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Learn English with this Sports English Lesson

Date: Nov 07 2012

Themes: Sports, Weather

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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Skiing used to be many people’s idea of a fun winter sport, but snowboarding has become much more popular recently. What is it that makes snowboarding seem so much cooler? Is it the brightly colored gear? The similarity to skateboarding?

Even if you’re an expert snowboarder, there’s a good chance you’ll end up wiping out at some point. But people who love extreme sports don’t care if they fall. Learn English and hear Vanessa explain why she loves snowboarding so much in this English lesson.




1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Vanessa:  I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for winter.

Sara:  How come?

Vanessa:  I can’t wait to go snowboarding. I love snowboarding.

Sara:  Really?

Vanessa:  I do. I don’t like skiing so much, I have to say, but I just love going down the mountain, and the cold. You have so much more control with the one board, you know? It’s just exhilarating to be out in the cold.

Sara:  See, to me, I think skiing seems way more stable. Like you have your two poles and you have your two skis, you don’t have to balance that much…

Vanessa:  Well, snowboarding is cooler, too, I think. Skiing just makes me think of older people, and snowboarding is like skateboarding.

Sara:  Have you ever fallen?

Vanessa:  I have. I’ve wiped out quite a few times. Especially when I’m trying to do a little freestyle, sometimes, I end up with a face full of snow.

Sara:  Oh wow, but you don’t care, you just get back up on your snowboard again?

Vanessa:  Absolutely! It’s too much fun.

Sara:  You’re a real extreme sports person, I guess.

Vanessa:  I am pretty extreme.


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Vanessa tells Sara that she’s very excited for the winter to come, because she can’t wait to go snowboarding. Sara’s a little bit surprised.

Vanessa explains that she loves being out on the mountain in the cold. She doesn’t like skiing that much, though. She feels much more stable with snowboarding’s one board. Sara thinks skiing seems more stable, however. Vanessa admits that she also likes snowboarding because it’s cooler. Skiing, she thinks, is more for old people.

Sara asks Vanessa if she has ever fallen, and Vanessa says that she has, many times. She often falls when she’s trying to freestyle. She always gets back on her snowboard again, though. She just loves extreme sports!

Have you ever gone snowboarding? What did you like or dislike about it? What is your favorite winter sport?



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La Princesse de la vie


Hmm, it’s not a question for me, I guess..

You know that Egypt has no snow in winter.. We just have rains and cold air.. But I do like watching winter sports on TV or on the internet, whatever, they are fun and funny :) 

08:55 PM Nov 12 2012 |

1 person likes this



I have to admit that I’ve never done winter sports. ...But this year I’m getting acitve. I’m planning on going snowboarding. It’s definitely cooler than skiing but it’s also a lot more difficult I think. So, I hope I’m not too careful to learn snowboarding because I don’t enjoy wiping out and having snow all over ;)

12:45 AM Nov 10 2012 |

1 person likes this



United Arab Emirates

I have never gone snowboarding and skiing 
I dont like snow and cold weather
I live next to sea so I prefer water sports :) 

05:10 PM Nov 09 2012 |


Costa Rica

I’ve never gone snowboarding because there’s no snow in my country, even though there are other kind of extreme sports that can practice here like rafting or surfing, and, as the snowboarding those are extreme sports usually performed by young people whom loves adrenaline.

10:36 PM Nov 08 2012 |




When you start doing smth new you can,t be successful,you may fall down,

annoy someone and only if you stick to the idea of trying again you can get the pleasure.

Skiing is my favourite winter sport.Trying to ski at first was smth new  for me and it was a change in my life.Not very important but a change.To change means to be not successful for some time,to make mistakes and to accept some failure. But i don,t afraid of little failures or challenges,coz i know-in the end will be a pleasant reward that is worth of all my efforts.

07:37 AM Nov 08 2012 |




never saw snow yet but it looks funny ! id’like to try it one day …...Tongue out

12:36 AM Nov 08 2012 |


Syrian Arab Republic

 It is a difficult sport, I think I won’t try such a thing ever. 

08:08 PM Nov 07 2012 |



Russian Federation

I like snowboarding very much. For me it’s the best way to spent winter holidays. It’s the great sence of freedom  on the top of a montain and its very cool to slide down and feel what u control every movement. When I was taught snowboarding I was falling all the time, ohh It was very painfully,but I didn’t give up. And now It’s my favorite winter kind of sport:)

07:17 PM Nov 07 2012 |



Russian Federation

I haven’t ever gone snowboarding because I think it is very dangerous.It is easy to fall down from board and break something.My favorite winter sport is skate.Many beautiful girls go to ice and show different shapes.It is so exciting and attractive.

06:01 PM Nov 07 2012 |




I know that is not as cool as Vanessa that in winter takes on the route to the snowy mountains to practice snowboarding , with  the included risk of wiping out and having to eat snow , ok, fine, is part of the fun , but please be sure that  there aren´t any trees  on the slope, At my age , the best I can do is  playing snowboarding  on  online games  ,I envy you guysWink   

05:54 PM Nov 07 2012 |




Nice lesson and thanks Vanessa! Now I know, I am an old person, because I only prefer cross skiing ;)

I never tried snowboarding and it doesnt matter how you fall in the snow, by snowboarding or cross skiing – it’s just cool ;)

04:51 PM Nov 07 2012 |



Russian Federation

Unfortunately, I have never gone snowboarding… I hope that one day I will try it!)))))) What about winter sports I like skating most of all!!!))) But actually watching winter sports on TV is more exciting…

04:49 PM Nov 07 2012 |


yuminagaSuper Member!


I haven’t ever gone snowboading .even though I like extreme sports.i swear i must go sometime

02:42 PM Nov 07 2012 |



What is the meaning of Skiing?

02:05 PM Nov 07 2012 |

Masoud M

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I,v never used it,thats sport with fun,snowboardin is a typical sport that pepole use in winter.and its exterme sport for young men ofcourse becuase it has lots of dangrous act,but its good idea for winter and i think i want like it,beacuse i,m young too.instead i like skatein line and do it,it is similar to snowboardin but its on land without snow,its exterme sport too,it is risky because you dont can control yourself if you dont know how can be saftly.

02:02 PM Nov 07 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

no I don’t snowboarding until now but I would like do that.couse i live in cold area I don’t like winter and like more time the whether be warm

01:36 PM Nov 07 2012 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It it is so dangrous and also exciting.Regarding equipment,it is an expensive sport in my country( Iran).I think I like trying snowboarding becouse I am mad of snow and white color if I have enough moneyWink

 I rememberd an experience about wipig out.about 10 yearse ago we were sliping on the snowy mountain when we collide to a big ston,suddenly my cousin who was near us(my sister and I) cought my collar and saved us.we survived because my cousinLaughing

10:25 AM Nov 07 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like snow because the snow is white and i believe this color is a symbol for honesty and simplicity

07:22 AM Nov 07 2012 |

Yumi zeng


I have never see snow ,i hope i can meet it on one day at our north provice . i think i will very like this kind of  sport .

05:25 AM Nov 07 2012 |




  What makes extreme sports so popular? Because people love the risk. City people want to be outdoors on the weekend and do something challenging. The new equipment is so much better that people can take more risks without getting hurt. Sure there’s a risk. Once you go mountain biking or snowboarding, it’s impossible to go back to bike riding or skiing. It’s just too boring.
   Now even the older crowd is starting to join in. every weekend, groups of friends in their early 30s get together. On weekdays they work as computer programmers in the same office. On weekends they rent mountains together.
   Extreme sports are certainly not for everyone. Most people still prefer to play basketball or watch sports on TV. But it has been a fact that extreme sports are gaining in popularity. My name is hanini and like  Extreme sports,by the way ,here is many Extreme sports you can find.

05:07 AM Nov 07 2012 |

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