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Learn about Gerunds and Infinitives

Date: Jun 27 2012

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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Not long ago, people used to get pretty excited when they saw the mailman coming. The mail used to bring letters, magazines, and sometimes even money! But these days, as more and more of our lives have moved onto the Internet, we hardly seem to use the real mail anymore. It’s just too slow. There’s even a nickname for it in English because of how slow it is in comparison with email and other forms of instant communication: snail mail. Still, some people don’t want to see the mail disappear altogether. Hear Amy and Ella talk about mail.

在不久以前,人们曾经一看到邮递员的到来就十分兴奋。邮递员通常会带来信件、杂志,有时候甚至是金钱!但现如今,我们生活的方方面面都转移到了互联网上,很难再使用真正的邮件。因为它的速度太慢。英语中甚至出现了邮件的昵称,因为与电子邮件和其他形式的即时通相比,邮件速度太慢:蜗牛邮件 (snail mail)。当然,还有一些人不希望邮件全部消失。听听玛尼和艾拉谈论邮件。


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Ella:  So, where I live, we don’t have mailboxes at our house. I have to have a post office box, and I just find it such a hassle to check it once a week. I refuse to go to the post office more than once a week to check the mail.

Amy:  Oh my gosh, really? Checking the mail is like the highlight of my day. I love coming home and seeing what’s in the mailbox.

Ella:  I just…I dread having to open a bill, and when I see all those coupon magazines and stuff, things I’ll never use, I’m just like, “This is a waste of paper and killing trees.” I hate receiving mail. Just send it to my email or send me a text.

Amy:  Yeah, I understand getting kind of annoyed by junk mail. But for me, even bills, it’s kind of exciting to open up a bill and see what your gas bill is that month. Just the act of, you know, opening up an envelope. And there’s nothing better than getting something you actually want in the mail. Like what about getting a paycheck in the mail? That’s awesome.

Ella:  That’s what direct deposit is for. Then I don’t have to keep track of everything, because it’ll all just be in a very convenient little file folder online somewhere. So then I don’t have to keep all these papers and junk mail and deal with the mailman. I mean, the only thing I like to receive is probably a package, but besides that, the mail can just stop.


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Ella lives in a house without a mailbox. She has a post office box that she checks once a week. Even though she only checks it once a week, Ella finds the mail annoying. She hates getting junk mail and bills. She would rather get all her mail online.

Amy disagrees. She thinks it is exciting to get the mail. She loves opening up envelopes and thinks it is better to get physical mail than email. Her favorite thing to get in the mail is money!

Do you like to check the mail? What are your favorite and least favorite things to get in the mail?



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i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I didn’t do that Constantly ,When I have free time I prefer to check up my email box , for me I didn’t use my mail for shopping  or buy my daily stuff by the internet  , I only check up messages from my closer friends .

theses days we have see lots of things have became very vital for us , we can’t give up it , for example the internet connection and phones   and laptop and IPD , our lives has contains many things deserve experience . 

I don’t like when we say the mail has became an special part in our lives , what happens  abandon of each others , the social relationships has become  very strange , we didn’t meet with each others , as the same time you are living with your family but nobody from your family see you because you are prefer sitting on the computer and mail , we should dispose of some disadvantage 

I Agree with the opinion  which say we should use the mail and internet modestly .

Finally we should respect All people who are attributed In All the globalization we are very fortunate to live with this Amazing life . 

12:01 PM Jun 27 2012 |




i like both of them ( conventional mail or an e-mail ).
they both have their own characteristic.
i prefer to use an e-mail only to sent a message for my friends ( if their have an internet connection).
and i use conventional mail to sent money or maybe some good to family )
my favorite things to get in the mail is money or maybe some greeting cards… :D

09:39 AM Jun 27 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Ik inda like to open any kind of mails too! :D Something misterious is in there! It could be a cool thing or something that u don’t like! so Exiting!!

08:55 AM Jun 27 2012 |



its the most important liking of our day 2day…Cool

08:31 AM Jun 27 2012 |




i prefer e-mail to snail mail. e-mail is  more convenient and instant. but when i was a teenage i often sent letters to my friends. it was exciting to get the letters. and i was excited  about opening up an envelop with expectation and yearning.

08:09 AM Jun 27 2012 |




03:59 AM Jun 27 2012 |




for Japanese, the only chance to write a real letter would be New years cards these days.

people in Japan send new years cards to relateves, friends to express gratitude for to be treated well last year.

althougt not much people would make cards with handwriting,we make our original card for the new year.

and we enjoy recieving them from our mailbox.

I really wish this costom would last for ever…if our genelation has changed.     

03:52 AM Jun 27 2012 |



I never lived the time of mailboxes. I grew up with emails, so that’s what I have experienced. But, It had been great to live that time, receiving mails to your house seems to be something very exciting. 

02:12 AM Jun 27 2012 |

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Seriously I prefer they send me junk to my mailbox than text my cellphone! But paycheck is hassle, I’d like direct deposit instead.

I can relate why Ella hate snail mails because she doesn’t have a mailbox and she has to go to post office to check it. If I don’t have a mailbox downstairs, I would like everything in electronic too.

I think I need my mailbox even most of the time it’s full of junk and too much paper ads are not so good for environment. But I can get some coupon that I need and I need my mailbox for real postcards with real stamps, that’s exciting.

02:11 AM Jun 27 2012 |

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