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Learning the American Accent - Lesson 2

Learning the American Accent - Lesson 2

Date: Dec 13 2012

Topic: Pronunciation

Author: andylu2


In the last lesson I wrote how to pronounce the word "to" in both the middle of a sentence and at the end of a sentence.  

Now I want to talk about how typical American English speakers pronounce "Going to" and "Want to". 

It's something similar to "Gonna" and "Wanna".  It's not exact but it's close.  Now I realize that instead of just "writing" how to say these words, some audio or video lessons would be better.  Here is a free video lesson of how to say these words in combination.  Listen carefully and practice yourself.  Please remember to "like" this lesson if you find it useful to you.  Thanks.


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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it was greaaaaaaaaaaat as usual..thank u very very much..this lesson is what i wanted..i love to learn american accents..i want to seprate it from british one..i think they are mixed while i am speaking..

i want to seprate them,,but its hard i think because i dident pay attention when i learnt enlish some years ago..

04:10 PM Dec 16 2012 |




I’m curious if you guys have any specific questions you’d like answered about proper American pronunciation.  I’ll make a video lesson about it.  Thanks

06:02 PM Dec 13 2012 |

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