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Learn the Past Progressive Tense

Date: May 04 2012

Themes: Alternative

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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Have you ever gotten a creepy feeling you couldn’t identify, or heard noises you couldn’t explain? It was probably nothing. But it could have been a ghost.

Lots of people have reported having encounters with ghosts. Some ghost stories are scary, but not all ghosts are angry or mean. Some, it seems, just want to make a connection with the world of the living.

Sometimes an encounter with a ghost can even be comforting. A message from a dead loved one can make you feel less alone. It’s nice to imagine that your ancestors have your back, even from beyond the grave. Hear Jason and Amy talk about ghosts.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amy:  Somebody recently told me a really detailed and terrifying story about this apartment that she lived in being haunted.

Jason:  Woah.

Amy:  She told me this story, and it was so scary to me. But at the same time, I was a little jealous. She actually had an undeniable experience of ghosts. I mean, that would be kind of cool, in a way.

Jason:  So what sort of haunting are we talking about here?

Amy:  Really scary stuff, like she would wake up in the night and she would hear a woman crying. And it sounded like it was coming from the end of her bed.

Jason:  Woah.

Amy:  She would hear, like, stomping around, banging sounds. She never actually saw a ghost, but she heard all these spooky, inexplicable sounds.

Jason:  Yeah, that’s a lot more than just getting some chills or something, you know?

Amy:  Definitely. Have you ever had an experience with a ghost?

Jason:  Yeah, I think so. I’ve never felt haunted, really, I guess. But I guess you could say I’ve felt like I communicated with a dead family member before, something like that.

Amy:  Was there some sort of evidence, or was it just a feeling you had?

Jason:  Yeah, just a feeling I had, just a sort of…almost like thoughts that came from somewhere else it seemed, like as if someone was talking in my brain.

Amy:  Woah.

Jason:  Well, I tell you what. I’ll find a sheet, and I’ll come over to your house in the middle of the night, and I’ll give you a good scaring.


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Amy recently heard a scary story about a haunted apartment. The girl living in the apartment heard lots of strange and spooky noises that couldn’t be explained. She even heard a woman crying and it sounded like it was coming from the end of the girl’s bed.

Even though the story scared Amy, she was also a little jealous. She thinks it would be cool to have some kind of experience with a ghost, because then you would know for certain that ghosts exist.

Jason thinks that ghosts do exist, at least in some form. He has had strange experiences like feeling as though a dead relative was sending him messages. Jason tells Amy he will come over to her house in a white sheet so she can feel like she has had an experience with a ghost, too.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever had an experience with a ghost?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I bielive ghosts & I think they can come to this world. I never afraid from them because I bielive they have no dominance us.

10:12 AM May 04 2012 |

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I believe in ghosts, or at least I would like them to exist and numerous clairvoyants prove that this is true. I have never encountered ghosts and I’m a bit jelous as Amy is. But all the time that I see TV program on that I’m astonished about the information, and the correct and detailed one as well, which we can get from someone over there.

09:31 AM May 04 2012 |




Hmmmmm. really spooky and controversial topic. My view is that they are real ,Amy say that she is curious , so am I  but I would rather prefer not to messing up with them, I have already  my own problems on this plane of existence.  It is said that ghost are those   who commited suicide , or have had strong attachment to possessions ,family  or died of a violent death. If we know of a ghost in our family we must pray to God  for this  spirit to find peace and liberation.  An interesting story. I was working in a house  and the landlord´s wife  mentioned that  she was hearing at night strange noises, I knew the previous tenant and that she was used to channel spirits , this I mentioned to them , the wife was scared on hearing this  and showed me on her computer pictures taken on the night of  her son´s birthday. It showed the family , guests  and strange white foggy ORBS  around  and above them. I am a big mouth, I told her that they were good  and unharmful   spirits , my words didn´t help ,and who would like to know that the house you are living in is haunted ?I told  her that her house has a good vibe.She was creeped out and didn´t believe me , maybe thought that I was also a spiritist. The botton line is that I lost a friend and client.   lol

konstantin cherta s dva

Russian Federation

Well, now I dont believe in ghosts, but when I was a little boy, different strange noises frightened  me very much, because it was inexplicicable for me. It were really creepy times for me, when I remained alone in the flat. One time I was sitting in the room and suddenly heard a loud clap in the other room, like someone closed the door, but I was alone in the flat! That event frightened me to death ahaha) I thought it was ghosts. But after I had grown up a little i understood, that door closed because of window leaf was opened and there was a draft, that closed the door)

09:27 AM May 04 2012 |




I heard that ghost doesn’t exist but some people can see the death person and actually it was past life recorded that shown to them, not the death person themselves, because those who died never will appear from grave. Or ghost actually the devil / satan who appear being replica of death person and haunt human. I never had experienced meeting ghost, I just sick of it whenever TV channels always showing movies about ghost, especially in my country ; hallucination, creepy, ghost , pocong (the death person dressed in white cloth and jumping to walk) , gendruwo (devil with scary face and body). That’s weird….!



New Zealand

Anyway, it’s common between Iranian youngsters to use the sentence “Do you believe in ghost” for making fun of someone. So I advise you, if an Iranian asked you about believing in ghost never answer with “yes” or “no”

07:40 AM May 04 2012 |



New Zealand

I don’t believe in ghosts at all. I think all the experiences of being haunted which people usually report, are their mere delusions.

07:33 AM May 04 2012 |



I never want to have such kind of experience.Keep away from ghosts,I hope.

07:23 AM May 04 2012 |




i’m believe and i’m afraid of  ghosts!Yell

06:14 AM May 04 2012 |


Russian Federation

I am belive it is true

05:57 AM May 04 2012 |




Probably I’m not  completely mad yet to hear strange voices, noises, faces, bodies etc :-D 

I don’t use drugs and I don’t drink too much in hope to see the hallucinations like that :D.

When I met the ghosts  I will let you know, dear friends. I will describe my feelings in the details then :D

The one story came to my mind that may concern this lesson.

The cousin of my husband used to live in other city (400km away from my city). He often visited us. We all get on well together, including my kids. He was a nice man, with a good sense of humour. Suddenly, the cancer has been discovered in his body….. one month later he has died :( He  has not  even managed to visit us before his death. The amazing thing is he keeps on “visiting” me in my night dreams on the regular basis( he has dead 6 years ago!!! )

We talk, walk, laugh in my night dreams as we did before. He tries to help  me with advice, he tries to support. He behavior himself as if he is still alive. When I wake up I understood that it was a dream, but very vivid dream!!! I usually scared so much after that dream, because the very thought, that I have been in the contact with the dead person reminds me about the parallel universe and death once more.




I dont believe ghosts

thx for lesson

05:34 AM May 04 2012 |

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Russian Federation

Yeah! Vastly thrilling subject indeed! To be honest, I’ve never come across with a sort of ghost in my life in the way it could convince me they exist. However, there are tons of hugely spooky, impressive as well as giving-chills videos in the Net on this point. So I can’t deny their existance with a lot of confedence.

Furthermore, often at nights when I’m getting ready to turn in after the lights having been turned off a kind of unrealizable feeling of fear and something else in the room being present sweep over me. Are there anybody who seems to deal with similar stuff?

04:44 AM May 04 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I must confess that even talking about the ghosts scare me to death!!! :D I could never watch a movie about that! :S
But as MAHTAB said,I doubt in their existance! Hmmmm…even if they exist,they are not belong to this material world!




04:29 AM May 04 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


Actually I dont believe in ghosts!May be there are ghosts but they are not like that we see in the movies or people talk about them!!!

If there are ghosts ,they are not belong to our material world!

Hearing spooky voices , feel creepy sounds or every other evidence that people said about ghosts are material things and cant make by immaterial ghosts!

Sorry but I think most experiences about ghosts are made by minds or they are Hallucinations.

Stomping can be the footsteps of upstairs neighbors or crying voices may be a whiz Bed Or other things like them!;)

La Princesse de la vie


wow.. I can smell fear and panic here.Laughing

well, seriously, I don’t believe in ghosts’ existence. If someone tells they had seen a ghost, I just think that they were just imagining someone they crave for or need to talk to, or it can be just an illusion out of fear and being afraid of something that they hate just like darkness or being lonely, something kinda this.

Here we have a proverb says ” Ghosts come out to those who fear them”. In other words, ghosts are not existing, but we just make them in our minds.

I always try to convince myself not to be scared of anything ‘cause there’s nothing creepy deserve to be scared of.

About the idea of haunted houses, I’m not sure about what haunt them, maybe demons, but not ghosts of the dead. I just see this in scary movies, my best sort of movies. Once a man dies and get into the grave, he never appears again… That’s what I really think.Wink




Ghost is the thing which you believe or not. Coz there are a lot of miraculous things in the world .we can not explain all the things. and sometimes i fear that thing very much.Surprised

03:20 AM May 04 2012 |



I’ve never had a ghost experience but I believe in them … in angels and demons too.

01:02 AM May 04 2012 |



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12:34 AM May 04 2012 |

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