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Citrus Fruit
Citrus Fruit

Learn English with this food English lesson

Date: Mar 29 2013

Themes: Food

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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When sailors went on long voyages, they would take citrus fruits like limes or oranges with them. Without them, or specifically, the vitamin C inside them, the sailors would die!

These days, sailors have vitamin C pills, but that doesn’t mean that eating a grapefruit isn’t good for your health. Citrus fruits are a tasty way to stay well.

One way many people enjoy citrus fruits is in juices. Orange juice is a common breakfast beverage in the US. Find out if Jeff and Sara take theirs with or without pulp in this food English lesson.

水手出海远航时会随身携带柠檬或橘子之类的柑橘类水果。如果没有这些水果,或尤其是这些水果中富含的维生素 C,水手就会死!

现在,水手可口服维生素 C 药片,但这并不表示吃葡萄柚对身体不好。柑橘类水果是保持健康的可口方式。



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jeff:  I remember in wintertime I would always visit my grandparents and they lived in Los Angeles, and in their backyard they had an orange tree and a lemon tree. And it always blew me away, because in the wintertime where I lived, it was cold.

Sara:  Did it feel like summer when you would pick one of those oranges off the tree?

Jeff:  Yeah, it was like paradise...go pick an orange or a lemon, make some fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Sara:  Oh nice! Do you like lemonade to be really sour or do you like it more sweet?

Jeff:  I like both qualities, not too much of one.

Sara:  Here’s a real question with juice made from citrus fruits: pulp or no pulp?

Jeff:  See, I like the pulp, but I know a lot of people don’t like pulp.

Sara:  You see, I think it’s…not to be too graphic…it kind of reminds me of phlegm.

Jeff:  OK, I can understand that. It is a little weird.

Sara:  Well, you know, I think the best thing about citrus and citrus juice is that when you’re starting to get sick, and you drink or eat some citrus, it’s like a full dose of vitamin C.

Jeff:  Yeah, vitamin C, it’s good for you.

Sara:  It’s true. And you know, I actually feel like I might be coming down with something, so I’m going to go grab an orange. Do you want one?

Jeff:  Yeah, I’ll have one.


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When Jeff was young, he used to visit his grandparents in Los Angeles where it was so warm in the winter that he could pick lemons and oranges off the tree. He loved to drink fresh-squeezed lemonade there.

Sara is a big fan citrus fruits. Not only are they healthy and full of vitamin C, but she also thinks they’re tasty. Except for pulp in orange juice. She hates that.

In fact, Sara uses citrus fruit almost like medicine. When she might be coming down with something, she makes sure to eat an orange.

What is your favorite kind of citrus fruit? Do you like pulp in your orange juice?



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Russian Federation

I’m fond of any freshes not only citrus. Fresh-squeesed juices are very useful and tasty for sure.

07:04 AM May 22 2013 |




I love orange juice with no pulp, normally. Lemonade I would rather sweeter instead of sour. The problem is that during the summertime I drink it compulsively and fast. The more I drink the more I want. Terrible :P 

02:45 PM Apr 15 2013 |



United Arab Emirates

my favirte citrus it’s orange and I like orange juice too:)

06:53 PM Apr 02 2013 |


yuminagaSuper Member!


I like apples better,i dont care pulp in my orange juice ,

12:01 AM Apr 01 2013 |

Man from this time

Syrian Arab Republic

Please any one reads this, please pray for us, we are innocent, we have left our houses compulsivly.
Oh God, forgive us.

10:14 PM Mar 31 2013 |




We need California sun and glorious San Joaquin Valley for the juiciest, invigorating, aromatic, zingy, vitamin C boosting Navels, Blood orangers, Cara cara oranges,Minneolas, Clementis, Meyer lemons (my fav) and Pomelos.

What a blast!!:)

03:05 PM Mar 31 2013 |

1 person likes this

Irene Forever


I love orange juice most of all. But so as to say something about sitrus overall , I love all of them except grapefruit, though I know it’s very healthy.

I don’t like pulp in orange juice, but like it in plum,  peach and apricot juice very much.  Pulp in orange juice reminds me a glass with something nasty left after careless washing. Never for me! :)

Lacto-Fermented Orange Juice

01:47 PM Mar 31 2013 |




i like orange juice

10:41 AM Mar 31 2013 |

1 person likes this




Yes i love citrus fruits and i enjoy having them whether juice or just eating them and either way i don’t mind having the pulp, actually it’s so tasty and it makes the juice even better and when you get sick there’s better than having citrus to get rid of the cold or the flu so fast and of course taking vitman C by pills is nothing compared to having a tasty orange or yummy lemonade.

10:29 AM Mar 31 2013 |

1 person likes this


Viet Nam

I see Citrus Fruit is a essential nutrient for me. After this lessons i will apply it every meal of the day. Thank you for your lesson today. 

02:41 AM Mar 31 2013 |




i like orange juice without pulp offcourse.

08:17 PM Mar 30 2013 |

1 person likes this




I love all kind of fruits. Especially citrus! But I just  prefer orange like a juise without pulp. My favorite citrus fruit is grapefruit.

06:09 PM Mar 30 2013 |




From now on, whenever i find i may be get to sick,i will eat a lot of citrus to avoid sick

12:58 PM Mar 30 2013 |



Mandarin is my favorite citrus fruit. Grapefruit is my least favorite one, because it always taste so bitter. :/ I really don’t like pulp in orange juice, well, I don’t know, I think it depends on the juice itself, because sometimes I enjoy the feeling of them exploding in my mouth, lol! Oh and the fact that citrus fruit help when you’re feeling sick is absolutely true, based on personal experience. ;) 

09:34 AM Mar 30 2013 |




Ok, i like fruits in general, but i like citrus fruit more because its sour taste lemon, mandarin, and sour orange i don’t really like sweet orange, so i might make some orange juice with little sugar and with its pulp of course i like pulp so much. 

08:37 AM Mar 30 2013 |



for everything originality is very good and useful

07:39 AM Mar 30 2013 |




06:16 AM Mar 30 2013 |

1 person likes this



Saudi Arabia

great..i like pupl too

05:56 AM Mar 30 2013 |

1 person likes this




I used to work with kids. Well, working with children is not that easy. I was always tired until! I came up with the solution. The solution was made from water mixed with cut lemon. Oh, it was such an energetic drink. I survived! And they say orange is the color of survival. For me it was yellow – lemon. But I couldn’t eat a lot of it as I developed an allergy after too much eating (drinking) of that product. :)

04:26 AM Mar 30 2013 |




I like lemons to make some “caipirinhas”!! :)

11:55 PM Mar 29 2013 |

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