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Labor Day
Labor Day

Learn Phrasal Verbs

Date: Aug 31 2012

Themes: Holidays

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Officially, Labor Day is supposed to honor workers and celebrate their contributions to America. But it’s also known as the last big three-day weekend of summer, when everyone tries to squeeze in just a little more fun in the sun before the weather starts to cool down and school begins again. Many people go out of town over Labor Day weekend, while others head to the pool or cook out at home. Find out what Amy and Jason’s Labor Day plans are this year.



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Amy:  Time to put your white shoes away pretty soon.

Jason:  What? Why?

Amy:  Can’t wear white shoes after Labor Day. It’s the end of summer.

Jason:  Oh my gosh, it is Labor Day. Wow. It’s so warm though right now.

Amy:  Doesn’t matter. Labor Day marks the end of summer. It’s time to start thinking about going back to school, putting your summer whites away. You know, getting serious again. Getting out the coats and the scarves.

Jason:  Wow. Wow, I’m just not ready for that at all. I mean, I’m really enjoying wearing white right now, being in the sun.

Amy:  Well, the nice thing about Labor Day is at least it’s like one final three day weekend, when you can enjoy that last burst of summer before…

Jason:  Yeah! You can sneak in the thing you’ve been putting off all summer.

Amy:  Right. Take one last trip. Are you going anywhere?

Jason:  No, but I think I’m going to try to go get on a boat right now because I haven’t been on one, and that needs to happen before fall.

Amy:  Better hurry.


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Amy tells Jason that it’s time for him to put his white shoes away. That’s because traditionally, you aren’t supposed to wear white shoes after Labor Day. White is for summer, and many people view Labor Day weekend as the end of summer.

But sometimes it is still hot on Labor Day, and it’s hard to start thinking about the fall. Nobody wants the fun of summer to end. However, many kids go back to school after Labor Day. The holiday is one last chance to enjoy a bit more summer fun or do the things you’ve been meaning to do all season. Jason says he’s been meaning to go on a boat all summer. Now may be his last chance to do it!

What is considered the end of summer in your country? What do you want to do before summer is over?



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11:45 PM Sep 03 2012 |



C’mon kids, do your homework: Labor Day was consensed by the International Workers Congresses of Paris in 1889 to honour the “martyrs in Chicago”, anarchist unionists who were executed in the US because of being involved in the different protests, strikes and riots that started in Chicago on May 1st, 1886 to get an eight-hour working day.

In many countries this date is a day of protests and reivindications to celebrate the power of the working class and it was banned under many dictatorships such as Franco’s in Spain (1939-1975).

09:01 AM Sep 03 2012 |

Johnas Guo


In our hometown a small village in China in 1996. It’s so fun make me remenber the school time,Going to school in Sep 1st,Don’t to care anything in that time,Only know playing,But now,the weekend is so far ,that’s why people always to say “Think time flies, achieved in the past”

12:28 AM Sep 03 2012 |



does he really say “going to try to go get on a boat”? because I hear “gonna go trying get on a boat”...

08:39 PM Sep 02 2012 |




Interesting article with rich vocabulary

04:52 PM Sep 02 2012 |




when you already have a job you start forgeting that season has timeframe so as for me the end of summer it is just the begining of a new working month….and in some point the end of hot weather

10:51 AM Sep 02 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i don’t know, we have to think about labor day, weekend, holiday, summer or become less hot…

there are in many countries same that day.

every day can be respect day for all pepole and it depends our thought about mean labor day, but which one is important for us, respect or weekend, holiday and…?

i think, we must have a better day in our life cycle till forever… .

09:16 AM Sep 02 2012 |

1 person likes this



United States

good lesson. enjoy all threeday weekend. 

02:22 AM Sep 02 2012 |




Labor Day is nothing to me,bcz I am a worker for myself.

01:53 AM Sep 02 2012 |




Labor Day is a party for worker but for Unemployed person is like Orphan in christmas eve

11:33 PM Sep 01 2012 |

1 person likes this


MasbararSuper Member!


Labor Day is the 1st of May in my country.We hope to be Friday or Monday in order to make three days weekend.If it’s Tthursday and Tuesday,it’s acceptable too.Adding one day more,İt can be four days holiday.The worst is Wednesday.Just a day.There is no any possibility to make bridge.Making bridge from Wednesday could be exagerated action.This is the meaning of Labor Day for me.

End of summer is end of August and reminds us opening of the schools.

11:09 PM Sep 01 2012 |

1 person likes this




Well, I just got one week before school, or college starts. I have to see a friend I wanted to see a long time ago. And I have to enjoy every day of these, because hard work is coming.

10:38 PM Sep 01 2012 |

JumpinJulian Flash


the end of the summer is the end of the world for meeeeee D: (?

No, really. i just try to have the highest time possible, before the daily routine, that comes with the school and others…..

09:51 PM Sep 01 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Time is runing isnt it? i should hit the books again!and jump the gun to find a good job,vacation is almost over!let me give it a shot ha?

05:33 PM Sep 01 2012 |

Sami Aswad

Sami Aswad


Ooooohhhh ….I’m really nt ready for thinking abt going back to school againg nor getting serious :( damn I’m really enjoying every minute ..,, it is doesn’t matter wtever it means …in general it means that ur party is over:( I gotta squeeze in just more fun …. I’ve been meaning going to visit my friends in another city … I think I should hurry doing that :)

10:49 AM Sep 01 2012 |

1 person likes this




The cooler weather marks the end of summer in Bulgaria. The adults often say : when the montn has the letter “r” it is the end of the warmer weather. For example: SeptembeR

05:41 AM Sep 01 2012 |




Well,in my country,it all depends since China is such a big country with a vast territory.the weather varies from province to province,so does the end of summer.in my hometown,usually,the late September is considered to be the end of summer when people start to put away summer clothes and sandals.For me,i have no holiday anymore since this summer,i have to do part-time jobs and make some preparations for the new courses as the new term just started.Busy and tiring,my whole summer holiday ended even before i could stop working and have a short break.Whatever,that’s something called real life.

05:33 AM Sep 01 2012 |



In Germany is already a little bit cold and rainy. But I still wear my whites, maybe trying to stop a fall coming :-). School holidays are over.

07:21 PM Aug 31 2012 |

marija luiza


Well, here everything is so different that in any country. It starts in Augost, when kids go back to school. No more holidays haha.

Well, I just want to have more holidays, because there aren’t enough for me

07:10 PM Aug 31 2012 |




National Day marks end of sunmmer in my hometowm. later people stared wearing long sleevs. Nation Day there is also a long vation. Most people would choose travel.

06:18 PM Aug 31 2012 |

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