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Learn the Second Conditional

Date: Oct 24 2011

Themes: Health

Grammar: Second Conditional


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If we really thought about how many germs we come into contact with throughout a normal day, we might not want to leave home again. Ever. From riding the bus to shaking hands to exchanging money, there are many ways we come into contact with other people. And if they’re sick, we might get sick, too.

This simple idea is the starting point of a frightening new movie, Contagion. The disaster flick is about a deadly virus that spreads so fast, it seems to be unstoppable. Find out why Marni can’t wait to see the film, and Mason plans to avoid it like the plague.



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Mason:  I keep hearing stuff about this movie, Contagion.

Marni:  Oh, Contagion, I can’t wait to go see it.

Mason:  Really?

Marni:  I love that sort of apocalyptic...I love films like that.

Mason:  I mean, to me, that one hits a little too close to home. Because I can deal with, like, The Day After Tomorrow where huge earthquakes happen and tidal waves and stuff. But a disease that happens too fast for us to solve it? That feels like it will actually happen, and I’m kind of freaked out about it.

Marni:  I guess I can see your apprehension, but that sort of thing, it intrigues me so much. And it looks like it’s really well done, I mean the cast is incredible. So I think that’s what really draws you in.

Mason:  Sure, you’re like, these people wouldn’t have signed on if it wasn’t worth doing.

Marni:  A quality film. But I do understand that reservation, because it is kind of scary. This is something that really, possibly could happen. But we would hope that everyone who’s in charge of sort of controlling pandemics would be able to keep up on it.

Mason:  But isn’t that part of the thing, like don’t they show people in there and like how utterly kinda helpless they are in the face of these situations?

Marni:  Yeah.

Mason:  That’s grim stuff, you know? Zombies….throw some zombies in there. If it was a zombie virus, that would be just enough fantasy and I would be, alright, cool, I can see this movie.


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Marni is excited to see the new movie Contagion. But Mason doesn’t want to see it. He thinks the movie, which is about a deadly disease that spreads very quickly, sounds too scary. He thinks something like that could really happen.

Contagion has a great cast and a really interesting story, Marni says. She thinks the fact that it is realistic makes it a more interesting film, even though it might be frightening to watch. But Mason only likes to watch apocalyptic movies if they involve unrealistic dangers like zombies.

Do you like to watch movies about disasters that could really happen, or do you find them too scary? What can we do to prevent a deadly disease from spreading like in the movie?



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Contagion was a different and new kind of movie that i really love to go with it and it  hacve given me the new and a best story with it , also i have enjoyed the movie so much .

Movies Streaming

06:53 AM Feb 06 2012 |



well, i saw that movie.. and i can say it is fantastic… during the movie i felt scary because in a moment i thought of it was real… and it could be happen.. but if it happened scientists would invent the cure!! 

12:14 AM Nov 04 2011 |

A. Ameer Makki


No one in the world can do anything about nature phenomena.

09:25 AM Oct 27 2011 |



United States

Marni, I believe she has something positive or action personality. which means cool to me, about the movie, in fact, i ‘ve not watched it yet but i believe it kinds of a hidden message to us” DON’T WASTE WHT MOTHER NATURE ‘S BEEN GIFTING TO US, OTHERWISE LIGE WILL BECOME APOCALYPTIC COMING FROM WEIRD STUFF LIKE GERMS

06:50 AM Oct 27 2011 |

1 person likes this



i have seen this movie already. it is cool but also too closed to reality, that might happened next moment. i sill remember couple years ago SARS spreaded around the world. that was utterly a apprehension. i think “contagion” is kind of adaptation from SARS. however, people always learn from their mistakes. we will be good.

03:37 PM Oct 25 2011 |

1 person likes this




I agree with Murun, films with happy ends and generally in some positive mood are better for waching becouse after waching, yuo fill kinda you know, in better mood. After I wached The Road, god I was sick for a week, I know that some disaster could happen, but till than I just wanna fill all right and give my best!!!

As somebody said once; The dark is only lack of light!

11:45 AM Oct 25 2011 |

1 person likes this



I really don`t like to watch disaster flick like Contagion. Because it could happen in real life and that`s frightening. Basically I like to watch the movie with happy ending, because sometimes I get a lot of energy from movie I watched. What can we really do to prevent deadly disease? Right now in my mind, wash your hands and gargle frequently.

06:21 AM Oct 25 2011 |



Well, I would like to see movies about disasters that could really happen. we can get the ideas from movies how to prevent them.

in realistic, we can wash hands often to prevent disease. like before eating, touching your eyes , after toilet, riding the bus and exchange money.  A good personal hygienic habits would prevent you from disease.

04:43 AM Oct 25 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

 actually I  like all action moves but to me I really like to watch all program which talk about desaster anywhere over the world

we bring us of the humanity how we can talking about our selves we are Humanitarian if we didnt feel with others i mean about all suffering over the world

from my opinion I really prefere to watch program to express about a real story whether to be this topics is serious or general

any idea interesting people i will be with this idea

10:09 PM Oct 24 2011 |




People wash your hands. be healty you know, good food, vitamins, exercise, fresh air, and the most important be in good mood, all that can realy help. As I know in the past all big calvary hapend when people were without clear halty wather and food, in some generaly unhealty conditions, as we saw avian and pig influenza didnt make some world disaster, some people unfortunately died but there werent any pandemic, despite this some interest group of people earned billions of dollars by selling vaccine. I just wanna say every person must think with own head and behave responsibly!

08:58 PM Oct 24 2011 |

aziz al kun

United Arab Emirates

its really good to talk about these thing because it really exist in our live so when we read or talk about these thing eventually we get benfit we get more information about the problem

04:55 PM Oct 24 2011 |

1 person likes this



Saudi Arabia

i dont like watch movies about disasters.

04:22 PM Oct 24 2011 |



seeems to bea really interesting movie. Definitetively my type.

03:18 PM Oct 24 2011 |

david yun

South Korea

Well, I don’t like to watch the movies like that, because I usually feel bad after seeing those movies. It makes me scary. but  like 2012, or “Tomorrow”, these movies were good to me.

02:19 PM Oct 24 2011 |




I really don’t like movies about disasters.

02:15 PM Oct 24 2011 |



United States

definitely not my type of movies… 

01:53 PM Oct 24 2011 |




I´ve seen half of the film. and it is quite realistic .

I think it´s interesting because it could be real.

ok there are always people with resistance against virus… 

12:26 PM Oct 24 2011 |

1 person likes this




I totally don’t like these sorts of movies. I can’t bear seeing a movie like this, i don’t feel scary, i just feel these movies are so disgusting.

12:12 PM Oct 24 2011 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i like to watch apocalyptic movies,it’s very exciting

12:09 PM Oct 24 2011 |

1 person likes this



Actually ,as for me ,i like watching some movies about apocalyptic moives from hollywood,because i believe that some disaster will be happening in future,as we all know,the weather become stronger day by day,and the earth not stable any more,the earthquake,tsunami,typhoon and so on ,the disaster of nature become more and more all because of human have not take care the earth,exploitation let to our source lack serious,and the forest excessive cut let to desert become widely,also,some animals which has some germs spread to humain because the have no living place,and some sickness can not cure in recent years,so scary and horrible.for avoide the disaster which in moive become realistic,we have to take our enviroment more good,the energy,the water and the forest,also somen animals also can not hurt them.because the animals and human are in same ecosphere.

11:55 AM Oct 24 2011 |

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