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How to Form the Passive Voice

Date: Jul 06 2012

Themes: Alternative

Grammar: Passive Voice


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Somewhere in the universe, are aliens making movies about us humans invading their planet and wreaking havoc? Here on Earth, when we make movies about aliens they are almost always shown to be mean, nasty creatures. And maybe none are nastier than the aliens in the Alien series by the director Ridley Scott.

Prometheus is the newest movie in the Alien series. It is a prequel to the previous films. In the beginning of the movie, life is discovered on another planet, and at first, everyone is pretty excited about it. They must not have seen any of the other movies! Hear Jason and Mason talk about this frightening new flick.

在宇宙的某个地方,外星人是不是正在拍摄人类入侵他们星球并造成浩劫的电影?在地球上,我们经常在电影中将外星人拍成卑鄙和讨厌的动物。或许没有比导演雷德利·斯科特 (Ridley Scott) 拍摄的外星人系列中的外星人更为讨厌的了。


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Mason:  It is killing me that I have not gotten to go see Prometheus yet.

Jason:  You have to. It’s so good.

Mason:  Yeah? I mean, are you a big fan of the Alien series?

Jason:  I’m more of an Aliens fan. I actually like the second movie better. But Alien is great, and I actually somehow didn’t realize that this movie was a prequel to Alien, like until I was in the theater. I don’t know, that somehow wasn’t marketed to me.

Mason:  They were kind of subtle about it, yeah, for sure.

Jason:  I thought, in some ways I was like, seeing the previews, “Oh, this looks just like Alien.”

Mason:  But it still takes place way in the future from where we are now.

Jason:  Yeah. Definitely. It’s interesting. Alien, the whole premise is the aliens are bad, the entire time.

Mason:  Right.

Jason:  But in this one, at least there’s this sense that, like, maybe they’re gonna be nice. And then it takes a turn for the worse. But I actually like the fantasy of there being nice aliens on another planet even better than mean ones.

Mason:  You want all the aliens to be E.T.?

Jason:  Yeah! Exactly.


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Mason can’t wait to see the new movie Prometheus. Jason recently saw it and thought it was great.

Prometheus was made by the same director as the Alien movie series. But Jason didn’t realize that the films were related. Prometheus takes place before the other films, making it a prequel.

At first, it isn’t clear if the aliens in Prometheus are good or bad. But later it becomes clear that they are very bad. If aliens really do exist, Jason hopes they will be more like E.T. than the killer aliens more often seen in movies.

Do you like movies about aliens? Do you prefer aliens in movies to be nice or scary? Do you think life exists on other planets?



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javier armando


we all are gonna be terminated by ALIENS!

05:25 AM Jul 31 2012 |



I always love the every film’s genres, the movies about aliens are interresting, because, we can watch how the cineast uses  our fears for creates a fantasy story. Aliens like others creatures, we has been fascinated, and, in some ways, we try give them a existence thanks to our imagination. 

But, sometimes, I find the movies about aliens are boring, because, I have the impression that the same story tells in every films. Undecided

However, I don’t know if I prefer aliens in movies to be nice or scary. E.T. was a good movie, and Promotheus seens to be a excellent film, too! I found The Aliens series quite good. 

“Do you think life exists on other planets?” this question is fascinating! Laughing

But I think this question will stay without answers. Perhaps, on other planet there is an other life, we are not alone.

03:41 PM Jul 29 2012 |


Russian Federation

I like to watch science fiction movies, and also movies about aliens, but unfortunately I still didn’t watch this one.

about the life somewhere beyond the earth…

Actually astronomers continue to find the planets that are very similar to our own one where at least the earth-like forms of life can appear. And there are some positive results.

One of the most intriguing discovery of the last few years is an exoplanet discovered by the Kepler’s team, Kepler 22b. Corresponding to the preliminary data the average temperature on the surface of it is 22 (!) degrees centigrade.  

It’s a marvelous discovery and I think that in the future we will observe more and more similar to our own planets.

So i think we are not alone.

I like the moment at the beginning of the movie “Contact” when Ellie asked her father:

-Do you think there’re people on other planets?

-Well let’s see… the Universe is a pretty big place… And the one thing I know about nature is it hates to waste anything.  So I guess I’d say if it is just us, an awful lot of space is going to waste…

05:07 PM Jul 11 2012 |




lol i don’t like aliens but i like their spaceship ;p


07:05 PM Jul 08 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I think that the life is exists  on the planets , there are lots indications  talking about it , In my opinion   we should try to know what is exists  there , Really If the life was exists  It would be nice , we can’t Imagine that ,    I disagree with this opinion , God created us in a good way my God Always give us everything nice .

I have never seen this movie prometheus , I will try to read this story , I’m anxious  to know what is the truth.

11:16 AM Jul 08 2012 |



hey the movie was a very good movie, i was very exited when the movie was releasing

02:24 AM Jul 08 2012 |




I think that this kind of movies are interesting but I’m not a FAN, I just watch them just to know if it’s worth.

05:28 PM Jul 07 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

im not much interested in fantasy movies…but i believe that there must be aliens in another planets…Tongue out

i alaways like to have a wierd and powerful creature helps me reach my dreams faster ….. he he

04:06 PM Jul 07 2012 |

1 person likes this




I like when the aliens are nice like the movie ” The last mumzie ” I think it’s nice, really cool :D

01:36 PM Jul 07 2012 |



Viet Nam

i’ve watched them several time. i don’t think all of they is bad. i like watching them. they are so nice! there are many proofs show me that life exists on the other planets. So i believe in them. if i saw an alien, i would invite him to my home and request he taking a photos. ^^

08:24 AM Jul 07 2012 |




Yes, but I don’t like the movie Alien. I’d like them take over the earth in the end no matter they are good or bad, lol~  I believe so, how come human are the only life in the whole universe?

05:17 AM Jul 07 2012 |




Well, I personally think that there’s life on other planets because it’s impossible that people could have built huge monuments that represents our ancient, or you could hold rocks that weight 1000 kilos on your hands? so I believe in aliens and don’t say it for E.T but for the evidences that happens at least once a yea.

11:45 PM Jul 06 2012 |

1 person likes this



Yes… I like some alien movies. but I prefer the robot’s films. the aliens movies are fun. maybe if there is life on another planet, but scientifically proven not to.

07:53 PM Jul 06 2012 |

1 person likes this



United States

wow! Prothemeus seems like an interesting movie with all the aliens wanting to take over the planet. i would prefer having nicer aliens because the mean ones send a chill down my back. the nicer ones usually look cuter than the mean ones. I believe there must be some type of aliens in the other planets because what would be on the other planets if earth is full of living?

07:40 PM Jul 06 2012 |

1 person likes this




I watched this movie before 3 weeks and It was amazing movie.

07:29 PM Jul 06 2012 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i do like this lesson

05:00 PM Jul 06 2012 |




I like this kind of movie  because there are so many actions and adventure. things like that.

04:19 PM Jul 06 2012 |




I don’t like this kind of movies because I know these are human creations or fantasies so, I can’t be serious while watching movies….  but, still I think there is life exists and am always excited to know more about living being from other planets…  

01:42 PM Jul 06 2012 |




i dont like fantasy films ; and i dont think thatlife exists on other planets :)

01:37 PM Jul 06 2012 |




I truely believe that there are other organisms out there…the unlimited universe!!! Because we’re existed, why aren’t the others Cool

01:27 PM Jul 06 2012 |

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