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Learn the second conditional

Date: May 23 2012

Themes: Family, Work

Grammar: Second Conditional


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No matter how much you love your kid, it can be nice to have a break from parenting every once in a while. Luckily, there are plenty of teenagers out there who would like to earn some extra pocket money by babysitting.

Many American teenagers babysit as a first job. Often, they care for their neighbors’ kids, or the children of their parents’ friends. But some parents feel nervous about leaving their kids with a teenager, since teens don’t exactly have a reputation for being the most responsible group. Hear Mason and Amy talk about their babysitting experiences.



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Amy:  Were you ever a babysitter, or is that something that only girls did in their teenage years?

Mason:  I actually was a babysitter, and because I was a guy babysitter, like I was kind of in high demand, because there aren’t a lot of that, and sometimes younger kids will want to have a guy around.

Amy:  Did you plan lots of games and stuff like that?

Mason:  There’s definitely a lot more roughhousing games with a guy babysitter.

Amy:  Exactly.

Mason:  But it was fun. I took it pretty seriously, like I went and got certified with the Red Cross and whatnot to do CPR and all that stuff. And even when I was that old, I couldn’t believe how much a babysitter can get paid.

Amy:  I know. I remember getting $20 tips as a teenage babysitter.

Mason:  Oh wow.

Amy:  I know.

Mason:  That’s kinda crazy.

Amy:  Maybe they were just feeling especially grateful to get away from their kids with all their temper tantrums and have a night off. Maybe they were just so relieved.

Mason:  Yeah. I can’t imagine what babysitters are getting paid now.

Amy:  Do you think, if you had a child, would you leave your child with the younger you? Or would you be a little bit more selective about choosing a babysitter?

Mason:  I would leave a kid with a younger me. I’m really lucky that I don’t have to think about this because all of my extended family is in town.

Amy:  Oh, that’s so nice.

Mason:  So when I need a babysitter, I’m just gonna give it to the fam.

Amy:  Right.


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Amy asks Mason if he babysat as a teenager. Mason says he babysat a lot. He was a popular babysitter because he liked to play games and roughhouse with the kids, and he knew CPR.

Mason and Amy agree that they were surprised by how much money they could make as teenage babysitters. Amy thinks that maybe the parents were so grateful for a night off, they were willing to pay their babysitters really well.

Amy asks Mason if he would leave his kids with the younger him, if that were possible. Mason says he would. But he doesn’t think he’ll need to have a teenage babysitter, since he has lots of family close by who will be happy to help out once he and his wife have kids.

Have you ever been a babysitter? Would you trust your kids to a teenage babysitter, or would you prefer to leave them with family?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I’ve never been a babysitter and i never want to try it cause i hate kids and i can’t stand them…

if one day i have a baby,i would never trust a babysitter….i prefer to ask my mom to take care of it!

09:48 AM Feb 05 2014 |




yes, I’ve been a babysitter, but I chose carefully who I’m going to babysit. I mean taking care a child is not an easy job.

11:58 AM Jun 18 2012 |



United Arab Emirates

I’m proud to say us…I’m a baby sitter-:))

04:29 AM May 27 2012 |




I have never had experienced babysitting, that’s girl job , duh! But I do love to play with children and do kind of roughhouse or playing kite.

04:54 AM May 24 2012 |

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Choise one babysitter definitely can relieved parents efforts and can working in office withour trouble,but the problem is that ,normally ,you have to more careful when you choise a babysitter,you have to inspect the experience about the babysitter which you choised,I have heard so much story about babysitter hurt your baby when you leave your baby to babysitter alone,becase when you baby always crying ,the babysitter have no patient so much ,so that’s why i just said that you have to inspect the babysitter and choise a good institution for your kid

10:41 PM May 23 2012 |




He is improving now.    Now I remember when his mother came back home  from work and tried to force him to eat ,he refused and she insisted, the boy grab the tupper  and to her dismay threw it to the floor ,  I thought: Ohh boy ,you are my hero.  hehehehe 

06:32 PM May 23 2012 |




 anja hello….  he was two or three years old.  we were very worried because  he wasn´t speaking  only  babbling and that is  much to say.  The  boy didn´t interacted  with others kids to play with.  

06:11 PM May 23 2012 |




no i can’t leave my kids a teenage babysitter 

Iprefer to leave them with my family I feel more comfortable

05:57 PM May 23 2012 |




As Anja, an incident  still makes me laugh  at its rediculousness. My cousin volunteear  to babysit for one day  his grandson,  attached  by a magnet on the freeze  she found all the written instructions that she must follow   for the caring of the baby:

9.00    wake  him up

9.15    feed the baby  

10.00   play with him  until not later than  11.00 o´clock

11.00  turn on the TV  and tune in  the kids channel  

12.00   feed the baby  , the  tuppers    are in the freeze

13.00   put him to sleep  ,don´t forget to  turn on the IPod  , we want that  while he is

          sleeeping  his room  be  filled with  soft and  ambiance music

16.00   wake him up 

16.30   feed him and turn on the TV , tune in again the kids channel

17.30   parents are  back home      

          by this time my cousin  had to refrain – for the sake of the family-  from telling  her           daugther in law  , what are you doing with your child ?   why so many strict  rules Sealed

05:06 PM May 23 2012 |

siberian tigger


It is an  intersting job that is a professional one becuase I am a teacher sometimes teenagers are terrible, but I find a way to manage them. As a result, I undesrtand babysitting because children are cute, but all they look like bombs.

04:56 PM May 23 2012 |




For me when it comes to kids i get so paranoid, i believe that you have to put your children first all the time and i know that everything affects the kids so much so you can’t trust teenager which is immature yet to take care of your children even for a while so for me i’d rather ask help from family, it’s more safe.

04:54 PM May 23 2012 |




babysitting is something that is running in my blood coz, i always babysit my littl brothers, and we can say its hard whenever the children r active and like to have fun all th time. and trusting the babysitter is something that i’m not sur about coz it depends on the teenage himsled if he can take care of ohers or no. thats all

03:35 PM May 23 2012 |


ml2000Super Member!


Nowadays, a lot of parents are required to go out and work. Sometimes it is inevitable to leave your kids with the babysitter or send them to daycare during the weekdays. That’s how the modern life is.    

03:34 PM May 23 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Definitely we are extended family some of them are babysitting without money , mostly of my family are working they back at their homes in late time  they didn’t have much time In order to care of their children .

I have never been babysitting but I don’t know when I  will marry  maybe I will be babysitting , I love deal with the children they are a big blessing from God , specially If those children were nice .

we should help each others when we have children , there are many men think this mission only for the woman this is not right as the same time If you have a heart you should feel in your wife I don’t like when the man be arrogant , I respect any man looking to help her wife specially in this mission .

In my work lots of my fellowship put their children the kindergarten they spend lots of money every month , they didn’t assured If the babysitting was good with their children , mostly of them think about change kindergarten .

If you want to be babysitting you should have many skills and a good soul In order to know How you can deal with them , this work very hard , on the other hand need some of peace of mind .

my mother works with the children she loves them she Always try to provides everything for them , All religions urge us to be nice people with  children 

02:46 PM May 23 2012 |


United States

A babysitting guy? that is crazy and wierd…we (guys) are not very good at taking care of babies or little girls

02:43 PM May 23 2012 |

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CryIt appears that on this chat room there is a consensus  that  is a great responsability  to have your  baby (babysitting)   to the  care  of others ,whether it be close relatives  or next door  teenager.  This  happened in my country , She is well known on  the TV industry ,a marvelous mother  of several children  with   a new born baby ,  the couple decided to take a few days off  to go to the sky-station in Portezuelo (Chile)  .She asked her mother  to  babysit  the baby the time that  they were away. And the unthinkable happened ,  while sleeping the baby  suffered a sudden death in his crib ,How terrible must had been for the grandmother  to have to called up her daughter to delivered the unfortunate news , and to the mother that while she was happily skiing , her precious baby was dead.    soooo sad.

10:27 AM May 23 2012 |



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

indeed, i don’t believe of babysitting sometimes she cuases some tragedies of the family such as injury of the kids you know the kids like playing so much at same time we pay the money to care our kids it’s better save our money when discover the babysitting is so careless i prefer their mother takes care them even so she works this is not enough reason to bring babysitting i know many families do that if the mother can’t do it she must leave her job for her future of kids if she love them .

08:22 AM May 23 2012 |

1 person likes this




I never worked as ababysister,but my sister is working as.She is happy with her working,& she is agood babysitting.I believe that we must trust in the person with who we will leave our kids,so payattention when u choose ababysitting to your kids.

08:19 AM May 23 2012 |

1 person likes this

ice cold

ice cold


My Aunt did the babysitting for me when i was young ,A million thanks to her.

06:24 AM May 23 2012 |




In China, There are mainly the grandparents who play the roles of babysitter. But more and more young couples prefer to send the kids to the kindergarden or take care of them themselves.



05:49 AM May 23 2012 |

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