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kinds of sentences.

kinds of sentences.

Date: Jul 03 2012

Topic: Grammar

Author: Aya63



There are 4 kinds of sentences:

1. Declarative

2. Imperative.

3. Exclamation

4. Interrogative.

  Explaining them:

DeCLARATIVEMakes a statement.
It ends with a period.Rice is a popular food.INTERROGATIVEAsks a question.
It ends in a question mark.Are there many rice farmers in America?IMPERATIVEGives a command or makes a request.
Ends with a period.Begin harvesting the wheat tomorrow.EXCLAMATORYExpresses strong feeling.
Ends with an exclamation mark.How beautiful the waving wheat looks!


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  1. Many foods today were first found in the new world.
    1.   ?    Declarative
    2.   ?    Interrogative

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