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Practice the Zero Conditional

Date: Nov 25 2011

Themes: Food, Party

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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Hosting parties is fun, but it can also be a lot of work, especially if your guests expect a meal. Turning your party into a potluck is one way to save yourself a little trouble.

At potlucks, each guest brings a dish to share with everybody. That way, there is plenty of food and a lot of different options for everyone at the party to enjoy.

But if you decide to host a potluck, you might want to give your guests some guidelines about what to bring. Otherwise, you could end up with nothing but dessert, or a bunch of different versions of the same boring casserole.

Hear Devan and Jeff share some food for thought about potlucks.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Jeff:  Hey Devan. Just curious, ‘cause I was just at one this weekend. Do you like potlucks?

Devan:  Sometimes. I mean, I’m a vegetarian, so usually potlucks have all these like, meaty lasagnas and meaty casseroles, and somebody makes chicken. So I’m usually stuck eating the macaroni salad that nobody really wants to eat.

Jeff:  So do you bring your own stuff? Like do you have a special dish that other vegetarians would be into?

Devan:  Yeah, I like to make mashed potatoes or different squash dishes. I always try to contribute something that everyone can eat. What about you? Do you like to have potlucks?

Jeff:  They’re OK. Sometimes, you know, I’ll go to them. But the advantage is if you’re the one who throws the potluck, you don’t have to do all the cooking. So you can still host the party without doing all of the work.

Devan:  That’s true. And the more people you invite, then the more food you get for free, if you think about it that way.

Jeff:  Yeah, more leftovers.


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Devan is a vegetarian, so she doesn’t always like going to potlucks because sometimes she can’t find anything to eat. She says that she always tries to bring a dish that anyone at the potluck could enjoy.

Jeff doesn’t often go to potlucks, but he likes to host them. He thinks potlucks are easy to host, because you don’t have to make much food yourself. Your guests all contribute to the meal. If you invite enough guests, you might even end up with some tasty leftovers.

Have you ever been to a potluck? Do you like to host potlucks? If you were going to a potluck, what dish would you bring?



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finally, our happiness increases and our sadness decreases when we share it.its wonderful idea to help each other and have a potluck .

11:24 PM Jul 01 2015 |



In the Seventh Day Adventist Church I attend we often have potlucks. I am glad that I can eat everything there.

My last potluck was the New Year’s eve party, though. I brought vegetables such as carrots, bell peppers and cauliflower, and also dips and currys and several kinds of juices such as apple juice and mixed fruit juices, all 100 per cent.

08:07 PM Jan 04 2012 |




i have never been to potlucks. yeah guests bring anythings if they want. and these things are drinks or may be deserts which eats after meal. the main items always do by host. but potlucks is a good idea. I told it to my friends. It looks funny.

01:49 PM Dec 07 2011 |




Buttafly, what´s your  speciality  when cooking , what about pasta with meatballs, dessert, hmm, a tiramisu ?

10:29 PM Nov 30 2011 |

1 person likes this



I haven’t been in a potluck before. I do not like to host potlucks, since I am very sensitive I worry a lot if the invited gusts are confortable in my house. I would like to be invisted to potlucks and I like to take firuts, kukis and sotft dirsk.

01:55 PM Nov 30 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

A potluck is a good idea. I’ve never been to one, but it would be good for family and freinds to contribute to a party by bringing different foods and share various dishes. I think the host will beneift from hosting such event by filling the firdge with all kinds of leftovers, but will get stuck with cleaning the place after the guests are gone.  

06:35 AM Nov 30 2011 |




if I were going a potluck , I would bring a box of beer ,  meat to make a barbecue

08:31 PM Nov 27 2011 |

1 person likes this




Seldom that I has been go to potluck. But when I go to potluck we’re contribute money to bought of material for make a good food, Sometime is many kind of seafoods, fruits,refresher & snack. It’s easy food but we’re have enjoy eating with it.

03:11 PM Nov 27 2011 |

1 person likes this

Maria del Alba


In Spain people usually join a group and go all together to a restaurant to eat something, because we are sometimes lazy and you dont have to cook and you dont bother anyone entering his house haha

But I really think that it is pretty much better go host putluck in order to learn from differnt cultures and know how to make and taste different dishes…

02:17 PM Nov 27 2011 |

1 person likes this



South Korea

Gotta host a potluck soon kkk I expect my friends to bring many delicious stuff kkk

06:36 AM Nov 27 2011 |


selvgaliSuper Member!


Potluck?? why din’t I think of it before  From now on I will have potlucks instead of inviting people to eat my food and I will save some money

05:21 AM Nov 27 2011 |



United States

I think potlucks can be fun. I tend to worry to much if people are going to like the dish that I bring. I check up on it to see if people are eating it. Sometimes I feel afraid to even put it out on the table. I do like to try all the different things that people bring. Often, there are things that I have never tried before.

02:44 AM Nov 27 2011 |


sonu229Super Member!


i am vegetarian too but in my religion we have kind of potluck party once in year. though it is religion based everybody enjoys it after some traditional procedures.


02:30 AM Nov 27 2011 |

1 person likes this




I’ve been to many potlucks, but actually I’ve never host some. I like to vary the dish that I’ll bring to each potluck, i like to do different kinds of dishes that I’ve already done, tasted and liked, to share to friends. :)

06:43 PM Nov 26 2011 |


Saudi Arabia

yah i invite to many potluck ans sweet dish i bring

09:39 AM Nov 26 2011 |





I remember when after our high school graduation ceremony, our class gathered together to hold a potluck. Every classmate brought something cooked by themselves or their mums i suppose… Chinese dishes are so various that we didn’t need to arrange what we should bring…Becuz each dish was just so different ,lol.

08:33 AM Nov 26 2011 |



I have never been to a potluck. In fact I have just heard this word. Maybe because we don’t have such parties in my country. probably it’s something culturel. If I could join a potluck I would bring meat balls. Because it’s my favourite food and most of people like it. I could bring fruits too. Because it’s healty and vegetarian people could also eat.

08:44 PM Nov 25 2011 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

my teacher told me what is this but he didnt remembered whats called.it’s very good way for a cheap and comfort party.have a sweet time

06:12 PM Nov 25 2011 |

1 person likes this



United States

I’m always the guy to bring plastic tableware at potlucks. For everyone’s health and taste buds sake, I’m never forced to bring any food that I cooked. On very rare occasions I’ll bring along some sodas, bottled water, napkins, some booze and tooth picks. But one thing for certain: I always be bringing an empty stomach.

02:05 PM Nov 25 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I am a vegetarian person I like to prepare my food depend on my mother we lose a lot of the food value because we like fast food more than an natural food

for me I haven.t been potluck really if we didnt take attention form the food we will suffer from some disease now we have a lot from problem in our healths

my advice we should to eat a little from food

I as we knows there are a lot people prefer eat more than any thing

they are living for for satisfaction of food

I dont like eat often for me enough to eat one meal in the day

if you like food I would like to say bon appetite

have a nice meal

01:32 PM Nov 25 2011 |

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