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Beatriz Recari - Stinger

Beatriz Recari - Stinger English, baby! Video Lesson
比特利兹·瑞卡里 – 针刺球路

Date: Sep 20 2011

Themes: Sports

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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Beatriz Recari is one of the friendliest golfers on the LPGA Tour. The Spaniard even knows part of at least 5 languages so she can talk with people around the world. So we were surprised that when we asked her what her favorite golf slang term is, she answered with the very mean-sounding “stinger.”

A stinger is a type of shot that stays low to the ground so that it can avoid the wind. Tiger Woods made it popular among male players, but Beatriz thinks it’s a useful shot for the women too. We asked her to teach us about this term and her mission to continue learning new languages.

比特利兹·瑞卡里是 LPGA 巡回赛中最具亲和力的高尔夫球手之一。这位西班牙选手甚至懂得至少 5 种语言,所以她可以同世界各地的人交流。当我们问她最喜欢的高尔夫俚语是什么时,她用非常平缓的声音回答“刺针球路”,这让我们非常惊讶。

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Jason:  Welcome to English, baby! I am Jason and we are here with Beatriz Recari. How are you?

Beatriz:  Very good, thank you.

Jason:  Alright. And you’re going to share a favorite golf slang term with us today. Is that right?

Beatriz:  Yeah, that’s right. My favorite slang term is actually “stinger.” It’s a very special shot because it’s just a very low trajectory and then it kind of balloons up a little bit and you use it when it’s very windy conditions. I just thought it was a very cool, I loved it.

Jason:  OK. And so, can you use it in a sentence?

Beatriz:  Yeah, well, we are lucky. We don’t play in such windy conditions, but the men normally play in windy conditions so British Open, all the time, you just hit a very low shot and it kind of like spins with the wind and then it goes. It’s pretty much you control the ball much better hitting a stinger shot.

Jason:  So you would say, “I hit a stinger shot.” Is that right?

Beatriz:  “I hit a stinger shot.” Yes.

Jason:  You know a ton of languages, is that right? What all languages do you speak?

Beatriz:  I speak two and then I speak halves of other ones, if I can say it that way. I speak Spanish. I speak English. I studied French in school for eight years, and then I’m learning Norwegian and I’m trying to learn Japanese, so that’s my goal, I want to finish Japanese before I head on to other ones.

Jason:  How did you pick those, Japanese and Norwegian, to learn?

Beatriz:  Well, Norwegian because I have some friends and my boyfriend is Norwegian, and then Japanese, I always wanted to learn an Asian language and I just thought it was always something with Japanese. I thought it was a very kind of soft language and the people are really welcoming and very, very polite and nice. I thought, “I want to learn Japanese.”

Beatriz:  English, baby!


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Beatriz says that when she learned about the stinger, she loved it. It’s a low shot that is useful in windy conditions. She says the women don’t often play in the wind, but when they do, she’s glad she has the stinger.

If learning new golf slang wasn’t enough, Beatriz is also learning Japanese and Norwegian. Her boyfriend is Norwegian, and she says likes the Japanese people and culture so she wanted to learn the language as well.

What languages do you speak? How you did you decide to learn them? What’s your favorite English slang term?

Find out what Beatriz thinks of American food on our blog.



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Russian Federation

I’am going to learn French ‘cause I’am going to visit this country and may be often:)

11:25 AM Sep 25 2011 |




I speak three different languages with various success.

01:26 PM Sep 22 2011 |


qq_babySuper Member!


wao good student and athlete Kiss

11:53 PM Sep 20 2011 |

valdenizio do nascimento


I speak portuguese, but I always liked of american English. My English is still break, weak and I am trying to improve it more and more.

11:42 PM Sep 20 2011 |

valdenizio do nascimento


wonderful,Ilike it.

11:37 PM Sep 20 2011 |

Mahmoud hamrawi

Syrian Arab Republic

can you help me


09:11 PM Sep 20 2011 |



uh in realy its very nice dialog thanks alot 

07:25 PM Sep 20 2011 |




Good luck in that Rasha Cool

01:57 PM Sep 20 2011 |

rasha ayad


hi everyone,

I speak Arabic and I speak English a little bit and I am trying to improve my English right now.

thank you E-baby

01:51 PM Sep 20 2011 |




Golf is kinda old ppls game:P ,, at least that’s what everyone I know say..

my mother toung is ‘Arabic’>> sence I’m arabian,, Saif, Arabic is easy> For us.. Others can find it a bit defficult..

I know english too but I need some improvement in the ‘Speaking Part’..

bytheway, Nice lesson~

                              REEMONA was here-


01:26 PM Sep 20 2011 |




I speak arabic, french and english and i want to learn also the korean language because i like everything in korea the korean people their traditions wow wow wow !!!

01:08 PM Sep 20 2011 |




i speak arabic .english and little french

i prefer american english

10:30 AM Sep 20 2011 |



Hi,iam hani , ilike your lesson .

Ihope to add me as afriend , to help me laern english .

08:33 AM Sep 20 2011 |


Syrian Arab Republic

very good benefits …......thanks

03:28 AM Sep 20 2011 |




Thank you very much BeatrizSmile

01:44 AM Sep 20 2011 |

1 person likes this



this advance slang    i think it good

01:11 AM Sep 20 2011 |

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