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Learn English with this fashion English lesson

Date: Apr 26 2013

Themes: Fashion

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Do you know anyone with pierced ears? How about a pierced nose? Or a lip, or eyebrow, or maybe even a bellybutton? In the United States, ear piercing was popular for many years, and in the 1990s putting a hole in nearly any body part became much more popular. The trend has continued in some parts of the country, but in other parts, it’s already played out.

Some people find piercings fun or attractive, but some people think they look painful or even disgusting. If you have a piercing, it’s important to take care of it to make sure it doesn’t become infected, because an infected piercing is definitely painful and disgusting. Find out what Marni and Lily think about piercings in this fashion English lesson.

你知道有谁打耳洞了吗?又有谁穿过鼻环?或者在嘴唇、眉毛,甚至在肚脐上穿孔?在美国,打耳洞已经流行了很多年,而在 20 世纪九十年代,在几乎任何一个身体部位穿孔都变得很流行。这种潮流在美国的部分地区仍然盛行,然而在其他地区却早已过时。



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Lily:  These days there are a lot of people with piercings. It’s like a new thing.

Marni:  Well, it seems like piercings were really popular, I don’t know, 15 or so years ago, and then they’ve sort of ebbed and flowed. But it’s weird, cause it’s like, you do these things to stand out, but then there’s so many people that are doing it, is it really standing out or is it just… I don’t know.

Lily:  I’m too much of a baby. It seems too excruciating to get holes punched into your ears, and then you might get an infection, you know. I’m too much of a weenie for that.

Marni:  Body modification has been around for centuries, many cultures have done it and still do do it, but it’s an interesting trend to me that you see so many current young people committing to this pretty drastic piercing.

Lily:  It’s not just nose piercing anymore or anything. Like the little things on your upper lip, that kind of stuff.

Marni:  Yeah, I kind of always liked that. So some things don’t strike you as really, wow, that’s a huge commitment-

Lily:  Dramatic.

Marni:  Yeah, they’re not so dramatic. But there is definitely- I mean people get pierced everywhere these days.

Lily:  Everywhere.

Marni:  Seems painful.

Lily:  Mmm hmm.


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Lily notices that piercings have been popular in recent years. Marni thinks that they may not be that popular right now, but that their popularity ebbs and flows. She thinks the power of piercings to make someone stand out lessens when many people are doing it.

Marni and Lily know that piercing and other forms of body modification have a long history, but they both think that getting pierced would be painful. They also think it’s a very dramatic commitment to make. It doesn’t sound as if either of them will be following this trend anytime soon.

What do you think of piercings? Do you have any? Do you think that piercing or other forms of body modification is a form of rebellion?



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Bosnia and Herzegovina


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12:27 PM Apr 30 2013 |



Russian Federation

My relations to piercings is calm. My ears are pierced and that’s enough for me. I almost don’t wear earrings.

Recently I heard that piercing in navel was made to concubines in old times. People thought that navel is a sacred place on the body of women. Women with pierced navel just concentrated only on “lowest things’ like satisfying of their animal instincts.

09:00 AM Apr 30 2013 |


NuriaRuizSuper Member!


I don’t have any piercing. In fact i have not even in the ear. I don’t like piercings nor none body modification. The truth is that I don’t know why :).

09:16 PM Apr 28 2013 |



I dont’s have piercing, but I see it like a nice thing if used moderately. Well, each culture judge things according with its specialties however for me it´s a normal thing and here in Brasil it is normal and attractive too.

05:57 PM Apr 28 2013 |




In my eyes, the piercing is a symble of fashion firstly, once some of movie stars or celebrities have  it, their funs follow immediately. also,nose piercing, lip piercing make people more sexy.

But I can’t pierce my body, because I couldn’t endure the pain such that,  on the other hand, I have no courage to do that. I’m afriad that firends, collegues of mine can not accept  me with piercings. Changing image is a big thing.

Since the behaviors of those who have piercing are wired sometimes, so piercing is looked as the sign of rebellion. But the truth is more and more people tend to accept piercing, and have it . So the piercing comes to be a fashion trend, or just an accessory.  


10:17 AM Apr 28 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I do not like to hurt my body.ذbut It depends on your personal opinion.This is not my favorite.

09:55 AM Apr 28 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

no dear fatima,she maybe like,but we must see them that s too horrible!!!

08:49 AM Apr 28 2013 |


Russian Federation

Piercins is not the thing I dream about of, but if someone wants to do it with his body let him to .

08:38 AM Apr 28 2013 |




Piercings are a teenager weapon to hide their pimples.. good way to have more friends on social network.

11:24 PM Apr 27 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

I don’t like any kinds of piercings except earrings for girls. i dont like to be pierced, its something so terrible. i met girls to have holes in the tongue and lips and from my point of view is empty view of beauty. only beauty in the ear,nose sometimes no more.

09:32 PM Apr 27 2013 |



dont over do it. too many of it make u look scary, wild, rebellious.. 

04:18 PM Apr 27 2013 |

Irene Forever


I don’t like any kinds of piercings except earrings for girls.  As for me, it’s not natural and makes a person look like a metalist (heavy metal subculture).  Especially I don’t like when girls do that. How can it be nice and beautify a girl if she has a ring in her nose?  I see her like an ox, not a human. If I see a pierced tongue, I just feel bad, as I feel pain. 

Of course, I can’t forbid doing such a nasty things, but I don’t even want to look at the people who make their bodies ugly. IMHO

04:14 PM Apr 27 2013 |




I think this is a personal matter of each of us. I do not fully accept this but tolerate. I think piercing is not just a trend but this is also a result of lack of self-acceptance. These people want to draw someone’s attention to themselves. It’s a shame that they don’t do this in other way, more safe and creative.

Piercing is not an another new dress or pair of shoes. It hurts our body and it can have irreversible effects but they don’t care…

When I was a child I wanted to have a navel ring but I was scared of the pain and now I’m really glad that I didn’t do this.

12:50 PM Apr 27 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

in my country it’s not popular to see men makes piercings the most popular piercing is  ear piercing for women only I’m a believer that God created our shapes and made ​​us the best appearance and preferred us by the mind from all other creatures and instead of being thankful for this. Some people are doing holes on their nose, tongue and the lips etc. and in my opinion that is kinda of thankless

12:28 PM Apr 27 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I hate of this,it s actually unnormallll:(

10:48 AM Apr 27 2013 |



i dont like to be pierced, its something so terrible, but respect others do it like this, its their right, maybe getting pierced is seems as if exactly unique and fashionable. you never know what is going to hapen to them in their mind

09:43 AM Apr 27 2013 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I remember, when I was child asked my mother about piercing, why do most of girls have ear piercing from their childhood?! She answered when they’ll grow up and become bride, can wear earrings and be more beautiful in wedding dress, true or false, in my opinion piercing isn’t always a bad thing, life needs variety for sure. With the exception of men, a TEMPORARY tattoo or normal piercing is like a makeup and may be suitable for women who like it and enjoy themselves more, which so important is not to seem abnormal or exotic when use them, other people have right to have visual comfort! ;)
After all, I prefer to be simple and normal person without extra body modifications :D
And some words to julito, you’re right, most of youths have an outlandish appearance in these days and I think it’s related to celebrities, who play main role model for young generation’s life, about “savage” or … you should talk with them :D
And I agree with Mess, angel-eyes and others, yes, it depends on people’s cultures and nations as well as customs, as I know piercing and tattoos are very common and popular in India or among Arabs.


South Korea

During reading the bible, I found that piercings is an ancient traditional custom. When Issac’s servant found Rebekar, he put the ring in her nose and the bracelets on her arms.(Genesis 24:47) In my opinion, it means that human beings or animals are belonged to others. Hence, many countries were used to metal rings or wood items to show the sign of slavery. Many of children really like to wear the metal piercings. I don’t think that piercings is a form of rebellion. However, it’s a very shameful sign.

03:00 AM Apr 27 2013 |


yuminagaSuper Member!


I dont like it actualy ,I never want to hurt my dody in this way 

11:16 PM Apr 26 2013 |


United States

i don’t know how they feel and they putting these piercings its realy weird 

10:31 PM Apr 26 2013 |

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