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Business Trips
Business Trips

Comparatives and Superlatives

Date: May 25 2021

Themes: Travel, Work

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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A free trip sounds like a lot of fun. But working when you’d rather be sightseeing or lounging by the pool doesn’t sound fun at all. Actually, that sounds like a business trip.

Many jobs involve traveling. You might need to go to another city, state, or even a different country to attend an important meeting, visit a client, or work on a project.

Business trips can be tiring, especially if you have to take a lot of them and are frequently separated from your family because of your job. But every once in a while, taking a trip on the company dollar can be fun, especially if you get to visit an exotic location.

Jeff is about to go on his first business trip. Hear him talk to Amy about what to expect.



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Amy:  Are you ready for your business trip, Jeff? Are you excited?

Jeff:  I don’t know. It’s my first one.

Amy:  Oh man, it’s gonna be so great. Do you have your expense account all set up?

Jeff:  What’s that?

Amy:  That’s how you get to eat for free, buy everything for free. Just expense it.

Jeff:  Wait. That’s free?

Amy:  Yeah, if you’re on a business trip, you’re on the company dollar. You can go out to eat, order a steak dinner.

Jeff:  Wait, wait, wait. Let me get this straight. Sounds like you’ve done this a lot.

Amy:  Yeah. I’m kind of a seasoned pro.

Jeff:  What’s the coolest place you’ve been to?

Amy:  Hawaii.

Jeff:  Hawaii?

Amy:  Yeah. We had like one meeting, and then I just spent the rest of the time on the beach. It was great.

Jeff:  Which island? What beach?

Amy:  Maui.

Jeff:  I mean, you had time to sightsee?

Amy:  Oh yeah. I swam with dolphins. I mean, it was pretty awesome. Flew business class. Are you gonna have time to sightsee? Do you have all that set up?

Jeff:  I hope so!

Amy:  Alright. Well, it sounds like you’re ready to go.


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Jeff is about to leave for his first business trip. Amy has traveled for work a lot and gives him advice.

Amy asks if Jeff has an expense account. She explains that with an expense account, you can get your company to pay for your meals and other expenses while you travel. Amy encourages Jeff to go out to expensive meals on the company dollar while he’s on his business trip.

The best place Amy has ever gone on a business trip was Hawaii. She says that she didn’t have to do a lot of work while she was there, so she got to sightsee and spend time at the beach. Jeff hopes his business trip will turn out to be a lot like Amy’s.

Have you ever gone on a business trip? Do you think it would be fun to travel for your job?



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marija luiza


No I haven’t. I wish. I think traveling with your company would be a great experience, because people have time to discover exotic places and at the same time earn money, but don’t do it so frecuently, because our family will feel bad about this decision. 

06:05 PM Nov 02 2012 |



yes…I travel on business. in my last company traveled a lot. and it’s fun to meet people and places as you work.

04:44 PM Nov 02 2012 |




I don’t like business trips, far away from home and our family Frown

09:30 AM Jun 17 2012 |




I don’t work yet ..but I like go travel for my business it ll be nice trip and I’m so waiting to see that trip.

01:32 AM Jun 17 2012 |



I haven´t gone oportunity business trip, because I think that you need a lot of money and also know a few about this. However, I have wanted to happen. Now, I hope the change for quickly

01:19 AM Jun 17 2012 |



Can I have the opportunity to see the business lessons.

01:47 PM Apr 09 2012 |

tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

Dear Catcher..

Oh dear, I wish I had made a lot of money being a teacher! :) Money is not everything, but it would be nice to be able to travel. Living expenses and health care are very high in the US and living alone is so expensive. There is no way I could even take a weekend trip. Perhaps that will change one day.

I work seven days a week, at all hours of the day and night.

Thank goodness I adore my students and the English language or else I’d go crazy!

10:31 PM Apr 06 2012 |




Ms heater, now you earned very much money after so many years working in the company, time for you to get relaxe of any schedules :). Having some fun with family with your own dollars, great!

08:08 AM Apr 06 2012 |

tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

Unfortunately, I am my own boss and the business belongs to me.

SO, I am always on my own dollar! I think I need a new plan. :-)

I used to work for a large educational company, and I enjoyed going on business trips. Even if they weren’t to a beautiful location like Hawaii, it was still fun to get away from the “same old routine” and be in a new environment for a few days. If you’re not stuck in confernce rooms the whole time, you can sightsee a bit and make it a mini-vacation.

02:40 AM Apr 06 2012 |




Not yet but I think I’m quite interested on bussiness trip, who doesn’t want to have free trip, I want to have experieace on that too, doing bussiness and given free sightseeing, know so many nice places and interesting landscapes, wow . If I have chance one day I also want to have an expensive meal on the company dollars . What a great dream. Laughing

02:23 PM Apr 05 2012 |

1 person likes this


South Korea

Being on the company dollar is awesome~

01:04 AM Apr 05 2012 |




Julito, memory is an interesting thing. Thanks for bringing me back to those great moments of having lunch at the company cost! Laughing

11:14 PM Apr 04 2012 |

1 person likes this




Ola, I was joking, I am glad to hear that you had the opportunity to  travel to Europe  and got back with cherished memories  of that trip. 

11:10 PM Apr 04 2012 |

1 person likes this




Julito, yes  lunch was on the company. It was a long time ago. Sorry, forgot :) But dinner was at our cost. You’re right! breakfast and lunch on the company. My memory starts failing me :) And the trip was unforgettable. It was in Europe, first time. We were fascinated by the culture, museums, the bustling night life. All those cafes along the Danuber river. And you’re right, the duty free shop was a good deal. You could buy there cosmetic, perfume at a good price.

10:46 PM Apr 04 2012 |




OLA , you were not on the company dollar ,  having to pay  your own lunch ? what a heartless boss you were working with.  and yet you think that the trip was fantastic,amazing. Sealed    

10:35 PM Apr 04 2012 |




Going on a business trip is a great experience. You can kill many birds with one stone. Not only you upgrade your professional level, make a good business deal but get a chance to know a new country, find out its culture and! It’s on the company dollar. Though, on my business trips, expense account covered only breakfast, hotel and a round-trip ticket. All the other expenses were from your pocket and it really got us into unusual situation. All business communication was up to 5 p.m. and the stores were open until 5 too. So we had rush after work, pretty quick to catch the stores open. There was only 5 -10 minutes left before closing time and we just were buying without looking for a good deal and not being too picky. With this shopping spree, we ran out of money  just  3 days before leaving. Yeah, that wasn’t that much fun when you’re without money in another country. Luckily,  our coworker lent us some money and we were good to go, but only to McDonald’s. So, at the airport, we ended up with only $ 2 in our wallet which is a bottle of water.  But, all in all, the trips were fantastic! Still in my memory.

10:15 PM Apr 04 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Unfortunately , I Have never gone to anywhere in my business job, I can’t Imagine my life if I got on business trip .

It.s advisable to everyone try to feel that with such kind this  nice atmosphere , Really we are stuff lack to feel we work with fairness .

These days there are a lot of Airlines over the world provide everything excited if you decided to travel by plane.

I am waiting any Opportunity to make me feel happiness .

I love this topic very excited .  

08:15 PM Apr 04 2012 |

1 person likes this



Russian Federation

I’m not really sure, if it can be called a kind of business trip, but that was associated with my study. So, I went to another part of Russia (believe me, it’s pretty remote, despite the fact it’s located within the country) to city called Samara in order to take part in all-russian olympics in computer modelling. That was incredibly awesome, though I screwed up=) Lots of fun, cheer and beer=)))) Wanna get back there this year again)))))) So all sorts of trips are fun as I see it. I advise anyone to never refuse doing it=))

06:10 PM Apr 04 2012 |





04:08 PM Apr 04 2012 |

1 person likes this



shaqo aadid

02:49 PM Apr 04 2012 |

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