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Learn about Verbs with 'ing'

Date: May 25 2012

Themes: News

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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used to be all about eye patches, rum, and buried treasure. But modern-day pirates are a lot scarier. They attack shipping boats and sometimes even boats carrying tourists. They demand money in exchange for releasing the ship, its cargo, its crew and its passengers. Often, their hostages end up getting hurt or traumatized. As Jeff and Jason agree, it would be a lot better if pirates would just stick to sword fighting.



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Jeff:  You know what I’ve been seeing in the news for the last couple of years that caught me by surprise, Jason, is stories about pirates.

Jason:  I know. I was really disappointed to learn that they don’t wear eye patches, and they don’t say, “Yarrggghh.”

Jeff:  They don’t?

Jason:  No. They’re Somalians on big boats with machine guns. It’s very different now.

Jeff:  That’s still kinda cool in maybe a different way.

Jason:  I guess it’s kind of cool in a music video kind of way. But it’s just scarier. It doesn’t seem like they’re interested in sword fighting anyone. They’re just interested in kidnapping people from the beach and then ransoming them.

Jeff:  They’re obviously desperate for something. Why are they resorting to those measures, do you think?

Jason:  Well, I guess their countries aren’t doing very well, so they just become rogues and take to the seas and steal. Sign of the times in a way, I guess.

Jeff:  But also similar to the pirates we think of.

Jason:  Yeah? Why did they become pirates? I thought they just liked the outfits.

Jeff:  Yeah, and rum. They wanted lots of rum.


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Jeff and Jason have both heard a lot on the news lately about pirates in Somalia. These pirates board shipping boats and hold the boats, cargo and crew for ransom. They’re very different from the pirates in books and movies like Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean. Jason and Jeff say that those pirates were more interested in sword fighting and rum than in taking hostages.

Jeff says that the pirates in Somalia must be desperate, or they wouldn’t do such extreme things. Jason thinks that they probably became pirates because there weren’t many other opportunities for them. Maybe they believed the only way they could get rich was to steal. In a way, that’s the same as the pirates in stories, who were always searching for treasure.

Do you like stories about pirates? Are you surprised that there are pirates in real life?



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La Princesse de la vie


Surely, I’m a fan of pirates of Straw Hat crew, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami and the others on board _ This fantasy series really gives me a good idea and best model of good pirates, even if they don’t exist on earth. they’re not interested in kidnapping and ransoming or these things. They are just looking for fun and freedom, and the only goal they have is to reach one piece, the most valuable treasure had been left by the greatest pirate ever existed in the world. 

Of course I’m aware that the word piracy itself doesn’t mean any good, but these fantasy people still making good pirates.

Actually, I’m a little bit hit now knowing that pirates still exist, and in this nasty way, the machine gun, ransoming and kidnapping, it’s all very scary.  Yes, going rogue can be fun if you’re seeking your own area of freedom, but these people mustn’t be allowed any freedom.

12:37 AM Apr 05 2015 |

yaner xu

yaner xu


I like Pirates of the Caribbean!Wink

05:29 AM Sep 03 2012 |

Vina Novalina


I love pirates stories very much and my favorite is One Piece, Monkey D.Luffy and his friends make me can’t stop laugh with their innocent act. The story not only funny but taught us about friendship, loyalty, and trust. Those are not things that are just given  but things we must earn.

09:00 AM Sep 02 2012 |



United States

i love pirates!Smile

10:13 PM Jun 17 2012 |




sammysam7: “Hmm.. other famous pirates besides Jack Sparrow?”

-> The pirate in Spongebob!! HAHAHAHAHA! <-

10:18 PM May 28 2012 |





They are free, they belong to ocean, they break the rules!

They are badddd :D (who isnt?)



Anyway, I have the newest song about pirate for you guys.. it also might be having chance to be my favourite pirate song all of time!

It was Turkey submission for Eurovision 2012 Grandfinal (European song contest) which just resulted two days ago! :D .. I got love struck from first hearing and I voted it for 10 pts, listen listen! :D

“Love Me Back”

Artist: Can Bonomo

“Oh, hey hey, baby love me back today
Never ever sink my ship and sail away
Oh, ah oh, baby don’t shut me down
Give me all the love I need and I’ll be gone

I’m a lonely sailor, drinking the night away
My ship is made from hope, she’s searching for your bay
But you don’t care

Hop on to my ship, baby I’ll make you fly
You love me and you know that baby, don’t you lie
Love me like I love you and say
Na naninaninanina

Oh, oh oh, we need a bit of rock ‘n’ roll
Baby don’t you crush my soul and make me fall
Oh, hey hey, baby love me back today
Never ever sink my ship and sail away

Hop on to my ship, baby I’ll make you fly
You love me and you know that baby, don’t you lie
Like me like I like you and say
Na naninaninanina, na nananinaninananana na na

Pirates, high seas, cautions, cannons and potions
A sailor’s passion can always conquer the oceans
Sing with me my children

Hop on to my ship, baby I’ll make you fly
You love me and you know that baby, don’t you lie
Like me like I like you and say: na naninaninanina
Na nananinaninananana na nana

Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7PneOwzMz4M

+ Weird but interesting song, isnt it?? :DD

10:11 PM May 28 2012 |




No, I’m not surprised at all that there are pirates in real life. Hunger for money can make human being a thief, a killer or even a pirate. 

Stories of pirates are not my cup of tea.

05:47 PM May 27 2012 |



well i tihnk that it’s terrible, in my country there are a lot of pirates, it’s use much because it’s cheaper than original. but if i will think in this , we do the best . i guess!!!

05:14 PM May 27 2012 |




I agree with Andressa, there isn’t justification to piracy  , however  desperate people most  likely will  take on desperate actions to survive , poverty, lawlessness  ,are the breeding ground  where these kinds of  grisly threats thrivedEmbarassed

02:30 PM May 27 2012 |

Andressa Holland


I have a a friend who loves pirate stories!


About me I prefer the pirates of movies, like Captain Jack Sparrow and these kind of pirates. Real pirates are a little bit scary!

It’s so sad to see that people in modern times are still doing this kind of things to survive. Of course that there’s no justification, but if they are doing this is because something is wrong with the government or society or something, that is not giving opportunities to change and improve their lives.

02:01 PM May 27 2012 |

1 person likes this




I like story of Pirate, I think pirate will be too old if harpen in real life.

11:52 AM May 27 2012 |

david yun

South Korea

well.. I used to like stroies about pirates in a young age, but modern-day pirates are not interesting any more but they are scaring. Last year, I heard the news about the Somalians who stole another boat and they ransomed it.

08:52 AM May 27 2012 |

1 person likes this



Saudi Arabia

If the world has done away with poverty ,piracy would be abolished.

07:07 AM May 27 2012 |




Pirates in the stories, it is funny and interested. But the real life is so scary. But i do like it the pirates movie.

04:44 AM May 27 2012 |



United States

Pirates…hmm besides Jack Sparrow what other famous pirates are out there in the movies.

01:40 AM May 27 2012 |

1 person likes this




Pirates today are not the same as they used to be.

01:37 AM May 27 2012 |



United Kingdom

i remember also jack sparrow was seeking for rum in one of the movies’ part…

09:39 PM May 26 2012 |





09:05 PM May 26 2012 |




To those EB members who would like  to read stories  about pirates  ,Emilio Salgari  was a well known  fictional writer  about  the outlaw  and not so outlaw life of these  boot´s sailors.

05:02 PM May 26 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

For me there is no reason make those people to practice pirates as the same time If those people are suffering from the terrible living conditions ,we should try to provided what they want , what they need , I disagree with any opinion urge them to do that .

those people aren’t reflect about the real people from sumalia , they only reflect about their selves , must to the International community try to find an practical solution , we are humain being.

we against them as the same time nobody courage them In order that , All people are muslim say the truth , what they will benefit  If threaten civil people .

04:57 PM May 26 2012 |

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