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Learn English with this sports English lesson

Date: Mar 27 2013

Themes: Sports

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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Everyone knows Americans love football, baseball, and basketball. But there’s another sport that’s extremely popular, especially in the colder states. While the American passion for hockey may not be as great that of the Canadian fans, those who do love the sport are truly dedicated.

They have to be. Hockey requires a lot of equipment. You need pads, skates, sticks, a puck, goals, and of course ice. You also need balance and grace as well as toughness and strength. Hockey is a very rough sport, but also subtle.

Hockey players famously love to fight on the ice, and that helps draw in the fans too. Listen to Amanda tell Jeff what brought her out to a recent hockey game in this sports English lesson.





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Amanda:  Hey Jeff.

Jeff:  What is it that you have there? That round, disk-like black thing?

Amanda:  This is actually a puck. Want to know how I got it?

Jeff:  Sure.

Amanda:  I won two tickets to the Winter Hawks ice hockey game, and I won it because I was in seat 139!

Jeff:  Oh, I’ve heard about those games.

Amanda:  Yeah!

Jeff:  People go nuts for that team.

Amanda:  Yeah, it’s crazy! But you know, they don’t even care about the sport, they just want to see the blood.

Jeff:  You think so?

Amanda:  I’m pretty sure. That’s why I was there.

Jeff:  I don’t know, I’ve seen it on TV and it’s tough, but it combines toughness with grace like no other sport. You know, it’s big in Canada, that’s for sure, and certain parts of the US, but it doesn’t really carry over to a lot of places.

Amanda:  Well, if you ever want to check out a game…it’s really cold, though, so you’d have to wear your parka.

Jeff:  I just picked up a cool new coat I’ve been wanting to show off.

Amanda:  Groovy.


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Jeff is surprised to see that Amanda is carrying around a hockey puck. She won tickets to a hockey game and got it there.

Neither Amanda nor Jeff is a very dedicated hockey fan, but they each have things they like about the sport. Jeff appreciates the grace and toughness it takes to be good. Amanda likes to watch the players fight.

Have you every played or watched hockey? What do you like or dislike about it? Is hockey popular in your country?



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I love hockey, too. Hockey is a national sport in my country. Many slovak good hockey players play in NHL or KHL. It is dynamic and very hard sport. It is harder than football, and you can see little fight and the end :D

01:48 PM Mar 01 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

many people in US love Hockey. this sport is very famaous and many people love it but i think it’s very boring:(

07:09 PM Mar 31 2013 |




I watched hockey one time several years ago. It’s was funny, a little  violent but like some sports. No, hockey isn’t very popular maybe in the future….

02:36 PM Mar 29 2013 |




As a matter of fact, people are nuts about Hockey in the country where I live. It is the first favorite sport among people around the country. I follow Hockey too especially Canucks which plays in NHL. Many folks are dedicated to watch every individual game of Canucks in the stadium since they believe they are able to feel toughness of the game and grace of players much better than watch on the TV. However, some of them are devoted to look at fighting and blood during of a game. In addition, wearing a parka is a necessary thing when you want to see it alive which means coldness  carry over in the entire time of the game.

01:54 AM Mar 28 2013 |

1 person likes this



South Korea

Actually Hockey is not popular game in my country. So, I don’t know about it very much, but i have interest about hockey. The thing i like is that hockey is very speedy. We don’t have time to do other things while a game is playing. But, as Jeff said, Hockey is so tough. I don’t like sports which is so tough.

01:11 AM Mar 28 2013 |




I’m going nuts about Hockey,otherwise it doesn’t carry over to my country(maybe something related to the chilly weather which Hockey requires..).Nevertheless some believe in that,I don’t think it’s a tough sport.The grace of the players on the ice….uh.I can’t give the cold shoulder to it,even if I don’t have a parka to watch it on TV….hehe.It’s really amusing sport for me,I like it…,I like it….


                                  WooooooooooW B A L L E T


08:48 PM Mar 27 2013 |

2 people like this




Sorry, Amanda, but I will disagree with you. It’s definitely a sport thing that gathers people at the stadiums. Hockey  might be considered as a tough kind of sport, but it suits men perfectly, I guess:) Both watching and participating.

Some amount of injuries and blood mixed with sweat is unseparable part especially in fast-paced kinds of sports.

Escitement, speed, bumps all makes the fans root for their teams with love and dedication. No desire to see any blood:)

08:17 PM Mar 27 2013 |

Irene Forever


Hockey is rather popular in Ukraine but not so much as football. I like neither hockey nor football. Still if to chose between both, I would stop my choice on football. The matter is that my Dad played footfall as a professional football player when he was young. So if I want or not sometimes I watch matches and even shout for the team my Dad loves. :) He gets a great pleasure of that. :) My lovely Dad.:)

07:45 PM Mar 27 2013 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i watch hockey games on tv. now  i would  like to see hockey games live. this is a lovely game but unfortunate  we don’t have such games in our country. 

05:28 PM Mar 27 2013 |

1 person likes this

Ya Nina


I’ve never played hockey. I can say moreover – I’ve never ever watched whole hockey game on TV. I couldn’t say that I like or dislike that game. I just like to watch other sport games. For example, I like to watch figure-skating, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming… At the outside and in a good company I can to watch football game. However I can’t admit that large majority of hockey players are very good-looking men. However if face up to a real thing these good-looking men have one important defect after all – very often they haven’t the teeth.

On the other side I can’t forget that hockey was a very popular game in USSR. My country was an important part of that great country. So I consider hockey as a part of the history of my country. Also certainly if I know that Russian hockey team competed with Canadian or something else, I always cheer for Russian and wish them luck and win!

12:58 PM Mar 27 2013 |




Hockey is very popular for Canadians. Big entertainment. Rough game, very speedy. To watch is a sheer fun even just for a person who’s not into sports. The ticket is very diffiucutl to buy, they’ve all sold out before the starting of the season. The audience is full. Grand event! Worth of watching!




Actually no hockey is not popular in my country and i think it contains a lot of violence so i’m not into this sport.

09:49 AM Mar 27 2013 |




Before this i have never heared of the hockey except from my English text book.

I am really looking forward to seeing the hockey

07:33 AM Mar 27 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

In my country a hockey never don’t popular . Even I don’t know this game and not follow it or enjoy it . In my visit to malysia I watching a hockey game in mall just this time I see a hockey ..

05:44 AM Mar 27 2013 |

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