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English Skills - Fluency - Reciting

English Skills - Fluency - Reciting

Date: Jan 09 2012

Topic: Speaking

Author: RichardPH


What I like most about the English language is its size and subtlety. However these qualities are also why many find it difficult to achieve fluency in English. English has these qualities for two reasons:


  • It has borrowed continuously from other languages to create a rich vocabulary


  • It is a stress timed language that allows us to convey different meaning and emotion through sound and rhythm


The three greatest barriers to fluency in any language are:


  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Confidence



So how do you easily improve your fluency? Try this method:


  1. Choose a text or poem with audio
  2. Read aloud
  3. Record yourself and compare with audio
  4. Make a note of the parts you find most difficult
  5. Work on these until you are confident – do not try to imitate perfectly (everyone has their own style)


As way of example I have chosen the poem Dulce et decorum est byWilfred Owenhttp://audioboo.fm/boos/617267-dulce-et-decorum-est. I've only chosen this because I know it and like it - that's all that matters, it's about fluency more than understanding every word.


This method works because it takes a lot of the thinking out of the language. By choosing a text you don’t have to worry about your vocabulary. By comparing with the audio you can check your pronunciation. Through practice you can gain confidence – reciting poetry or prose is an achievement in itself and should be shared with others – if they want to listen! If you get to the stage where you are willing to share you have reached another level. Importantly choose a text you have an emotional connection to, it will motivate you to get it right.

I would love to know if this works for you


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