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Bridezilla English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn the Present Progressive Tense

Date: Dec 13 2011

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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Which is scarier, Godzilla coming to destroy your city, or a woman driven crazy by getting ready for her wedding? Some brides-to-be calmly plan their weddings and walk down the aisle. But others transform into a monster known as bridezilla. Bridezilla may yell at her best friends or family. She will not let anyone or anything get in the way of her perfect wedding.

Devan and Jason are engaged. They are making a list of wedding gifts they would like to receive. Find out of Jason needs to ready his defenses for an attack by bridezilla.


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Devan:  Isn’t this fun? I love that we get to register for all the wedding presents we want.

Jason:  Yeah, the registry is pretty cool. I mean, I didn’t realize there were so many kinds of towels out there. Sizes, and colors…

Devan:  And don’t forget the thread count. We have to make sure we get the right thread count.

Jason:  Yeah. I never thought of that before.

Devan:  OK, let’s see here…

Jason:  What about those? They look nice. The price is good.

Devan:  Those? Have you lost your mind? Those are terrible! I hate that color. And look at the thread count. That’s pathetic!

Jason:  OK, sorry. You know, maybe you should just pick out the towels. It seems like it’s really important to you.

Devan:  What, are you saying that it doesn’t matter to you? Are you saying that the towels that we have for the rest of our lives don’t matter to you? Do you even care about registration? Do you even care about this wedding?

Jason:  Yes. I care about the wedding. I think you’re overeating here just a little.

Devan:  So now I’m overreacting? OK. Well, that’s just great.

Jason:  Oh my God.

Jeff:  Hey, bud. Sounds like you’ve got a bridezilla on your hands.

Jason:  A bride-what?

Jeff:  Bridezilla. Look, it’s a scientifically proven fact that the moment a woman gets engaged, she loses it. She starts going nuts all over the littlest things.

Jason:  I don’t know. I think Devan’s just under a lot of pressure. I mean, planning a wedding isn’t easy.

Jeff:  It’s supposed to be the best day of your life. You’re throwing the biggest party of your life. That would be stress anybody out.

Jason:  So what do I do?

Jeff:  Take it into your own hands, man. You need to turn into King Kong.

Jason:  That doesn’t even make sense.

Jeff:  Whatever. Have it your way.

Jason:  All right. Thanks for the advice, man. I’m just gonna go buy some flowers until this whole thing blows over.

Jeff:  These towels are hideous. The thread count is nothing.


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Jason and Devan are filling out their wedding registry. They are looking at towels. Jason sees some he likes, but Devan thinks the thread count is pathetic. They get in a fight, and she leaves.

Jeff arrives and tells Jason that Devan has turned into bridezilla. She is being demanding and unreasonable about the wedding. Jason doesn’t know what he should do. Jeff suggests that he become King Kong, a monster that fights Godzilla in a movie. Jason says he thinks he should just buy some flowers.

Do you think Devan is being a bridezilla? Have you ever encountered a bridezilla?



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Weird woman that boy have chosen she is under impression that only she is right but she has to think that she will be married with him so his advices are correct told her. So I think that each woman has a little “bridezilla” in her at that moment(of marriage)

10:42 AM Jan 17 2012 |


Saudi Arabia

may be

10:04 PM Jan 02 2012 |




03:48 PM Dec 19 2011 |




so much fun!...

05:12 AM Dec 16 2011 |




I hope this is all sitcom. Why do people get so choosy when preparing a wedding? what is a perfect wedding ? the most recent Bridezilla a.k.a Kim Kardashian supossedly had “the perfect wedding”; where is she now? I can name a thousands of other couple that went down the same drain. It’s not just a celebrity thing. to me the perfect wedding is just a facade, it’s only good for the scrapbook. I once met a girl who told me that she won’t marry a guy who doesn’t bring home a  paycheck  at least as twice as big as hers ( I wasn’t that Guy).Why confine ourselve with materialistic and worldly nonsenses. This kind of stuff makes me chew my cup of coffee…with the coffee still in. :(, hehehe!

05:12 PM Dec 15 2011 |

2 people like this



I have never encouraged a bridezilla. And I hope I will never meet. (Hope my bride won’t turn into a bridezilla) But anyway, even my bride turns into a bridezilla I will understand and support her ss she will be under pressure..

It’s better to take it easy, I agree, the most important thing is to keep love..

08:11 PM Dec 13 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

It is interesting lesson

05:56 PM Dec 13 2011 |

Jme (man)


Very funny! Smile

05:19 PM Dec 13 2011 |




Hahahahha!! No, I never been a bridezilla. I understand with of all women like  to have the  best things on the wedding day. It’s not metter everythings isn’t perfect of all.

04:48 PM Dec 13 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

if any one wants to speak with me add me :moradif62@yahoo.com

03:53 PM Dec 13 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it`s great .

03:50 PM Dec 13 2011 |




The  gift registry has nothing to do with  the ultimate success of Devan´s  perfect wedding. It would be  better  that  she channels her tension and  energies on more important  matters as:  the rehearsal  on how to walk down  the aisle, the family and friends that should be part of the ceremony, to chose a good catering  ,clothes , invitations , honeymoon. 

11:15 AM Dec 13 2011 |




The preparations to the wedding drive us crazy, because we would like to have the most perfect wedding in the world!  As for me, I was not like the bride in the dialog. The bridezilla did not visit me  I tried to take all preparations easy. I think the preparations to the wedding or the very wedding is not so important in our lives, as it may seems.  The  most important thing is to keep your love and family after the wedding till the end of your life.Smile



10:56 AM Dec 13 2011 |


Serbia and Montenegro

nice lesson

10:41 AM Dec 13 2011 |




I can understand the reatction of her. After all the wedding is very big day for most of people. If I were in her shoe, I may react in the same way. However, I would probally tell myself at the same time relax and take it easy.Cool

04:00 AM Dec 13 2011 |




planning married party can be so stressful for anybody, I guess! they need the party to be the best party in their life, I think it’s normal if Devan turns into Bridezilla because she wants the biggest day in their life to be as perfect as she wants. Be patient Jason, realize that it’s your biggest day too,man!

01:32 AM Dec 13 2011 |




Poor Jason , how could he  make a bridezilla understand  that the towel´s thread count   doesn´t  matter  at all.  Devan is not helping , she is blowing things out of proportion.   

12:09 AM Dec 13 2011 |

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