot of people love to be spontaneous. Social media makes it easy to tell your friends, too.

Gary and Marni are talking to Sara and Kellie about the party they threw together. Was it successful? Find out in today’s English lesson.

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Marni:  That was so much fun!

Sara_R:  It was, wasn’t it? I knew we could throw something together if we tried.

Kellie:  We only started planning it a few days ago.

Gary:  A few days ago? There were probably 100 people here tonight!

Sara_R:  We know a lot of people.

Marni:  Yeah, you do. How did you get the word out?

Kellie:  Social media, plus emails and evites... the usual.

Gary:  When did you two move in?

Sara_R:  Just a couple of days ago. We totally didn’t have to clean for the party. We haven’t lived here long enough to mess the place up.

Kellie:  The hardest thing was getting a keg in time.

Marni:  But the food! That was an amazing spread.

Sara_R:  We just threw a few things together.

Gary:  “Threw a few things together?” The appetizers were incredible.

Marni:  Seriously. And that lasagna?

Gary:  And those desserts!

Kellie:  Guys, we really didn’t do much. I ordered the keg, and Sara got some chips and salsa. It was a potluck, after all.

Gary:  What?

Marni:  It was a potluck?

Sara_R:  You didn’t know?

Marni:  I am so…

Gary:  …embarrassed.

Marni:  Yes. I didn’t bring anything.

Kellie:  Don’t worry about it.

Sara_R:  Please don’t worry about it. There was more food than people.

Kellie:  In fact, please take some home with you. We will never finish it all.

Sara_R:  She’s right. Come on. Let’s go into the kitchen.

Gary:  She’s never going to want to go out with me now.

Marni:  What??

Gary:  Shhh!


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Gary and Marni think that Sara and Kellie’s party was amazing. There were so many people and so much food! They’re having trouble believing that Kellie and Sara were able to throw together such a great party in such a short time. The two friends only moved into their apartment a few days ago.

Unfortunately, Marni and Gary didn’t know that the party was a potluck! They both feel foolish and worried about what Kellie and Sara will think of them. There’s no reason for them to worry, though. In fact, they send extra food home with Gary and Marni.

When was the last time you threw something together? What was it?



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I had already forgot the last time i throw things together.I seldom do this.

10:09 AM Jul 08 2015 |

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Sri Lanka

I can easily throw together a meal for my family with the odds and ends I have in the kitchen when I’m in a hurry. Surprisingly, this food is eaten with more laughter and delight than the well-planned meals. 

But I’m not that good at throwing together a meal for a lot of people. The stress of knowing that many people will come makes me nervous and I end up by spoiling the show. 

Now my friends know better and no one comes to my “throwing together” parties even if I beg them to come. 




How come that nobody tipped off Marni that it was a potluck party. I understand that she is feeling embarrassed that she showed up empty handed , luckily there was enough food to feed an army . 

I am usually the one who is invited over and i make sure on the way to the party to buy two bottles of the best argentine wine . 



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

When I must cook, I throw something together. I sometimes love to be spontaneous. I don’t like to think about doing something that is not very important, because in some case thinking is more difficult than doing them and it might waste more time, so sometimes we don’t need to think about, planning and arrange our work, and usually the result couldn’t be bad

07:01 AM Jul 07 2015 |




I always throw something togther to eat , Oh my God, That food became very very Delicious, The fastest food which i am going to preare always is the delicious one.

04:34 AM Jul 07 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


The last time I had to throw together with someone is today. You may know that we’re in the month Ramadan, and we fast here from Fajr Prayer at dawn until we break our fast at Maghreb Prayer which calls with sunset. Today my mum was out till 4:30 and I couldn’t do without her. We only got two and half hours to prepare everything, the juices, the appetizers and the main dish, so we were in a hurry, we had to throw everything together, and we finally worked it out. But I found out that I’m not a good cook yet. I think I was messing up a lot that she was about to kick me out of the kitchen :/, but she didn’t, though, beacuase she knows that practice makes perfect.

12:37 AM Jul 07 2015 |

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