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Learn the Second Conditional

Date: Sep 21 2011

Themes: Family

Grammar: Second Conditional


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It’s hard enough to get along with your own family at times. Imagine having a stepfamily. When a parent remarries after a divorce, it can be complicated, especially if the new stepmother or stepfather has kids, too.

The idea of an evil stepmother or mean stepsiblings is so common, a lot of movies have been made about it. Just think of the famous Disney cartoon Cinderella, in which an evil stepmother makes her stepdaughter work as a servant in her house! But when you are able to bond with a stepparent or stepsiblings, having a whole new family can be a lot of fun.

Amy has a stepmother and three stepsiblings. Hear her tell Devan about what it’s like to have a step family.



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Amy:  Do you have any stepsiblings, Devan?

Devan:  I don’t. Do you?

Amy:  Yeah, my dad remarried. You know, my parents got divorced and then my dad remarried a few years ago, and so I ended up having this whole other family that I had never had before. And it’s been kinda weird. I have two brothers and a sister now. It’s been interesting kind of trying to integrate the families. But we’re gonna try and spend a couple weeks together, actually, and do a big family vacation.

Devan:  So how about you and your stepmother, do you guys get along?

Amy:  Yeah, she’s definitely not like an evil stepmother or anything. But I still kinda haven’t gotten used to seeing her with my dad. You know, I guess I still kind of think of my mom as being the woman in his life. So it’s a little weird.

Devan:  Yeah. Is that threatening to your own mom? Is she afraid that she’s gonna be replaced by your stepmother or anything like that?

Amy:  Maybe if I were younger, she would worry about that. But because I was already an adult when my dad remarried, it’s not really a problem.

Devan:  Yeah, I can definitely see how that would be hard to get used to, having a whole brand new family come in. But it’s good to hear that you’re making the effort to make it work.

Amy:  Do you think you could ever handle being a stepmother to somebody else’s kids?

Devan:  No way. No. Absolutely not.


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Amy’s parents divorced and her father remarried. Now she has a stepmother and three stepsiblings.

Although Amy gets along fine with her stepmother and stepsiblings, she says it is strange having these new family members. It is especially weird for her to see her father with a new wife. But she wants to bond with her stepfamily, so she is going to take a vacation with them.

Amy asks Devan if she could handle being stepmother to someone else’s children. Devan thinks there is no way she could do that.

Do you have a stepparent or stepsiblings? Do you think it would be difficult to have a stepfamily? How would you bond with your new family?



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My family are still live together is the best thing since sliced bread.To be honest ,After i read the story of Cinderella in a young age,Everytime my parents got fierce quarrel ,i was afraid they divorced and i would be taken care by stepmother.

10:20 AM May 25 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

that s so difficult to get along with my own sisters ..imagin to have step oneee…oh god forbidon

08:02 PM May 24 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

most of the step families do not have good and frienly relation with each other i know

04:24 AM Dec 17 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

luckily i live with my real parents & siblings
so dont know how it could be
but have a friend who lives with her stepmother
she is really nice & kind
her father remarried after his wife passed away
& actually i dont like be a stepmother :(

03:16 PM Sep 27 2011 |




I’m lucky I don’t have a stepparent or stepsiblings. I think it’s difficult having them rather than your real family. Some may enjoy having it, especially when they get along with each other.

11:14 AM Sep 27 2011 |

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thanks God cos i don’t have stepparent or stepsibling . if i have a stepmother i will be friendly with her and i try combine the families . in fact i hate the word of divorce because it is the cause of all these bad things . i feel the pain of all unhappy children from the divorce . i want to tell all the adults who’s suffer from this problem don’t make an issue of it . if you want be happy just make this life easy

08:55 PM Sep 25 2011 |



United States

If you really love a person you have to love her kids as well. You have to make it your duty to appeal to the kids, you have to earn their trust and love; then you go for the big move..propose to their mom!. Once you’re officially their mom’s husband you should never see them as stepkids. they’re you kids now. You could never physically replace their father but you could love them even more, and they can be happy around you.

04:04 AM Sep 25 2011 |

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Talk Now

Talk Now


thanks god , i don’t have stepparent or stepsiblings ,

stepfamilies make the life more complicated if the kids are young because young kids need care, attention and protection all the time . and nobody can do this job as thier real mother 

but if the kids are adult they can hold that easier .

there are many evil stories taking about stepmother . but i think the life isn’t like that  nowadays … there are so many stepmothers deal her new kids more than their real mother . it’s not a rule it’s depend on the person

not all stepmothers are evil , some of them very kind and helpful .

i think it’s difficult to have stepfamily if the stepmother or stepfather wasn’t broad-minded and respectful

07:36 AM Sep 24 2011 |



United Arab Emirates

i don’t have stepfamily..and i don’t want..
we are  big family al hamd allah, so i don’t need more siblings…^^
 i can’t imagine my home without my dad or mom…

06:57 PM Sep 23 2011 |



 i dont stepfamily but i think that is OK!

01:31 AM Sep 23 2011 |

abo siaf


hi to all mamber found here
and iam once time write here

05:45 PM Sep 21 2011 |

abo siaf


hi who are

05:33 PM Sep 21 2011 |

raulsbSuper Member!


No i have not a stepparent , but i  already have a stepsiblings , becouse my father has a small house , and he is currently lives with them.

i think may be they and i would get along .

04:06 PM Sep 21 2011 |




no no no way

02:50 PM Sep 21 2011 |




i don’t have stepfamily ,,but  i think  it very  diffcult and complicate to bond with new  family ,,and in same time very hard  to  see  you father or mother  with new partner ,,and also not easy to call  a new person as mom  or dad ,because you  have  one mom and dad.  and  no  one ever  can replace  them (love my mom and dad)

02:12 PM Sep 21 2011 |




I don’t have a step family.
Unfortunately we are not that perfect, but I think If I had a step family I don’t have any doubt about myself won’t get along with them, 

01:48 PM Sep 21 2011 |




Hey all…
Nice comments… :)
I wanna add something too…

According to me…
Every Relation starts from ‘Zero…’
But Step Relations… starts from ‘Negative Values…’
They need time to prove themselves to reach even at ‘Zero…’

What I saw & judged is that…

it’s something that’s already having hate or differences…
If they wanna build understanding & love…
They must finish the hate & difference that already exist in hearts…
& then the new phase of their relation starts…
but unfortunately I didn’t even find 30% of them being successful…
It may be a ‘Narrow Estimation…’
but it’s according to what I found…

So according to me…
They both… Step Parents… & as well as Step Kids…
they both should be so Space Giving… Accepting… & Caring…
that they could live together happily…

It’s true that Step Relation can never ever take the place of the Real or Primary Relations… but still… ‘Something’s better than Nothing…’

& it’s upto us… that we make this something in our favor or against of us…
If we make it in our favor… that’s the best…
Otherwise… Life’s already so complicated…

& if we make them against of us… complications will only increase…

& Now answering the questions…

1… I’ve got no step relations…

All of my relations are Real & Primary…

2… It’s obviously so tough to have & to adjust Step Relations in your life…
cuz most of us are already having hate & differences with them…
If it’s not so… then it’d not be so difficult…

3… I’d give them space first… to prove to me what they deserve…
then I’d accept to treat them as they deserve…
& then I’d care for them… even more than what they deserve…
& I believe… even an animal can be your friend if you do so…
then why can’t a human…???

I wish all beyond the best of luck to those who have Step Families…
Be Caring… if they’re not being so…
Then one day you’ll see… your care will change them to be caring… :)
Take Care…
Be Happy…
Stay Blessed… :)

12:45 PM Sep 21 2011 |



United Kingdom

  1. I agree that She is true




11:50 AM Sep 21 2011 |




salam really i wanna make family soon my ALLAH help me and  help all

10:29 AM Sep 21 2011 |




When I was child, I don’t like to have stepfamily. But when I was an adult so make me more experience. I understand with them. Everyone should to deserve with a new chance in life.

10:08 AM Sep 21 2011 |

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