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'Such' or 'So'

'Such' or 'So'

Date: Oct 29 2011

Topic: Grammar

Author: kokoboko


Structures using 'such' and 'so' are similar in meaning, but different in construction.

'Such … that'

such + adjective + noun + (that)


The recording was such a disappointment that I didn't buy any more from that artist.
It was such an expensive car that the didn't buy it.

'So … that'

So + adjective + (that)


The game was so fascinating (that) he played for hours.
Our vacation apartment was so luxurious (that) we didn't want to leave.

'So' for Results

'So' is followed by a full clause:


I had a lot of time so I visited the museum.
She wasn't happy in her current position so she looked for a new job.

Check yourself:


I hope now  you understand the difference between 'so' and 'such`.

Good luck!

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