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Behind Someone's Back

Behind Someone's Back English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Aug 07 2012

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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Children know they have to ask permission from adults before they do anything. Do you remember asking your parents if you could go play in the park or asking your teacher if you could go to the restroom during class?

Adults have to ask permission for things too. They ask permission for more important things such as, “Can I mention I know you to a potential business contact?” or “Would it be alright with you if I asked your sister on a date?”

To do these things without asking permission would be to go behind someone’s back. When you go behind someone’s back, you do something that affects someone else without getting permission first. It can be very hurtful. Watch as Dale reminds his friends that it’s not nice to go behind someone’s back.




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Vanessa:  Hey.

Dale:  Oh! Whoa! You scared me. Hi.

Vanessa:  How are you?

Dale:  Oh, I’m doing fine. Mason’s not here today. He’s actually sick. I remember hearing something like that…

Vanessa:  Oh no. Well, I guess we’ll just have to hang out.

Dale:  Oh. Well, I don’t think that’s a good idea because I don’t want to do anything behind Mason’s back.

Vanessa:  Oh, it won’t be behind his back. He’s sick, remember?

Dale:  Yeah, I don’t think it’s a good idea to hang out though. I just…I don’t wanna do something behind his back, you know?

Vanessa:  Well, I’ll call him.

Devan:  Oh, hey, Vanessa. So, Dale. I think that I’m going to hire Amanda for that job.

Dale:  But did you talk to Marni first?

Devan:  Well, no…

Dale:  Well, I think it’s a good idea that you do. It’s kind of going behind her back, and it’s not nice.

Devan:  I guess you’re right. She is my partner, so I should probably talk to her about it first. I don’t want to go behind her back.

Dale:  Exactly.

Vanessa:  So Mason is totally cool with us hanging out.

Dale:  Really? Are you sure?

Vanessa:  Yeah!

Dale:  Later, boss!

Devan:  OK…


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Vanessa quietly sneaks up behind Dale at the office. Dale tells her that her boyfriend, Mason, is sick today. Vanessa replies that the two of them will just have to hang out instead.

Dale says that wouldn’t feel right to him. He doesn’t want to go behind Mason’s back. He doesn’t want to spend time with his friend’s girlfriend without talking to him about it first. Vanessa says she’ll call Mason.

While she is gone, Devan tells Dale that she has decided to hire Amanda. Dale asks if she has consulted Marni. Since they are business partners, she shouldn’t hire someone without talking to her. That would be going behind her back. Devan agrees.

Vanessa returns and says that Mason doesn’t mind if she hangs out with Dale. Before Dale can say much of anything, she grabs his hand and they run off together.

What do you think Vanessa wants? Has anyone ever done anything behind your back? How did it make you feel?



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yuminagaSuper Member!


I hate going behind someone’s back and I never talk behind someone’s back. I know I am not eveone’ s cup to tea. and who can be? It could be impossible so you  can talk about anthing in fron of me . I can be cool with it !.I am the kind of peson.

01:24 AM Aug 08 2012 |




Surely Vanessa wants to go behind his boyfriend’s back.

I already had a friend that bothered me a lot, and when it’s happen I prefer to avoid contact with this kind of person and I think it’s the better way. 

01:10 AM Aug 08 2012 |




Well, about Vanessa, since the first moment that she sneaks up behind Dale, she looks like she’s looking for something more than just hang out….Dale’s attitude is correct and cool….she didn’t even phone her boyfriend, she just pretended to do it…..that is a girl’s move…..I guess that even though Dale doesn’t want to, they’ll end up doing it…..Dale “doesn’t want to”, just becuase it’s his friend’s girlfriend, but she’s hot and horny so, he will give in…...And, yes my ex girlfriend has gone behind my back!

11:01 PM Aug 07 2012 |




I dont care about what Vanessa wants.I dont remember if anyone has ever done anything behind my back or not,but if I had i wouldnt be happy at all.Our religion dont recommend that,so if we want something which dont belong to us ,we should have apermission first.Its akindof respecting to the others feelings & privacy.

09:40 PM Aug 07 2012 |



I guess Vanessa is a bitch! She didn’t spoke with her bf, and she could cheat Dale!

When someone does something behind my back I am used to be so angry, and I do my “comeback”

09:33 PM Aug 07 2012 |




you scared  me…..........hahahahah 

very fun….with some silly from GIRL…..SORRY;;;;;HAHAHAHA 

09:21 PM Aug 07 2012 |




Nobody who do this way can not be my friend.Hard is meet honest people but I’ll never give up to find the new one with good intent.

07:16 PM Aug 07 2012 |

1 person likes this



Well, if there’s something I would never be cool with is letting my girlfriend hang out with another guy, however he’s my friend. It barely exist a pure friendship between a man and a woman.

06:28 PM Aug 07 2012 |




and me to my brother always borrows my clothes of sport behind my back

03:28 PM Aug 07 2012 |




My little sister always borrows my clothes and my stuff behind my back and let me say it’s so annoying but what can i do? still my little sisterCool 



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it is sweetWink

12:58 PM Aug 07 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I hate anyone who likes to do something which is not ok However makes effort and tries bad ways!

12:29 PM Aug 07 2012 |




I agree with you guys that  Vanessa  didn´t  call Mason about his permission to hanging out with Dale , I think that Dale is kind of naive to believe her  and shouldn´t   have permitted to be dragged  by Vanessa out of the office.

jossef 002010


Well, It’s obvious, Vanessa wants to hang out with Dale without asking permission from Mason, Which is bad and unacceptable, Going behind someone’s back or taking someone’s stuff is immoral even if you already know that he/she won’t say no, but at least show him/her that he/she has an respectable opinion and you care about it, Because it may happen with you someday and of course you won’t feel good with that.

Yeah, It happened with me, And of course it wasn’t a pleasant thing, And if you’ve ever done something like that before, The most important thing is, Don’t do that again.

12:03 PM Aug 07 2012 |



go behinde someone’s back is such an immoral act in my veiw point, but people use to do it oftenly in our daily life. if we talk about vanessa its looking lil akward to hang out with someone when your boyfriend is ill and immoral to go behind his back. and yes we all would have been experinced this sort of crooked behavior in our lives. but it only leads the relation at cross purposes when its about our dear one’s.

10:26 AM Aug 07 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


well, I think Vanessa is a bad guy here and I doubt her talking about telling Mason she’ll hang out with Dale, I think there will be a problem later…

It happened with me before.. This feeling, I know it. you feel down and shocked, especially if they are people close to your heart.. it’s like as if somebody gives you a stab in your back… 



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

In my opinion Vanessa just wants hang out with some one and dosen’t matter with who, I dont accept Vanessa’s manner.

Its not right to doing something behine some one’s back.

05:52 AM Aug 07 2012 |

tiffany shen


yes, doing something behind someone’s back is so bad.we must consider everyone ,everyone has self-esteem.and tell them before you do somethings.

04:14 AM Aug 07 2012 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

yeah it is not right to do things behind someone’s back, you better tell him or her so that things gonna go well there will be no fight. to be honesty is a right thing.

02:50 AM Aug 07 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I agree with shiry , backbiting is a good and common example of going behind someone’s back.such a thing has happened to me a couple of times and how did I feel?awful.This thought that what they have told about me,they belittled me in front of others,how others think about me now and so on so forth really gets my goat then I try to curse them in my heart :) and it satisfies me just a little.but in this story Venessa ; from the first sight she didn’t look like a chaste woman so being friend with such a girl will have such reason .I’m pretty sure she hadn’t call poor Mason.

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