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Learn English with this drinking English lesson

Date: Nov 28 2012

Themes: Food, Party

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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If you go out to bars, you’ve probably been in this situation. You wait in line, trying to catch the bartender’s attention. Finally, it’s your turn, and you’ve got a choice to make. What are you going to drink?

Sure, there’s beer and wine, but sometimes you want something more sophisticated, like a cocktail. First, you have decide what kind of alcohol you want. Will it be whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, or tequila? Do you want any mixers? Do you want your drink on the rocks or straight up? The choices can be so overwhelming that sometimes you just say to the bartender, “Make me your specialty.” Learn party English and hear Amy and Dale discuss cocktails in this drinking English lesson.




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Dale:  So I’m assuming you do like going out to bars and clubs or restaurants, correct?

Amy:  On occasion, yes.

Dale:  So do you prefer drinking when you go out?

Amy:  Sometimes, I’m not gonna lie.

Dale:  Do you enjoy cocktails?

Amy:  I do, yeah. It kinda depends, sometimes I prefer to just have a glass of wine, depending on what I’m eating, but I do get excited for a fancy cocktail.

Dale:  Do you like it on the rocks? Do you like it in a martini glass? Do you like to take shots?

Amy:  I don’t really like to take shots. I mean, for me, I don’t know, I enjoy sipping on a cocktail, and I kind of like to enjoy the flavors of a cocktail, especially if it’s, you know, something a little unusual, if the bartender has put some extra effort into trying to come up with a creative recipe.

Dale:  So do you take the advice from the bartender, if you happen to ask him? Do you go by that decision or that choice?

Amy:  I have my favorite types of alcohol that I tend to gravitate toward in a cocktail, but I’m also one of those annoying people who always is asking the bartender, “What do you like?”

Dale:  Well, don’t drink too many cocktails.

Amy:  I’ll try.


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Dale asks Amy if she likes going out to bars and clubs, and if she likes drinking when she’s there. She does sometimes drink. Dale asks if she likes drinking cocktails. For Amy, it depends. Sometimes she’s in the mood for a glass of wine, but sometimes she does enjoy a cocktail.

Dale then asks Amy some more questions about her cocktail preferences. She tells him that she likes drinking a cocktail slowly, in order to enjoy the flavors. She often asks the bartender for advice, so that she can drink the sort of cocktail that he or she thinks is best.

This conversation ends with a warning. Dale wants Amy to enjoy her cocktails, but not too much!

Do you drink alcohol? If so, do you enjoy cocktails? What kind of cocktails do you like? Do you ask the bartender’s advice, or decide on your own?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Rana1371, alcoholic drinkings are not harmful for you, you are free to take whatever you like :) but we are told that disadvantages of alcoholic stuff are more than their benefits, you’ve not been banned from drinking, it is only a recommendation you can neglect that, its up to you :))

08:45 PM Dec 23 2013 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i hate drinking alcoholic.yooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeee:b

11:09 AM Apr 10 2013 |



Hong Kong


10:33 AM Dec 05 2012 |




I do drink hard drinks but mostly it’s wine and more seldom beer. Cocktails aren’t my choice as they are very tricky in a way – you get tipsy very quick and then you become volnurable – I don’t like it.

09:36 PM Dec 03 2012 |


Russian Federation

I like drinks on the rock, especially, if it’s rum & cola with a peace of lime. Sometimes I take shorts.

03:14 PM Dec 03 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

 drinks are  not healthy for our body  .


10:34 AM Nov 30 2012 |



Yes, I do. I like different kinds of alcohol drinks…..such as wine, beer, whiskey and cocktails. So, it depends the occasion, usually I drink beer when it is hot and wine when it is cold or during a dinner. I use to drink Whiskey and cocktails when I go out with my firends. I decide by my own rather ask the bartender’s advice. Cheers :)

09:41 AM Nov 29 2012 |

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I prefer wines since in them you can feel full bouquet and aroma. My favorite ones from the low price range is Chianti Ruffino, Duboneet; from the middle ones is Mouton Cadet. The highest range is out of my leage yet.:)

From cocktails, jin and tonic – always! is my favorite.

03:19 AM Nov 29 2012 |

1 person likes this


yuminagaSuper Member!


I agree with cocktail is ultimate sophisticated drink for many drinkers because it looks so beautiful,i Like it very well ..there are so many choices to be made though  i dont know  how to do  

10:06 PM Nov 28 2012 |

1 person likes this

mer sede

mer sede

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like it :)

08:40 PM Nov 28 2012 |

1 person likes this

BBoy Roty

BBoy Roty


I don’t drink alcohol. =.

08:15 PM Nov 28 2012 |



I just drink soda and water !!! and a wine harly ever…

08:10 PM Nov 28 2012 |




Katia, caipirinha cocktail,? hmmm that remembers me  the  juquehy  beaches  in Brazil.   

06:51 PM Nov 28 2012 |




Yes, I do. I prefer Caipirinha cocktails, but done with me! :)

06:45 PM Nov 28 2012 |




i love it very much.i drink it much

06:19 PM Nov 28 2012 |



I don’t drink alcohol .


05:50 PM Nov 28 2012 |




     I see what Ebaby is doing here : ), just yesterday the theme was “come clean” which inspired some of us to fess up to our friends about our dirty little secrets ;). And today as fate would have it, we’re shown a lineup of some sleek-looking cocktails of all the colors of rainbow, with the olive resting at the bottom of the glass and the lemon peel dangling on its rim like a lone confetti. I think it’s time to bite the bullet and confess that I have taken a few zips before ;)

     I keep tabs on my alcoholic consumption- it’s something I don’t go overboard with. To be totally honest, I can say it’s a tempting habit that I’m trying to fend off. For instance, I try not to keep an assorted collection of alcoholic beverages at home, the more choices I have the more likely I’ll end up drinking ( there are drinks for any mood out there , I don’t want that freedom ;). And I think that I’m pushing the envelope too far when I drink straight from the bottle, versus pouring it into a tiny glass. Drinking alone is something I’m trying to deter also.  By placing myself under all of these scrutinies, I have been able to put a lid on my craving for alcohol. But I made certain I didn’t seal it too tightly.  ;)

     Now, when I was younger and living under strict supervision of a caregiver, I used to guzzle on alcoholic beverages that I couldn’t pronounce. I lugged a flask with me where ever I went. I shunned nightclubs where the bartenders are known for watering down their cocktails, and opted for places where alcohol  was abundant ,served for cheap and at its rawest form. I was desperate for the reflex of biting my own teeth after I gulped any booze and feel as though hair were growing out my throat :). Like they say, I was too young to care, but old enough to drink. Although, no one had introduced me to alcohol per se, I think peer pressure played a major role and took this experimentation up a notch or two :)- But now, I’ve grown older and wiser, and not under any parental surveillance, therefore I need to look after myself and staying sober as long as I can bear it seems logical.

     I’m not very choosy when it comes to alcohol, I know I sound like a sot with this statement but it’s just that I’ve found this particular whiskey that I liked and stuck with it ever since, it’s Crown Royal : ). As a result, I can’t really say that I’m a connoisseur in this industry but I’m an advocate and a lab rat for any  drink. I don’t ask bartenders for advice I don’t want to hold up the line : )  just pour me anything lethal I’ll live… I don’t need to know its chemical components nor its history. Just like James Bond had put it so well “do I look like I care?” ;). I’m not an impulsive drinker, but sometimes I just want to have a drink- and I don’t have to be feeling depressed or joyous- I just want it.

   Now, if you don’t drink at all, you’re not missing out on anything special, believe me. But if you should try it just out of curiosity, make sure you don’t like it : ). A simple “it’s not that bad, but I don’t understand all the hypes about it” can increase the frequency of your clandestine trips to your neighborhood tavern  ( :

05:33 PM Nov 28 2012 |



I don’t drink nothing with alcohol. How about you?

05:31 PM Nov 28 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

im a muslem.it fobidden for me!

and i hate it to :)

05:06 PM Nov 28 2012 |




Sergio: ten points from me!

I also like to mix a cocktail at home. I choose some juice and alcohol which is available and shake it well ;-)

04:31 PM Nov 28 2012 |

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