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How to Use Comparatives and Superlatives

Date: Oct 08 2012

Themes: Sports

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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Golf may not be as physically demanding a sport as, say, basketball or soccer. But it still has its diehard fans. And they aren’t just old men anymore. Well, not all of them.

Younger players like Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler have made golf popular with a wider, and younger, audience. But it is still an expensive sport to play, with all the equipment you have to buy and rounds you have to pay for, which continues to keep it pretty exclusive. Find out who’s a bigger golf fan, Devan or Jeff.


泰格·伍兹 (Tiger Woods) 和里奇·弗勒 (Rickie Fowler) 等年轻球手使高尔夫球受到了更广泛、更年轻的球类爱好者的欢迎。但打高尔夫球的费用仍然比较昂贵,你不仅必须购买所有装备,而且还要负担每场高尔夫球的费用,这些都是使该项运动的普及率不高的原因。看看德凡和杰夫,谁更爱好打高尔夫球。


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  My dad’s coming to visit, and he really wants to go to the golf course, but that just seems really boring to me. Can you think of a more boring sport than golf?

Jeff:  Yes. Uh…. I actually used to play golf when I was younger.

Devan:  Yeah? Did you like it?

Jeff:  Junior Golf, it was called. I did like it. But I also hated it. It’s very difficult. And frustrating.

Devan:  Really? Did you ever get a hole-in-one?

Jeff:  No, I didn’t. And I never caddied, either. Or had a caddy. Of course I was 10 years old, so…

Devan:  It just seems like such an old man sport, though.

Jeff:  Yeah, being a younger kid, I never really watched golf on TV. I never got that into it. But I’d say most of the people at the courses anytime I went golfing were definitely older, white men.

Devan:  Does that mean it takes less skill, because older people don’t have as much upper-body strength? Or is it still pretty hard?

Jeff:  It’s hard mentally. It’s definitely physical, but, you know, you have things like golf carts, and caddies carrying your clubs around.

Devan:  Well, I know my dad likes it, so based on his taste in music and everything else, I’m not getting too excited.


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Devan’s thinking about golf, because her dad’s coming to town and wants to play. She discovers that Jeff played golf as a young child. Jeff had mixed feelings about playing golf. He liked it, but he also found it very challenging.

Jeff also felt strange being a child playing golf, because most of the other people playing were old men. Devan and Jeff think that golf might be a good game for older people because, while it’s difficult mentally, it’s not that physically difficult of a sport.

All in all, Devan’s not too excited about a trip to the golf course with her dad.

Have you ever played golf? Do you like it? Do you watch it on TV? What are your favorite sports?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

that s golf sara 1998 . my friend!

volleyball is good too

i domt know golf taktik

its for rich people

12:15 PM Apr 19 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

my favorite is volleyball!

04:59 PM Apr 18 2015 |

1 person likes this



I hate golf, I’ve never played and I don’t pretend do it. I don’t watch it on tv..it’s pretty boding!

But my husband always play it on wii (video game)..

My favorite sport is volleyball..so nice.

12:58 PM Oct 10 2012 |

Polat Kizildag


I have also never played golf like any other people commenting here. However, I would like to play or at least try to play. Because among all other sports it is little bit different in the way that you should carry out a strategy and follow it while playing. I think as a hobby golf can be a good activity for changing the mood.

09:50 AM Oct 10 2012 |




no , for ordinary ppl like me , golf is out of reach ^^. it generally offers the impression popular among ederly rich business men, since it’s less physicall demanding . i bet thats it original purpose . but now golf is more like a social status, go for it , means to pay a considerable forture ,and many business are made during golf and it’s a place for business men connecting … no wonder many young men are so into it , playing golf not just means playing golf anymore …

05:33 AM Oct 09 2012 |


MasbararSuper Member!


I’ve never played and I didn’t want to play.I try to understand why the people like that game..I think it’s a game for socializing.It seems to me as an artificial game.

08:27 PM Oct 08 2012 |




I think that Devan should see her father´   upcoming visit  as an opportunity to bond with him and pretend that she is super excited that she is  going with him to a  golf course.I have no doubt that he will be very happy that his daughter   really cares  about his taste in music and golf. The really important thing is that  they are spending quality time together.Wink

08:03 PM Oct 08 2012 |




I have never play golf and I don’t want to try. I think that it’s boring I prefer play volleyball and watch football.

05:39 PM Oct 08 2012 |



Russian Federation

I’ve never played golf because we don’t have many places to play golf in Russia.I suppose It is very intresting and hard.All people who plays golf need to be strategists.I don’t watch golf because golf isn’t showed on TV.My favorite sport is football.I like watching or playing.I am very angry when my team is losing.

05:29 PM Oct 08 2012 |




I played mini-golf a few years ago, it was funny. I haven’t tried ‘real’ golf and don’t watch it on tv.

I prefer football (soccer) too. I need only a ball and a pair of football shoes. I can play alone (freestyle football) but it’s better with friends.

04:18 PM Oct 08 2012 |

Mohammed H. Al-sadi


I have never played based on i hate this game.

The football is the best ;)

04:07 PM Oct 08 2012 |




I’ve never played golf and even when I want to try playing it, it would not be easy since this Kind of sport needs an expensive equipment and a particular place that we can not find anywhere. But to be honest I can not watch Golf on televion because I don’t find any excitment in it. Once only I saw people playing Golf before my eyes, otherwise I see it only accidently in the sport news. In contrast I find football the most exciting sport. I play it myself with friends and colleagues since I was a semiprofessional football player untill 3 years ago and It’s still my favorite sport. To me it is the sport one can watch on TV;)

03:31 PM Oct 08 2012 |




The only golf club that I have ever had in my hand  is one that I picked up while browsing a sport store . To my understanding ,this is a pretty  exclusive  sport  .  if you don´t have money  and a desire  to play it  ,with good luck a professional golfer  might hire  you to act as his caddy, thus  opening you  a world of opportunities  to become  yourself a pro.      

02:54 PM Oct 08 2012 |


United States

I ‘ve never played Gold. I love to play Cricket as cricket game is made for Yound boys only.

02:34 PM Oct 08 2012 |

cheer manal


I´ve never played Golf. because i was never interested in it as a child or as an adult.i was just watching it on tv, and it was not that enjoyable.i am a big tennis fan.i also like swimming.I played a lot of tennis when i was a child as it´s been my favourite sport i was attracted to the outfits we wore when playing..I basically find these sports more fun than the other ones.   

01:57 PM Oct 08 2012 |

1 person likes this

amber rain

amber rain


Yes, i like playing golf. I had played it only once, but i never watch it on TV, just had a try.

01:29 PM Oct 08 2012 |

Olesia Slave

Russian Federation

golf sounds interesting but not for Russian people :) this kind of sport is absolutely not popular in my country

12:47 PM Oct 08 2012 |




Ihate Golf i don’t know why but i don’t like this sport:(

12:10 PM Oct 08 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Golf is very famous sport but i think it’s a little hard.

11:58 AM Oct 08 2012 |




Oh I have no clue how to play golf! I am not into this sport. In brief, it is not my cup of tea. When it comes to my favorite sport, it is football, which I am crazy about watching on the telly. 

11:23 AM Oct 08 2012 |

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