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Contractions and Abbreviations

Date: Feb 20 2012

Themes: Fashion

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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Unless you’re a celebrity who’s into extreme plastic surgery, you only get one face, so you might as well make the most of it, right? That’s what makeup companies want you to believe, anyway.

Makeup has been around for hundreds of years. But it hasn’t always been as popular as it is today. It used to be considered improper for women to wear makeup, unless they were on the stage.

These days, cosmetics are a multi-billion dollar, international industry. Some women wear makeup to enhance their natural beauty, while others like to create more dramatic effects. And then there are those, like Marni, who don’t wear makeup at all. Find out what happens when she goes to Amy for a makeup tutorial.



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Marni:  Amy, it occurred to me the other day that I don’t ever wear makeup. And, frankly, I don’t really know how to wear makeup.

Amy:  Really? Well, first of all, Marni, you look fabulous.

Marni:  Oh, please.

Amy:  But you could look even better.

Marni:  You know, I see myself on video sometimes, and I think I look really washed out. So I could use a makeup tutorial. And in that, I always feel like, shouldn’t that be something that was passed down, that sort of, you sit your daughter down and teach her to apply makeup…That never happened in my family.

Amy:  It’s funny, my mom never taught me that kind of stuff either. But I learned from friends or that kind of thing. I mean, I’m not great at it, but I do wear makeup most days. To me it’s like part of my morning ritual, putting on a little makeup.

Marni:  Sure. I just don’t want to look freakish when I wear makeup, and my fear is that it’ll look so caked on.

Amy:  It’s funny with makeup. It’s like, you want it to make it look like you’re not wearing makeup, but you just look really good. I think that’s kind of the ideal, like a subtle, natural beauty.

Marni:  Right. And that’s clearly the fine line that I just don’t know.


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Marni tells Amy she needs a makeup tutorial. She doesn’t often wear makeup because she doesn’t really know how to put it on. She’s afraid that if she tries to wear makeup, she’ll look strange. She’s worried about wearing too much makeup or having it look caked on.
Amy says that the goal of wearing makeup is to make it look natural and subtle. You want to look like yourself…but better. But Marni says that’s a balance she doesn’t know how to strike.

Maybe that’s because nobody ever taught her. Marni says that her mother didn’t show her how to put on makeup. Amy didn’t learn how to wear makeup from her mother, either, but she learned from her friends instead. Now she wears makeup almost every day.

If you’re a woman, do you like to wear makeup? How did you learn how to wear makeup? If you’re a man, do you like it when women wear makeup? How much makeup is too much?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i dont like make up.maybe because im just 14 yeers old!

01:53 PM Feb 21 2012 |

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3 years ago I ever saw my friend’s face while she didnt wear make up.

Her face was so fresh & gentle naturally.

Since that time, from the bottom of my heart, I want to have already-good-looking face like that even without make up.

Look at my profile pic now.. Is my face already good & cute without makeup? ;)


Now I am more interested to buy & treat with regular natural treatments (fruit, salad, veggie oils e.g argan oil, & natural face-mask) rather than buy make-ups every month. Only do make up for ceremonies. Cmon girls :)

06:55 AM Feb 21 2012 |



Czech Republic

I really like women who wear makeup.
But I really don’t like waiting for my wife which doing makeup when we go out! Smile

05:59 AM Feb 21 2012 |

ida yusuf


i had practised. it’s so wonderfull. i like it

04:40 AM Feb 21 2012 |




i love make up!! smoky eyes is my latest favorite.and tested this trend to my friend and she likes it!so proud of myself.

02:44 AM Feb 21 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

like the characters in this lesson there was no one to teach me how to wear make up but I remember the time when I bought an eye liner without any idea and I practiced it myself in front of mirror . even though I focused on it and I did my best to control the shake of my hand I did it so badly and even with that eye line I went to university :) but after a short time I became so proffessional in it.seemed I had an asset in learning how to use cosmetics.now I often use eye liner,eye shadow and mascara but I can not use powder on my face for 2 reason first of all I never spend too much money on cosmetics and second using those creams and powders which are not that much expensive don’t go well with my skin

09:50 PM Feb 20 2012 |



Russian Federation

Often I’m lazy to use it, too deep in love with morning sleep)) But sometimes not. And makeup for me is like painting and the face is a canvas where I can create a new image. Confident and bright. It may be almost natural, when I use only consealer to hide blue circles (oh, chronical lack of sleep and too pale skin), a little bit of mascara and eye liner, or eye catching makeup with deep shadows and intensive colors.

And the color of nail polish is according to the clothing. Picture is drawn. (=

09:38 PM Feb 20 2012 |

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Parion and for another freedom :)


BTW, paradoxically, the best professional makeup artists are men!

09:19 PM Feb 20 2012 |

cheer manal


I occasionally wear make up ,and i like it to be subtle and not caked on. i think it makes the girl feel confortable and more confident ,especially for the one who suffer skin issues.

07:08 PM Feb 20 2012 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


As an assistant we have a dress code at job.

We must wear make up but it is forbidden to look caked on.

We must look subtle, natural and nice.

In México, there are several trainings, that u can pay in order to improve this skill.




06:27 PM Feb 20 2012 |



For me, natural beauty is always better…

06:27 PM Feb 20 2012 |




a good smile also gladdens the face.    She was in  the bathroom,putting on her makeup,under the watchful eyes of her young…...After she applied her lipstick and started to leave, the little one said….. But grandma, you forgot to kiss the toilet paper good.bye.

05:59 PM Feb 20 2012 |




Parion, nothing wrong, just teasing.

No doubt, the demand of women to be younger, more beautiful, confident, irresistable have made the cosmetic manufactures more secure and gain a commercial scale. There’s such a variety of those products when you enter the store, that you just in a fainted voice “heeelp” with all those rouges, colored liners, eye makeup, base colors, false eyelashes (spooky)), wigs and all those makeup artifice that help us, women, not to look dowdy.

05:42 PM Feb 20 2012 |




ilove makeup but natural not over by the way men too r wear makeup more than women,,,,

05:33 PM Feb 20 2012 |

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Parion, it’s also for men too :)

Parion, it’s far from being eternal, just to put on invisivable mask and radiate your natural freedom. Dark glass in this case is a good help but they cover only part of your face. So makeup should be invisible and subtly applied that nobody would figure out you have it!!! :)))

05:07 PM Feb 20 2012 |




oh well this is an excited topic about me i adore mak- up in fact but i don`t like all cosmetics i just like lipstick – eye shadow and mascara i don`t like facial powder at all and any thing put in my beauty face i really afraid of this i don`t know why but i use natural make up like yogurt – tomto – milk and sometimes eggs this natural masks better good than chemical material in your face and they give you the same result that you need it from facial powder the important thing in natural masks they last wz you i think 2 natural masks weekly you`re face will be amazing and pretty.

my make – up is retuial every day i use it but in simple way i hate to be caked on even in parties and spicial occasion i don`t use heavy make up just some magical simply  toutches to make your secret and beauty inside you appear 

04:24 PM Feb 20 2012 |




When I wanted to live in, tied my way. When I wanted to praise, saying it is superstition. When I told my love is a lie. I wanted to cry, they are lies. When I laugh, they are crazy. World to keep, I want to get off

04:01 PM Feb 20 2012 |




I love make up and I wear it everyday. But I absolutely agree that it has to look natural (except when I go out for part then I like to put on a little bit more). It depends what colours you use and how you apply them. In my opinion the aim of make up is to emphasize your natural beauty.

03:34 PM Feb 20 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Actually this topic important for women more than men this is the truth .

I don’t know what We can do until We look good , Why we want to hidden side effects to the life on our selves , let,s the age going don’t be afraid  to be your look ugly .

I wonder from some women who are looking to spend a lot of money for got on admiration from us .

IN my opinion the beauty presense  in our soul , How we can express about that .

We should confess it.s so difficult to be our appearance nice all the time , sometimes happened with us some things make us under pressure .

you should accept your look from God , I don’t like any woman try to imposed herself by cosmetics surgery  .

Some women prefer wear makeup to enhance thier look to be sexy , I want to say if they think When the woman decided to do some cosmetics  surgeries  She feel inside herself the defeat , Becuase She try to find a new way In order to be attractive .

When God give us the money We should care about How you can spend this money , if you spend your money without any planning Really someday you will be bankrupt , you will suffer from a lot of difficult things .

These days there are a big scandal happened IN france , I watched on T.V more 30000 women suffering from side effects because cosmetics  surgery  , The company recollect them in order to try to fix side effects , those women were did some surgeries in their breast .

For me I prefer the natural beauty more than anything , When you to  be natural everyone prefer deal with you .

The cosmetics surgery express about the weakn in facing others .

When you want to marry you should care about your choose they are some women hidden their defaults .

Unfortunately  Our lives has became depend on the money , if you have money you can live as others , if you don’t have money you should try to another way in order to improve your life , this world had became only for the strongest .

untill if you use makeup if you are not beauty your look isnt nice .

The beauty living  in our selves .

03:20 PM Feb 20 2012 |

tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

Ooops – just noticed that “caked on” was in the vocabulary.

Anyhow, you can use “plaster on” as well.


02:14 PM Feb 20 2012 |

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